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    Good to hear you have a GOOD one even though it's a good drive.

    Yea, we too, they treated us like we have been their customer from the very beginning! Oh, and speaking about a good ride, about 450 miles were put on the grasshopper with the temps in the lower 50s going up and mid 90s coming home...............


    To be heard to this day Shine Armor is the only solution that I know to keep brake dust/road grime from sticking to wheels........................................

    After applying Shine armor to all the wheel all I have to do is rinse them up and everything just goes out on its own without scrubbing.

    Kudos for Shine Armor where we just returned from putting 450 Interstate miles on the Grasshopper and I was able to clean the dust off of the wheels just with compressed air. Thanks Neosolidus!


    Added note: Oh, this is for Birddog, the dealer today complemented us on how all the black plastic looks like new on the Grasshopper, when I explained all I was using was plain ol Lemon Pledge/favor he commented that he was going to pass this advice on to his customers!


    Since our original dealer shut the doors as far as the SlingShot is concerned, we tried out a new one this week in Cycle Country in Salem Oregon. I have been in contact the past couple of weeks to get the knock sensor replaced as well and get the existing open recalls completed. Communications during this time was outstanding, as well as the service when we arrived at the dealership this morning. Big Kudos!


    I have always just grabbed the normal Mobil One when it comes time to change the oil - is there any reason why one of the others would be a better choice - they are all right around the same price plus or minus so I figured why not ask. I would still change my oil every 5,000 miles or less so I dont care about lasting 15,000 or 20,000 miles, but if one offers better protection than the others I would like to know


    I want to see this data! :/

    I came from the old school of thought of changing the oil every 3,000 miles, but with today's synthetic oils, it is my opinion that it is a total waste of money any more changing oil at any less than 10,000 miles. A single example is our 2001 VW Jetta TDI, where everybody knows how quickly a diesels oil gets dirty, and how touchy turbochargers can be, with changing the Mobil 1 every 10,000 miles it now is coming up on 400,000 miles. I recently just replaced the valve cover and it all looked like brand new underneath. It wouldn't take much motivation to get me to extend that to 15,000 or even 20,000 miles.


    With the number of re-calls and the problems with angle drives, bearings, belts ect. I am asking you guys the consumer to rate the dealership and their service department. Was the dealership sympathetic to your concerns and desire to get your SS back on the road?

    We were very happy with our original dealer in which we purchased our SlingShot, but unfortunately they have chosen to discontinue selling/servicing the SlingShot any more. We are currently working with a new unknown dealer to get our seat/camera recalls done as well as replacing the knock sensor, our appointment is tomorrow and they have been great so far in communicating and assuring us the parts have arrived and they are ready for us.

    If I were to have a complaint about SlingShot dealers is that they are too few/too far in between, where our trip tomorrow will be approximately 4 hours each way.


    Cycle Country in Salem just called to confirm that that they have received the knock sensor and camera and are set for our appointment tomorrow, so I am very happy with the communications so far. It will be a 400 mile bonsai trip up the Interstate and back tomorrow with warm/ dry weather, (90+ degrees.)


    It is our experience that the cooler the temperature, the looser the belt, the louder the noise. On our longer rides the noise always diminishes as everything warms up. Keeping our belt tension at, or near, factory specs has overall resulted in a quieter ride, at least for us.

    Back to the original topic, we have owned our SlingShot since early 2015, and this is the very first time I have heard about this wheel issue, so, it obviously is not a common occurrence. This information is nice to know but I won't be loosing any sleep worrying about it.


    I looked the $159 price is raw metal, add powder coating price is $199.

    Please pardon my saying so, and without knowing anything more about these new products, that this is much better then the nearly $400 for the other that are currently available which I believe are plastic?


    [QUOTE="chavey2, post: 900657, member: 4412"]Slingmods sells these Truhart Shocks. I asked them about them and they said they would be just about the same as stock set up - a little harsh. He recommended the JRIs instead (which just so happen to be on sale!!!).[/QUOTE]

    I thought I would try a direct cut-N-paste! :/


    For whatever it is worth, with the back-up camera recall, I am understanding that a different mount is required for the new camera, so there is apparently more than one?


    Well, Dave, there once was a time in which I would not have hesitated a second in just doing this myself, but today when I see all of that plastic in tight quarters, well, Murphy seems to be hiding behind every corner any more where I would just rather let somebody else do the job where they are responsible for what they accidentally break. Besides, we still need to get the recalls done also....................

    Thanks bunches Dave,


    Do you know how to check the codes you are getting on the dash?

    Since maybe I seem to not fully comprehend your question maybe I don't? The code is 0 65551 5, which according to my chart means an open circuit in the knock sensor system, is there something more?

    I just wish that I could simply clear this code and then see if it occurs again, indicating that maybe it is just a one time glitch? The way it is, since we have to spend four hours just getting it to the shop just to clear the CEL, we might as well just change out the knock sensor to be on the safe side.


    I just spent the last couple of hours going over the SlingShot with the Shine Armor, starting with the wheels. Afterwards the wheels definitely look very nice, but I must admit that they have been neglected where I prolly spent more time today working on them then I have for the entire past four years, (did I mention that I hate cleaning the wheels?) With that said, if the wheels remain easier to keep clean now with the Shine Armor, then I will be well satisfied with our purchase.

    In the beginning all I was going to do was the wheels but then I looked at the rest of the Grasshopper and figured, what the hell, let's give it a through try! I then commenced on the black plastic, but I really did not get too far because it was becoming quite obvious that the Shine/Armor was not leaving the rich looking finish of the Pledge/Favor. I started over and did all the black plastic with the Favor.

    I then moved on to the painted surface of the hood, doing the driver's side half first so to compare. OK, here I have no choice but to give Shine Armor the nod. On that metallic surface the Pledge/Favor made it shine, but it was a dulled shine, (does that make sense?) Comparing that now to the Shine Armor, the Shine Armor was most definitely leaving a more brilliant and lustrous deep shine. So, I commenced finishing off all the red with the Shine/Armor!

    Now we have to wait until next week to get it all dirty again when we take the Grasshopper up to the shop to get the knock sensor and recalls done!


    There is a 8 pin connector located underneath the dash, behind the steering wheel area.

    Thanks, it was right where you said.

    Another question, is this plug unique to the SlingShot, or do possibly other Polaris vehicles use the same plug and coding? In other words, I am trying not to have to travel 200 miles just to clear a CEL.


    I have got to be overlooking this information somewhere, but where does the scan tool plug in to the SlingShot?


    The post did start out with the expected complaint from Bigdog, (this time paint peeling!)

    But then he acknowledged that the manufacturer has addressed his complaint by replacing the part,( which is good, right?)

    maybe we need to be giving Bigdog a break for attempting to give phrase to the manufacturer?

    Well, I think he was giving phrase, wasn't he?

    Or was he really just complaining again? :/


    Thanks FunCycle, all the other info I read about knock sensors was that when it failed the engine would automatically go into "limp" mode. It's good to know that the SlingShot doesn't go "limp!" :P

    I was just going back through the post of this thread where:


    That 1 before 65551 5 indicates it has happened 1 time.

    Our code is a 0 65551 5 ? :/