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    It WAS the ground. Thanks to all for pointing me in the right direction.

    I can’t forget- “even though you think you did everything right, check it again” and “it’s almost always the last thing you messed with“

    I did possibly make a mistake. Using the same ground bolt- that is also what the optima battery hold down uses. I currently have things in this order.- frame, bracket, ground wire, bolt.

    What I may be hearing is I need to go frame, ground wire, bracket, bolt.


    Drove it all day Thursday and Friday. No issues either day. Thursday is started fine after sitting for 6 days. This morning (Saturday) would not start, just clicked. This is a 2018 with only 450 miles. Now, the battery has gone dead before after sitting a while, but I charged the battery and it was good to go. One time it did not start right after riding.

    So, today’s project was to install an Optima battery-I thought timing could not be better. Did the swap and started fine, multiple times. Went for a ride to a friends house. No issues. Got back in to leave, and no start, just clicking. Initially all lights worked, after trying to start, no lights. I have a jump port in the engine bay. Hooked cables up to jump, lights and dash all come on. But no start, just clicking. Volts on dash show just under 13. Another fact, hooked the cables direct to the battery, nothing at all-no lights no clicking. Swapped a couple relays around, no change.

    Don’t know where to turn.

    Please help

    I missed that on the matte cloud gray Grand Touring LE on the Slingmods model/color chart. It's possible, but not probable that the red pearl would match. I can't possibly keep up - Polaris's upgrades to the Slingshot are mostly new colors! In order to find a good match, you have to order samples from the multiple powder manufacturers, then compare it to an actual Slingshot in that color. Well, the local dealers don't have all the colors so even that isn't possible. Also, the limited edition colors are truly limited so there is a very small market. If rrroscoe (or anyone else with the indy red frame) knows someone with a pearl red 15 or 16, I would be interested in a side by side comparison.

    Ok, mind is made up. Gloss black it is. How do we handle the transaction?

    I have a 18 GT LE. Does the red pearl match my Indy red,?