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    I know this thread is a little dated but hope someone can weigh in here. The amp in our 21 Stealth Blue was defective from day one and is supposed to be replaced under warranty this month. We've been running with only the right side working and look forward to stereo sound.

    My hearing is bad from decades of working around aircraft, so we ordered the color matched roll hoop speakers from the dealer last weekend and got the black Friday discount.

    My dilemma is, should I pay them for 3 hours of labor to install the speakers or do the install myself. My concern is, if the amp was bad from the factory, maybe the rear speaker wiring isn't up to par either. I'm inclined to let Polaris deal with making sure everything works rather than run into issues and waste valuable ride time. Thoughts from anyone who has installed these?

    Many thanks in advance!

    We didn't make it to Daytona this past weekend but we did go check out Dalton's on Russell road and met some great folks. Yesterday we made a run down to Citra and had a late lunch at The Yearling on 325, great place and beautiful weather. Only 300 miles of break-in to go.

    The only annoyance so far is the left speakers cut out intermittently, sometimes for a second or two and other times for several minutes. I'm sure its just a loose connection but haven't had a chance to look into it yet. Maybe tonight after work if the wife doesn't want to go for a ride.

    Does anyone have the roll hoop speakers? Just curious how much of a difference they make

    It's here!!! We are so thrilled to have her earlier than expected! I can't say enough kind words about the great folks at Holeshot Powersports. Das has been fantastic throughout the whole process and is an encyclopedia of SS knowledge. Patrick handled our paperwork and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I can't imagine a better run operation anywhere. Road trip tomorrow!

    Welcome to the forum it is good to see a new member from my part of Florida. Did you order it at HoleShot? If so you are going to like their dealership.

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome, can't wait to be a real owner rather than a virtual one. LOL

    Yes we ordered ours through Holeshot in Fleming Island. Das has been great and tolerates my daily nag texts of "has it left the DC yet???" with good humor.

    My wife and I were very impressed with the facility and staff that we met. Looks like a great place for financial ruin.

    Latest update shows 12 October pickup at the DC and 3-5 days to get here. Maybe next weekend we will be in business!

    Hello from northeast Florida! My wife and I put down a deposit on a 5-speed Stealth Blue 2021 Slingshot R in mid-September. Heard from the dealer on Saturday that the build was complete and is scheduled to ship today with a 3-5 day delivery estimate.

    We will be first time owners and decided to buy after renting a 2017 SLR while on a recent trip to Utah. I liked the 2.4 liter and was really impressed with the torque. Curious to see how the 2021 compares. At any rate, we cant wait!

    We are new, soon to be, Slingshot Stealth Blue R owners. Very happy for you and your upcoming retirement! Congratulations and best wishes in the next chapter of your life! :-)