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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    For what Kim Jong Un will be getting In place of nukes that he can’t use will be astronomical riches assuring he will be in power for decades to come.

    As long as it is not US astronomical riches, (think Iran,) I am OK with that. And knowing our New York RE Mogul-President, he won't be letting loose of the cash!

    Had to get my brake light issue checked at the dealer- before the 2 year warranty ends. Had them give thumbs up on the seats, so I could quit getting silly letters and emails from the Mothership. Brake fluid level sensors are now on order. Getting used to annoying little red light on the on the dash..... Ride On!

    Larry- there are no words to describe.......... You have enriched all of our lives, (yes, even with your sometimes twisted humor.) I hope you stay in touch every so often when you catch up with life and have some time. We never had time to properly say goodbye and God speed.

    If @Tripod is serious about deserting us- he posted on the correctly named thread.
    If true- our loss. Who the hell will remember some obscure thread or bolt size, or engine code discussion- from this forum or TDS?
    You will be SORELY missed my friend.

    We show four associated recalls for ours , T18-01-A to inspect and test the frames, T18-01- B to replace the Driver's seat frame, T18-01-C to replace the Passenger seat frame, and T18-01-D to replace both the driver and passenger seat frames............

    me, too.......

    Once you get ahold of a "specialist', make sure you have a no-later-than day they will call you back with an update. Also- tell them you want a emil summarizing what is going to happen. Make sure you reply in writing (email), "per our conversation on 3/--/18, Polaris has committed to ........." You want that paper trail. They record every conversation on their end, and you certainly want a record on your end.
    Persistence on your end is critical- they are notorious for letting deadlines slip........

    Well, it’s been a week in the shop and nothing had improved. The word from Polaris is keep looking. No parts have been replaced as of today and the consensus of the dealer is ECM and throttle body both need to be replaced. Polaris won’t approve it and send the parts.

    You already have a case number with Polaris- your dealer instigated that the moment they called Polaris with the issue, requesting assistance on diagnosis. If you want to call Polaris, the first thing you need to do is get the case number from your dealer. That way, you can get past the receptionist at Polaris, speak with a "specialist". (I promise, I am using that word in quotations for a reason.......) After you get off the phone with the "specialist" he/she will call your dealer and most likely be extremely ugly-yelling about what an irate nasty customer call he received, and why the hell the dealer had not corrected the problem....... (I speak from past experience.) In my humble opinion, the most prudent way to approach the situation is to be honest with the dealer. After you get the case number- explain to them that you are going to call Polaris, to see if you can help expedite a solution. Make sure the dealer understands that this is no reflection on them. In my particular case-in the beginning, the first "specialist" I had was extremely rude and ugly, both to the dealership owner and the service manager. Luckily, they knew I was calling Polaris, and had every intention of being polite. Another tidbit- I went through several incompetent "specialists", until I found the one willing to be cooperative.
    I know that you do not want to hear this, but one week is truly nothing- in all honesty, it will be, at minimum, 30 days before you can start demanding Polaris take immediate action on this issue.

    Would you be kind enough to share name, & number of with another Californian who is getting shafted by Insurance. Mine is written 100/300, driving just 1000 miles a year. Clean record. That was the only way they could write it and keep it under $1000 per year, and it is just barely under.........
    (This is my second SS- since about june or july, 2015- combined mileage of over 38,000 miles.) thanks!

    Unfortunately no, I’ve been so busy at work I haven’t had a chance to do any work on the Sling . I have to cover for someone else on Saturday so my only day this week will be Sunday. I’ll be up bright and early and start lookin for any plugs with moisture in them and checking my battery ground. Then I’ll move on to the throttle position sensor and the wires going to them. I did notice that my stock POS radio was acting up on the Saturday before this happened and my Bluetooth was still trying to connect to the Slingshot radio a couple of day later. I don’t know if that has anything to do with my problems.

    After you mess with the battery cables- if that does not solve the issue- I would go to the little fuse box, and remove the fuse for the radio. That is a 2 second trouble shoot. It will kill all power to radio & back up camera- but if you have a bad radio or camera, it will screw up the electrical system. My first ss, which was bought back, allegedly had this issue---- somewhere in the wiring, and just replacing the radio did not fix the problem. (I had different codes, but the thing would redline on all gages, on a regular basis, and lose power.) Final straw was a freeway incident @ 4:30 in the morning- total power loss.

    Yes - if you can believe it or not Feinstein is not far enough to the left !

    But in Cali- the primary 2 top winners for each district go onto the Nov. ballot. Doesn't matter if they are Dem., Repub., Independent, or Alien........ I believe that this was passed by an all Dem. State Legislature, and signed by a Dem Governor....... There are so many Dem.'s running- we might just end up with a Republican! Wouldn't that just fry their butts?

    Something not being talked about is the proposal only raises semi-automatic long guns to age 21 ... shot guns, pump, lever, or bolt action remain 18 ... so not eliminating all options ......

    That would eliminate my very first gun, which I still have- my wonderful little Armalite AR 7- 2.5 #, breaks down and stores in the stock- great little rear sight. Indispensable for back-packing, camping in the great outdoors......
    I love this weapon!