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    I wish I would have thought of that when taking the pics, but you do make a good point :)

    As for the braking in the back, the rear setup is designed to work with a Slingshot that already has the front kit installed. Having the 3rd caliper in the back actually brings the Slingshot back more into balance then having the rear caliper stock with just the fronts installed. Plus, it does look cool 8)

    LOL..And there is and they do Look Cool Statement.......What is cost of rear caliper ???......

    I also in spring want to purchase DDMWorks Sway Bar Assembly..

    PS If I get one do hope the rear red shade calipers match my 3 yr old calipers in color...ttyl

    When I pump my own fuel in jersey, from my knowledge I believe all the pumps have stickers stating the fuel contains up to 10% ethanol so I believe we don't have much of a choice on that issue? It's NJ.

    In NJ it's "considered" illegal to pump your own gas. Most times if you get out of the slingshot (or off the motorcycle) the attendant will bow and let you pump yourself. I have two local stations that insist they must pump the fuel and inform they will be fined if caught. I do not go to those stations.…wn-gas-in-new-jersey.html

    Yes at my local BP station they let me pump my own... I know with the changes I have made it takes a some patience

    to get the gas in and keep it flowing...

    I never run low octane fuel in any vehicle that I own. Also I never run ethanol fuel unless I have to. High test ethanol free only, the engines will run better and get better gas mileage along with more power. Do not believe everything your government tells you.

    I put high test in Turbo sling and Vanderhall Carmel and go to gas stations local that I have learned to trust..

    And even my Jeep LJ 2006 I put every other tank high test ..And even my lawnmowers all high test and have had no issues last 10 yrs.

    Other than Slingshot sitting for 2 yrs and had to put addatives in to clear up after 1 tank ..

    Waiting for my 3 DDM brake calipers. Disregard rusted rotor. For demo purposes only. Dave said it was OK to release this information. Rear caliper has been tested and pre-released to a few for install to ensure instructions are good. Can't wait to get them. All are 4 piston with rear barking brake.

    I hope Dave jumps in on this .... I have to wonder how much more braking you will get from rear wheel using 4 piston

    because the Rear end is so light in weight for traction and braking will be about the same

    Welcome and Enjoy the 3 Wheel World Kener....

    Well I have had Panoz roadsters ,427 corvettes and few Lotus Evora's and many more and every kind of motorcycles..

    So why I said this and been thinking of another Lotus the Emira...

    But I have this one of a kind 2016 Slingshot with old Alpha turbo approx 280 HP (more than enough HP for 1500 lb chassis )

    and big brake kit and have to tell you it makes me think at 71 yrs old why do I want anything else...

    I was riding it the other day getting cold here in NJ getting on it a little and wheels are braking loose in few gears OK 4 of them LOL

    and I never do this but cold roads and cold tires ..LOL

    But this ride this day and No Other Vehicle has ever made me feel like a smile a mile as this ride has and with the upgraded suspension

    and handling and lightness of Slingshot never had a vehicle that goes into and exits a corner as this Slingshot with turbo fun...

    I have the automatic Vanderhall Carmel and I do enjoy it but nothing like this upgraded Slingshot I ride..

    But it comes with a cost all this fun but I am glad I have the one and only slingshot I own..

    So not sure how far you will go with your new ride and direction you will take it ..But enjoy !!!

    @harleyujoe I will be 76 in a couple of weeks and if the music isn't loud I can't hear it.

    I have Tinnitus really bad and have to wear sleep phones at night that make the noise I hear ..

    I have had it 50 yrs but has become louder the last 6 yrs ..Yikes..

    But I have very senstive hearing and can only play my Tube Amp at 74 DB or it is to loud..

    So everything I do in garage or yard equipment I wear ear plugs and ear muffs ..

    But still enjoying life..LOL

    I have a Lime Green one preserved for my first Elio Pedal Car Ride .. #1420..I know when I put 1k down on it that it would not be built ..

    The price was to cheap for startup... I could see 20k but not 7k ..but if it made it I would have had one in garage with other 2 ...LOL

    Then I would havd had 9 wheels to take care of,,