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    Well it’s another sad holiday going the wrong way once again. The New Mayor stated she’s adding 1,000 Police Officers to patrol the city to have “A Safe Holiday Weekend” as she did for the 4th of July. Typical Politics they have all the answers, except the right ones.

    I wonder if the Gang Bangers will protest this in Chicago. But I think it’ll only force’m to Carry more than one mag or gun. This is so damn ridiculous.

    It’s just a shame for all the citizens of that great city have to suffer because of decades of failed Democrat policies From what I can read if you get lost in Chicago and wind up on the Southside - you may not ever come out!!

    Sad But True. Although the Austin area on West side has the worst crime. Not Proud of that either.

    All the previous statements are true - this time I think the Dems will shame the Reps into passing another meaningless law. All the strict gun laws in Chicago has certainly made a difference there

    The city I grew up in and have wonderful memories has turned into a frigg’n nightmare. The politicians are just as bad.

    Thanks to All for this wealth of information. You Guys (and Gals) “R Da-Best!”

    It helped me to go with the Nitto. Bought it yesterday at Discount Tire after seeing it priced less on line and they matched it along with the Military Discount. Will be installed tomorrow morning. 🇺🇸

    Taking a quote from Farmers Ins.

    Hope this was tested using a CO2 fire extinguisher freezing the lock then a hard hammer hit to shatter it was preformed?

    I know a thing or to, because I’ve seen a thing or two.

    WOW !! The ever resourceful Democrats have come up with another way to get on your pocket in NYC - a “Congestion Tax” of $10 for every automobile entering Manhattan. I imagine the left coast won’t be far behind. From what I read people are leaving NY & CA in droves because of high taxes and the Democrats answer is pile on more taxes. Will people voting Democrat ever wake up to “taxing without representation” does not work for the people? Seems like I recall a war being started over this very concept. Anybody remember that ?? OH YEAH -the freakin American Revolution !!!

    I’ll give you that and I believed that until that small faction killed 3000 Innocent Americans one day in September long ago. It just takes one of this “small faction” to smuggle in a dirty bomb and murder unknown thousands again. Guess that is what it will take to make some realize open borders might not be such a good idea...

    Could not Agree More, its like being in a dark room and you hear the other shoe drop and some dumb ass says; “ Why Are There Such Bad People Out There?” We have locks on our doors for our security and they only to keep Honest People out. If we don’t have security in our homeland, then we should get rid of our locks also.

    Love that plate, but here in California it would probably get my Slingshot vandalized - - - around here I see more "resist" bumper stickers than I do "MAGA" - - - - - - - - It sucks,

    Wonder if I’d make the news if I drove past the court house next time Jussie Smollet is in town🤔

    Can’t wait for the warm weather to get the Sling out of hibernation and show it’s hind end to all the nay-sayers here in Illinois.