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    Tears shed, watching the Remembrance Ceremony today, as it happens every year for me. With a prayer said for all the heroes of that day, all the heroes who have suffered agonizing medical conditions from exposure, the heroes on Flight 93...... and prayers that this nation can somehow overcome the hatred and division- at least for one day- as we did as a nation, 17 years ago.

    I understand that her building has dedicated, assigned parking for each apartment. Apparently, she parked her vehicle on the "wrong floor" in garage. Either she was out to lunch, totally distracted, or under the influence of something.......... Manslaughter appears to be a fair, initial charge- subject to more facts.

    I listened to former POTUS speech for a couple minutes. Then, it all flashed back- Towards the end of July, 2016, when he said: "And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman—not me, not Bill, nobody—more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”
    I think i snorted a drink outta my nose laughing at the audacious lie then, and was hearing even more audacious crap, more than 2 years later..... left the room.

    It appears Booker isn't as brave as he wants us to think. He didn't release the documents until they were cleared for release.

    Bet the liberal media outlets miss the second part of that..... Wouldn't be great for his 2020 run........ doubtful-squared

    meanwhile here in California my fellow Californians are about to make this idiot our next - - - Newsom touts plan to give free universal healthcare to ILLEGAL immigrants

    gave the post a "like", only because you used the term "idiot" to describe him..... BTW- Jerry Brown appears hell-bent to do as much damage as possible before he leaves office- signed the "no bail necessary" bill- set to kick in next Oct. 1...... From what I read- local jurisdictions will set up their own criteria of what a "risk to society" is. What could possibly go wrong with that? confused-squared Also- all power to be renewable by 2045. (solar, wind, etc). Laudable idea, but again- big brother gov't telling citizens how they must live their lives.....

    Our President was implicated in a crime today.

    Just don't have enough details to form a solid opinion...... Maybe Cohen said- I think this one is going to make trouble for you, Donald- she is threatening to go public. I think I need to pay her off to keep quiet. Maybe Donald says- yeah- take care of it. (My speculation based on what I am presuming is past history between the two of them- I presume that this is not the first time Cohen has "taken care" of indiscretions for Donald Trump) Maybe prosecutors told Cohen to plead guilty to illegal campaign contribution, and they would go easy on a lot of the other crap he pulled, not related to the candidate. Was payment done to "influence a campaign outcome"? Kind of a stretch, but no candidate wants dirt on him coming out just a few days before an election. Would have knowing about this payment of hush money in advance changed my vote? Nope- I knew he was no choir boy. Was his previous playboy life-style going to impact his fiscal platform, his court appointments, etc? Nope. In short, I wanted some iota of a chance to "Make America Great Again", and the other candidate did not have a snowballs chance of making that happen.
    At this point, I just don't see the "Campaign finance violation" that he (Cohen) pled guilty to..... JMHO (with no law background)

    Thanks, but I'd be of no help at all. I started my day at 3:30 this morning, trying to empty 1/2 my closet, as the 15' long, tall shelf pulled almost totally loose from the wall, and contents & clothes about to come crashing down. At 6:30, took a break- to take my kid to change a flat on his car, 20 miles away. (He apparently Ubered home last night. knew I would get sucked into helping him..... how the hell did I raise someone so book smart and so lacking in common everyday skills?????? Couldn't figure out how to lower the jack all the way down to put under lift point. So, I lowered the jack for him. Couldn't seem to get the lug wrench all the way on. After rounding 2 lug nuts- I took it and loosened all 5, handed it back, put the jack in correct location, & told him to jack the car......) Stupid skinny tire was real low on air pressure, (of course), so I followed him to repair shop. Home, and had to clean smoker from last night- then, back to closet. Home depot for new rod brackets (bent to hell), screws that actually go into the studs more than 1-2 threads, wall patch, silicone, and a couple 1" x 4", or 1" x 6" to replace the POS particle board that was originally attached to the wall- TOMORROW. Hope you made more progress than I have today!

    Fun pool time for those not on bookface!

    really hard not to dislike that post--- you had the guts (or sense of adventure or whatever) to get outta this miserably liberal state. (did you see who the nut-case CA Dem Party endorsed for Congress?????) In addition- you have a gorgeous house, yard, & pool.... Looks great, my friend.

    you guys sound like armchair quarterbacks, let the man do his job just maybe he knows what the fuck he's doing.

    Whereas I agree that he probably knows what he is doing- about half the American public hates his guts, and will twist anything into a negative. I am sick & tired of all the bitchin' and moaning- it would be nice if America, as a whole would let him try to do his job- it just ain't gonna happen, and he should learn to cover his ass

    I hope for America's sake Trump doesn't go into his private, one on one meeting with Putin on Monday and it goes like this:

    I just want someone like John Kelly to be there--- without someone with absolute integrity to verify, who knows what the liberals, (as well as many on the right) will accuse Trump of. I do not disagree with a "summit", and agree that it should be de hombre a hombre, but not in a 100% private setting. Not only for America's sake, but also for Trump's........ Otherwise- all we will hear from him: "We had a GREAT meeting. It was really GREAT!", and the media will have a field day.

    We have to throw out all the liberal politicians before the country looks like California

    Hey- even in our F...'ed up state, with our screwy voting system that top 2 move on from primaries, regardless of party, we managed to get a Republican on the ballot for governor. Doubt he has a snowballs chance to win, but it might help downlevel ballot. Just holding out hope that the state will come to its senses before I die.........

    You had every right to have a temporary pity party- Hope you got it thoroughly outta your system, so you can super charge on the path to recovery! As you stay in our thoughts and prayers, we look forward to continued progress and meeting you sometime in the future!

    Thank you sir! That's a lotta starts. I guess I'll look forward to zero warning when mine goes. I guess I can swap one out of one of my quads - unless it's too big. Glad to hear you had no other issues - carry on!

    Brand new- my original battery on the 2016 would not hold a charge- dealer had to replace before it ever left the showroom........ OEM batteries are crap.

    So good to hear from the horse's mouth- I mean from you @Bill Martin If those pills are worth a damn, you kinda dictated and Angie typed. (Probably the easiest task she has had of late!) The two of you- take care of each other - much better days are just around the corner. In the meantime, you stay constant in our thoughts and prayers!

    Are there any tired & trusted installers closer to CA? I may need to go automatic, if my husband is ever able to walk or drive again. We won't know for at least 4-6 months, as he has Charcot in the right ankle, and we have to let this take its course. IF we are lucky, we may not need to do this, but trying to have plan B ready. Regardless, the sling will have to be shipped to and from the installer, so cost & reliability of the mod are important. Thanks in advance