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    Now that I have my heated seats working correctly, my driving season will be greatly extended. I'm used to riding my bike to work in 30s, so with the heated seats, all I have to do is find my thick riding gloves that I put away last winter.

    I changed from Progressive to Allstate. When I got my SS, Progressive wanted 1200 a yr just for the SS. I've had my other bikes with Progressive for yrs. USAA does not cover bikes so they use Progressive as a partner. Talking to an Allstate agent, it was over $500 cheaper for the SS alone . I have now switched my two bikes and the SS to Allstate (with full coverage on all three now) and saving over $700 a year. I've been a licensed MC rider for over 40 yrs, have taken the MSF course twice, no accidents or moving violations in 45 yrs (knock wood) - so Progressive has now lost my money with them.

    Thanks to all the folks that replied on here, made me start looking for better rates and I found them.

    My 19 SS loses RPMs and dies when I depress the clutch all the way in and downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. Not all the time, but now about 5 times. I notice that may times as I slow down, depress the clutch and move the shifter into neutral before putting it in 2nd gear, it will drop down to less than 400 RPM and then the RPMs will pick back up to 750-800. Only have 1800 miles on it. Anyone else having this issue? Thinking the computer might have to be reflashed. And yes, I'm pushing the clutch all the way down.

    Boomer - the Pig Trail can be hit or miss for traffic - when I came up it Sat morning, it was wide open. When I headed home on Sunday, I was following two cars that only knew how to use their brake pedals all the way down.

    Truly, I'm not complaining. I was looking forward to meeting many of the fine folks on here. I know how hard it is to put on an event - been there, got the t-shirts. I go to many events every year, but I'm still new to the SS group. Advertising, vendors (especially the vendors that sell SSs and parts) , registration costs, and location make for a great rally. I was at a CVMA event a couple weeks ago that was held at a local HD dealer, it was busy for two days and the HD dealer sold at least 10-15 bikes in one day to other folks that came in. but they had multiple rides, raffle prizes, a poker run and a couple of weapons drawings. Location is also important, Eureka Springs is very popular, but you are also competing with everyone else for a weekend. And a lot folks might be saving themselves(and dollars) for Bike, Blues and BBQ this weekend in Fayetteville. But like I said, hopefully next year I'll meet many of you

    We went to both Best Westerns in town. I'm guessing better signage would have helped. I know that our CVMA events, we always have a large banner posted next to the road to help guide folks into the location. That would have helped out, IMHO. I did see a banner for the SSs at the large bar at the bottom of the hill near old downtown, but didn't see a SS in the parking lot at all. But always next year. It was a good weekend to break in the new PRP seats that I installed Friday afternoon.

    I'm sorry that I missed everyone, but I could not find any of the event. Wife and I drove up Sat morning to Eureka up the Pig Trail and saw a few SSs on the way up. We cruised around town for a couple of hours looking for everyone, but came up short. I only saw a couple of SSs actually in town. Guess my registration fee that I was going to pay got spent on a couple of new vests at a local shop there. After cruising around ES, we headed to Fayetteville to spend the night at my brothers.

    I hate that I missed the fun. Maybe next year - Hot Springs is also a good area for rides and hotels, just a thought