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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Sorry that you have to get rid of it, looks great.

    I'm asking $36,000 which is less than what I paid last week. This was a lesson for me. Many times in the past I have made larger purchases (not as large as this) without talking it over and its always an eye roll and then she gets over it. This time - not so much. And I could have fought it and kept it and stood my ground - but its not worth it. If I can't enjoy it with her and I can't pull into the driveway without an argument - its no fun. She sucked the fun out of having it so whats the point. She said its not a money thing and its not because it was a secret - its because she doesn't think its safe. She even told me to go sell it and if I really want something fun as a 2nd car to go get a Z4 or a 3 series convertible. She wants something with doors and airbags. So when it comes down to her saying that, how can I argue? She wants me to stay alive. Now if she said its the money or the fact that I didn't tell her ... thennnnn I'd have to stand my ground haha

    I wanted to share with everyone that I took delivery in NJ of a brand new 2018 SLR with an Automatic conversion done by Cycle Springs Power Sports in Clearwater FL. Very smooth process. They kept me updated all along to way. They only use GM parts and brand new transmissions from GM (not used or rebuilt ones as other companies out there do). They were a little more expensive but based on the issues I read about the other companies that offer this conversion, I wanted it done right. I had it shipped up to NJ 3 days ago love it. Smooth shifting. Quick shifting. No jerking. No problems.... other than one thing... my wife. I didn't exactly share this purchase with her and pulled into the driveway with it. The fact that she is 8 months pregnant didn't help either. I took delivery with it having 7 miles on it. Its now listed for sale with 75 miles on it... very disappointing but my loss is someone else's gain.

    If anyone has any questions about the process to have your slingshot converted or how its working for me, that's why I set this up. When I was doing my research I wished there was someone I could talk to that had it done - so please don't hesitate to ask.