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    I saw the two different videos shown during the Democratic Clown Show. Anyone could see the difference between the one the Dems stated was a peaceful protest and the events around the Portland Courthouse. if the rioters at the Portland courthouse acted like the protesters in the earlier video, there would be I need for the Federal marshals.
    the Dems just wanted a public pulpit to spew their party line. How sad.

    Wolfe, talk about cherry picking facts. 30 - 40 generals spoke out but there are many more quietly supporting him. If we followed your logic, you would be the only anti Trump that owns a Slingshot. Because you are the only one voicing your opinion.

    I have been thinking about the drive to remove the statues. These statues are of people who defied the directives of Washington DC. They wanted to conduct themselves in the manner that they thought was correct. Hell, they should be hero’s to these idiots who wish to defy DC!

    After reading about the shooting in New Mexico, it seems that the police arrested the wrong guy. Yes he fired his handgun. But it was after he had retreated and was hit by the crowd, which included being struck by a “longboard”. It this not self defense? While I don’t care for militias, they descalated the encounter, secured the weapon and kept the shooter from leaving. Yet they were detained by the cops.
    So is it ok for the protestors, who became criminals when they attempted to destroy the statue, to commit assault on the guy who then became the shooter? Does New Mexico have a stand your ground law?

    One problem I see is that when someone stands up to this lawlessness, they will be labeled a racist or a White Supremest. And the story will change from doing the correct thing to adding to the problem.

    I just saw on the news tha there was a pallet of bricks dropped of at the site of tonight’s demo. There is NO construction any place close by. If you think the rioting was not a planned event, you have your head up your ass.

    One of my favorite authors (Tom Clancy) wrote a book about having to establish a new government, after a terror attack killed most of the federal government. Very good reading.

    Sitting here watching the Doctors appear before Congress. It is obvious that Sen Tim Kaine cannot do simple math. He spent his time comparing the US to S Korea. Yes Korea was able to respond quickly and has emerged with a low amount of loss and economic disruption.
    What would have happened if Trump tried to treat Americans with the heavy handed tactics that Korea used? Yes they tested 20% of their population quickly. But consider the number of people In Korea vs the population of the US. It takes considerably less tests in Korea. We would have tested 20% or more by now if we had the ability to run those tests.
    Kaine is an ass.

    It is amazing who can lie in the Justice system. The cops can lie to the accused. The lawyers can lie in court and misrepresent the truth. The only person who can be tried for lying is the accused. That is messed up.

    I graduated HS in 75. So I luckily missed going to Vietnam. My dad served in both Korea and Vietnam. When he returned from Vietnam he told my older brother that he would rather him go to Canada than serve. I entered the Air Force on 10 June 75. It was totally me decision. And I served 19 years with retirement offered by Slick Willy. I told my son that he had NO obligation to serve, when he asked upon his HS graduation. The military is not for everyone and many serve that should not. They are not cut out for it. All veterans deserve our support.

    The first PPP bill was going well until the Dems decided to add pork to it. Can you say Kennedy Center? How did that help small businesses? Once the Center got its money, it fired the Orchestra. Now the latest bill was a one page addendum to the previous bill. It added money because the original one was too small and decided. If the Dems want a pork filled bill, let them propose a new one!!!

    You don't have to like him, but this is a genius move for the country.


    Did you hear this BRILLIANT move Trump made to stick it to Russia and the Saudis?
    I'm sure you did NOT, because the Media is too busy in their NEVER-ENDING efforts to make Americans hate Trump.
    Let me help inform you, how easily your opinion is being steered by your news media.

    This explains how in his Friday Rose Garden address, President Trump quite deftly made an end-run around a part of the current crisis that the Saudis created last Monday:

    Saudi Arabia Floods Market with Ultra Low Price Oil to Crash Market, Take out US Oil... HE BOUGHT IT ALL!!!

    So Saudi Arabia just 'so happened' to flood the market with ultra low cost oil at the same time that our stock markets were crashing due to Corona Virus (as if that wasn't planned) in an attempt to crash the US markets as well as to put US oil companies out of business.

    US Oil producers need about $30 per barrel of oil and conveniently Saudi Arabia dumped oil at around +- $20 per barrel to hurt both Russia and America.

    Well... Just so happens that Obama had lowered our strategic oil reserves for his slush fund and then spent the dough buying votes. So there's plenty of room in our storage facilities for lots more oil.

    So... instead of what would have been an economic disaster, taking the USA from being a top Oil producer down to being the #1 in the number of oil companies going out of business...

    Prez. Trump saw the move as a great deal on oil, at ultra low prices...

    So he declared a national emergency, freeing up US Federal Funds which allowed him to suck up all the oil that Saudi Arabia dumped on the market, at a super low price for the USA Strategic Reserves!

    That move basically sucked all the wind out of Saudi Arabia's attempt to crash the oil market and got us millions of gallons of oil for our oil reserves... in ONE MOVE!

    Thank you Daniel Duffy for helping keep the TRUTH in front of Americans.

    PS, if you read this far, you are more informed and independent thinking than the average radical liberal.

    And this, THIS is why having a “Business Minded” President is better than having a “Progressive” Minded President!

    If you want to see what government run health care looks like, look at the VA. I work in hospitals all over the Americas. Every VA I have worked in was a mess. I hate to think that, since I am a military retiree, I may have to use one. I have friends that work there and the stories they tell.......

    I would be more likely to believe Trump was guilty if the whole mess was not so partisan. Had the house allowed equal participation from BOTH sides, gotten all the testimony, (not required the Senate to call the Dem’s witnesses) and made a bipartisan case before deciding to impeach. I could have been persuaded. However, they did not. They only presented their side, and not completely at that. Rushed the decision before the people, and showed NO evidence that would hold up in court! They crowed about how they had completed the work and took it to the Senate. The Senate saw an incomplete case, that was one sided. Yes, Trump did not assist the House, no defendant needs to! The Rep’s should have thrown out the case and voted to remove the impeachment, but that would have left the door open to the Dem’s pulling this shit again and wasting even more money and time.

    You can say that the witnesses believed that he did this. But that is opinion not fact. If you listen to the tape there is no mention of Biden, period.

    Corruption in Ukraine was bad enough the Biden had to bribe them to remove a prosecutor. The new president was elected in May 2019 and was in the process of making changes to fight corruption throughout the summer. That is why Trump was looking at the results and wanted to hold back the aid (my opinion).

    This shit goes on daily, in business and in government.

    The Dem’s overreached and lost, this time. They are going after him still and will not quit. Maybe next time they will do it correctly.