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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    First let me make sure everyone knows that the new features I add don't have to be used. ..
    They don't make anything slower on the forum and they won't get in the way of anything you normally do on the forum.
    They just add a little more usability to the forum for those that want it...

    1. I added a way to make personal notes.... Have you ever wanted to keep track of your oil and service records on your slingshot... Or just make some personal notes about anything that you wanted to remember......
    Click on your name in the top left corner...... Under Personal Notes section click NOTES. You will see the notes area. You can make colored labels to organize different subjects.

    rabtech - am I that obtuse----- Just don't see this

    f you come to California or even if you live here and have a CC permit I recommend you avoid shooting anyone. With our liberal anti gun government even if you have witnesses that it was self defense it will still be a pain in the ass and will probably cost you a small fortune defending yourself in court.

    no stand your ground laws here, only a Castle Doctrine that allows you to protect yourself in your own home - - - and even then you probably will end up in court

    And "self defense" is getting iffier here by the day. Heck, by next year, LEO's will be even more limited as to when they can even draw their weapon...... I believe it is Assembly Bill 931.........

    Well California went pretty much as expected - just about everything I voted for lost

    absolutely agree........... Looks like my guy will hold on for super of public ed., but we couldn't even repeal the gas tax.......... for having such a rich state and huge economy- they could have funded transportation infrastructure elsewhere................

    Tomorrow all of this crap "should" come to an end and the winners "should" get down to the business of doing the peoples business, but that wont happen, the media and the politicians will just refocus and it will all be about 2020

    Agree, except that here in CA-in spite of my vote- we will be stuck with Gavin for Governor, and he will make Moonbeam Jerry Brown seem like a moderate. God help us!

    0ne of the "patient Care Technicians" here made a comment on the situation. The man is obviously an immigrant from Africa. He said to me- "this is all political. the government needs to go down there, point their guns at the "refugees", and tell them to turn around and go home or get shot."
    I gently explained that America won't do that. he said they should

    Going to the bathroom is pretty high on the list of most personal functions. I think male or female you should feel comfortable when you gotta “go”.

    surprised to hear that coming from you--- don't know how you were left with any shred of dignity, after being in the hospital for as long as you were. I've only been here about 3 weeks now- dignity left the building a damn long time ago. if there weren't so many creeps out there- whatever they had for personal equipment would be irrelevant in my opinion

    Trudeau has buckled and a new trade agreement with US, Mexico, Canada is good for the US.

    Don't get too carried away- 2/3 of the Senate necessary to ratify............ Who knows what the opposing party will pull- this is a Trump deal, after all....... confused-squared

    2016 1/2, (maybe the '16 too), they greatly reduced the size of the side panel supports/bracing, located directly under the side panels, in the interior top portion of the side panel- lightened the load, and guaranteed if you put any weight on the side panel, you would get star cracks in the paint, at a minimum.

    Tears shed, watching the Remembrance Ceremony today, as it happens every year for me. With a prayer said for all the heroes of that day, all the heroes who have suffered agonizing medical conditions from exposure, the heroes on Flight 93...... and prayers that this nation can somehow overcome the hatred and division- at least for one day- as we did as a nation, 17 years ago.

    I understand that her building has dedicated, assigned parking for each apartment. Apparently, she parked her vehicle on the "wrong floor" in garage. Either she was out to lunch, totally distracted, or under the influence of something.......... Manslaughter appears to be a fair, initial charge- subject to more facts.