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    That is how I see other Slings around here also. Probably hadn't seen 6 since I bought mine and one of those was EJ's covered on his trailer. Canegrinder is the only person I have shared the road with and his got totaled and we only got one short ride in. I don't know where all these go my dealer sells and he sells a lot.

    Seeing the yellow one yesterday confirms my suspicion that there are three Slings in southern Arizona, mine included... 😏

    BlackDeath why not just use a extra layer of 3m tape where the gaps are? And in the vendor's defense the early models didn't have the convex mirrors, not sure when they changed.

    I agree with BlackDeath. For the ridiculous price you pay for some things, I should not have to "mod a mod" to make it fit. I paid for perfect and if it ain't right, I send it right back.

    Looks like they sent you some very poor quality mirrors, my friend, and of course they're going to say, oh, that's normal. If it were me, I'd send them right back.

    I never did figure out how to remove that stupid plug and was really hoping someone would respond to your post and provide some insight. I just left the unit in there when I installed my amps and learned to work around it.

    I would suggest loosening the arm bolt and either pulling the mirror in about a quarter inch or pushing it out, then adjusting the mirror itself to compensate. Good luck.

    A little trip to Lowe's, bypassing Home Depot. We do not do the Home Depot anymore. (Their political views) For the people that served Lowe's gives you the DISCOUNT also. Home Depot does not! just another reason not to shop there.

    That's odd, the HD here has always given a 10% discount to anyone carrying an ID; active duty or retired. I wonder why some HD stores choose not to and why corporate would allow that?

    Ultimate irony right here. Oakland, CA Violence Prevention Chief & news crew undergo attempted robbery during interview right outside of city hall. You can’t make this stuff up……/oakland-tv-crew-robbery/

    Really? After having guns pointed in his face, the security guard pulls his own gun and simply orders the perps to leave? Am I missing something here? Is there some law in California that I'm unaware of that he would have been convicted of if he had sent them to their graves with two in the chest and one in the head? I guess I just don't know my gun laws very well... 🤔

    Didn't take the Sling anywhere this weekend, but stumbled upon this one last night parked behind the Treasure Island Casino in Vegas. At first, I thought maybe it belonged to someone on the forum, but when I got closer, I realized it was a rental... lol 😆

    I would have been convinced if her response, or more accurately, her staff's response letter to you had contained the word "Slingshot" even once.

    You say it would only be driven 10 miles a day... and you call that fortunate!? 😉

    Wouldn’t hurt to check your battery cable connections.

    I get that, for the starting issue, but would a loose connection cause it to suddenly die on him while he's cruising down the road. I know a motorcycle usually won't run if the battery is not connected properly, but I thought the Slingshot was more like a car in that it only requires the battery to start it... 🤔