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    she personally dislikes very much the four wheel conversion. but I think that if I can convince her of the four seats, then I can at least carry all of the kids at the same time. which I do school pick ups and cant use it often because picking up only one kid makes the other kids mad. at least with the four seats I can get all three kids and not upset them. think I will focus on selling that one to her lol. or turbo lmao

    That is my limited miles issue too!

    Though I don't particularly like the look of 4 seaters... It would definitely need a quad, but a rear body kit too IMO.

    Looking forward to it! Wondering how long I can be away before I get "the call" from wifey that the girls are driving her bonkers... 😢

    Anything that is 1/4 in o.d. will work. Even a couple of 1/4 inch drill bits but they are a little long. 3 1/2 to 4 inches work better when the shocks are installed. Do not forget to jack the Sling up for the wheel you are working on to take the load off and use 2 ea. 1/4 inch rods or drill bits, it makes it a lot easier without messing up the 1/4 inch holes in the shock adjusting ring.

    I used a phillips head screwdriver....Just cut off the head [blunt-it] ........Don't forget to remove the set pin [Allen] all the way and don't over tighten the pin you don't want to damage the rubber tip....

    For the price of the JIR's they should have included a spanner ...

    When i called Slingmods about that they said its not included ,And that they Slingmods doesn't even sell them..X(...

    Interesting... When we changed the spring out on my rear shock, we didn't have the spanner wrench and had to compress the spring using a rented tool from Autozone that scuffed up the rear spring a bit.

    Was hoping not to do that for the fronts so thought a spanner wrench would help.

    Dave@DDMWorks , is there a way to get a spanner wrench for jris? The one you included with my springs ended up being for the vikings or twist dynamic shocks. It matched chavey2 and wokka .

    Could we try it on my Sling before the Nov. 1st deadline? Maybe wrench day? 😁

    Oh okay, I checked all three yesterday and assumed it was all liquid for the brakes... I'm not mechanically inclined, but give everything a go and learn from there.

    All three seemed to have full liquid. No concerns that I noticed. Maybe the guys will gleam more on wrench day next week.

    Wondering how I'll be able to take the Duals and the Sling... 🤔

    Good news! It's not coolant... At least I don't think it is...

    Bad news... The leak seems to be coming from around the transmission!?! The liquid feels a bit "oily" and mostly clear? Anybody have ideas? FunCycle , Slingrazor ? Could it be the clutch?

    It seems to be a slow drip and only activates when I turn her on and drive around (or Rev the engine to about 4k rpms) as far as I know.