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    My first fenders were steel for trailers and was bought from Tractor Supply for about 30 dollars and you can make your mounts

    and have a cheap fender..Another place to look is Trailer supply or builders for fenders ..

    If you are willing to put little time into some fabrication..

    Something to think about for those who do not want to spend 500 to 1000.

    And you still have to think about the price of painting also.

    I have the Welter Exhaust on my SS and I have the baffles cut at 1" off what is received and I do not

    feel like I am causing excessive noise nor do I go up my street first gear full throttle.

    And with turbo I like to see it warm up.The Vanderhall seem louder to me during startup probably

    because exhaust is right below me and I had stock exhaust and know others are putting on

    3" on them to be annoying...

    But I wake up every morning around 5am and I will tell you more and more trucks and SUV's have Nascar exhaust on

    them and more annoying than any SS or Vanderhall I own...

    And I live in a neighbor hood setting and they fly by with noisy exhaust and thumper sound systems louder than

    my TV with being hard of hearing..

    So the whole country as become look at me or hear me before you see me attitude..

    But I try everywhere I drive to be seen and not heard ..

    And the law should enforce noise laws for exhaust and sound systems.

    I would rather buy new with warranty but I have bought 30 to 40 k cars from the west living in NJ..and yes pictures do not tell the story.

    3 of the 4 I was lucky and felt good ..but one I wanted so bad and bought it and when it arrived what a piece of shit..

    And all on pictures looked beautiful..

    Their are inspectors you can hire and go look at vehicles .. but everything you do to make it comfortable to purchase adds up and not including shipping.

    The one vehicle I should have gone to see would have cost me 2500 to go look at it and it cost 1500 to ship it so I took the chance and was sorry.

    But if you are patient and wait one will be closer to you..

    Or you just make your mind up and go put deposit down and have payments and warranty and piece of mind..

    Good Luck bitting those nails wondering..

    I have my doubts. I will make it this year..

    I have at least 3 months of design and working fiberglas to getting it done.

    You may see me the following year.

    I have a cousin that lives near Maggie Valley and will try and time rally up with visit with cousin.

    Any more going to rallies I am not that happy .Been there twice and first year was special and second year really did not

    feel like being there and that happened to wife and I at Deadwood 3 Wheel rally like the first and the second one

    we went to we went off by ourselves .

    I guess getting order I do not like directions or control of what you should or shouldn't do...

    But I will post pictures of my progress.. I will tell you that I am sorry I tore front off and would have just

    rounded rear up .. But I got a saw out one day and friend was here and said shorten this cut this off and

    it was to late to glue it back together..Keep you posted.

    But it will not have a front spoiler any more.. And the dual exhaust will be a single exhaust trying

    to clean up the back end little more..

    Then will decide later in summer if rear wing stays or goes ..

    The other thing that I forget is that I have tinnitus ( ringing in ears really bad ) and I can not be around

    those high powered sound system SS at all.

    I just remembered last M V rally I was out at street and a white SS was back by vendors and I

    could not enter because it was so loud...That is what really is keeping me from these events.

    I am sorry to say it is totally cut up and in redesign of last body I will make for this Slingshot.

    At 67 yrs old getting tired and my knees are shot...yikes getting old has good points not going to

    work but then you want to work for yourself now you can not..LOL

    Few preview pictures.. But even the nose picture has been redone and larger radius than shown..

    as soon as we get 60's temp here in NJ will go out and work on it..

    I sold my Vanderhall Venice for purchasing a Vanderhall Carmel ...

    But the sling 4yrs old still remains in garage...

    I to thought the stock seats were comfortable and held up well and never had to worry about them getting wet for the water just run off

    onto the floors and out the drain holes...LOL

    But to my eyes they were ugly and could not look at them any longer..

    But now having PRP clothe seats comfortable/nice to the eye but now have to carry bags to cover them

    even with hint of rain.

    Could not even think of them soaked a few times and mold and mildew growing inside them.

    But the price you pay for vanity..

    This is the day I have been waiting for.. I was getting ready to build another Jeep truck and hopefully be happy with new one.

    I have had 5 jeep vehicles and wish I would have kept 3 of them ..

    Now you wonder 37 ford yes it has a Jeep Wagoneer chassis under it..

    I do regret letting that one go,The 2006 unlimited wish I would have kept it and the 1958 Jeep FC was a chevy 350

    and that was hairy to drive but it was so dam big my garage felt lonely.

    Because now it houses small vehicles like Slingshot ,Vanderhall , Mini and wife Sub..

    And I want a convertible truck this time. And it has to be a 2 door only truck with no extended cab ..

    I have one of the first Alpha Turbo's and it was a 1 bar system and year later updated to 2 bar..

    I believe it was rated 250 some rear wheel HP..

    Going to dealer to order my new 2015 SS the sales man said we have turbo and took me for a ride and I said

    do not give mine without turbo..

    The degree of smiles and fun in that 4 mile ride in a SS that was soon to be mine..

    And most of you know me with body changes and yes doing a final body change and I think more about

    going with more boost /HP but at 67 yrs old I am seeing changes in that I do not push the corners the way I

    did 2 years ago and it is not about racing but just feeling the front pointing through a corner and getting that boost

    and feeling your rear pushing you and keeping it inline with the front ,but the rush of the power and when I would

    take younger kids that owned SS's through some corners and come back and tell my wife I was a asshole.

    That is what made my day... But you do not have to burn the rear tire off it and bang gears for any of these systems.

    When you go from flat lands New Jersey to the Hills of North or South Carolina and you accelerate and you do not have

    to down shift and the power is just there when you need it..I do not beat my machine but use it for the fun

    factor of power to weight adrenaline fun that it brings.

    But I know of others that can not keep rear tires on and it is not the turbo but the foot burning the tire off.

    So to most the stock 173HP is enough but to those who want that extra turbo/SC is nice to have .

    I rented a stock SS this year in Deadwood SD to travel around for a day and put 300 miles on and they have hills

    and said to my wife you know this was a kick ass trip .. I missed my suspension and brakes and a little of my power

    that I left home but I will rent another stock SS in Cailf very soon..

    So those who have stock SS's hey I understand that power is not for all but those who need it and have the funds,

    go for it and feel the rear wheel rush of pushing you and that front end through those corners.

    But as I tell everyone it is not just turbo/SC , you need the suspension, brakes and you have to know your limits

    or you will be in trouble..So you could ask my wife that I would test road conditions and brakes with increasing power

    from 80 mph dead stops and she would look at me but I wanted to know the results..

    So just my way of saying you do need funds to have power.