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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I’ll have to look tomorrow, but I think it’s the light.

    Mine is a 2019 purchased new back in April. Completely stock swing arm. There are two or three circles in that area that appear to be left over from the casting process.

    I was just looking at e rear fenders on and with all of the Metricks fenders that use the mounting hole on top they only list them as fitting 2015 through 2018 - taking this in to account and then seeng your picture it looks like the swing arm was changed for 2019 and does not have the necessary mounting boss

    You might want to call slingmods or better yet Metricks and ask them before you think about drilling the swing arm

    Yeah, I think I might just have to eat the money I spent. It wasn’t a lot.

    Maybe I’ll figure out something.

    If it helps here is a picture of the swing arm on my 2016 - as you can see it has the hole on the top near the drive belt - (I put a bolt in it to keep water from getting inside the swing arm) - and on the side of the swing arm you can see the square reinforced area that you are supposed to drill and tap - - if newer swing arms do not have the these areas built up as they are on mine there is no way in hell I would drill and tap it - - the reinforcement is there for a reason


    mine doesn’t have the built up area on top like yours does. I can see a circle but no reinforcements on top.

    The built up area on the side is the same though.

    Anyway, that’s why I asked. Since I have no idea how thick the metal is there, I think I will figure out another way.

    So I bought a used eBay fender from someone on Facebook. It didn’t come with instructions but no big deal, a search on YouTube solved that!

    My only problem involves drilling and tapping a hole in the swing arm.

    The video I found talks about loosely installing a bolt through the fender bracket into an existing hole in the top of the swing arm and then aligning the bracket with a “boss” on the side and marking that boss for drilling a hole there.

    My swing arm has the boss on the side but no hole on top. I have no issues drilling a proper hole in aluminum but I’m wondering if it’s advisable to do so in the top of the swing arm as Polaris did not build up that area. I don’t want to drill a hole in material that is potentially too thin to accept a tap.

    I guess the question is, has anyone here installed a fender on a 2019 and had to drill and tap two holes?

    Can a seat from a car fit the slingshot? I have two seats from a 2005 Subaru WRX STI that I used to own. What are the chances that they would fit? Any obvious problems that I would have to look out for?

    I agree. I had a good time touring the factory and meeting some of the builders outside. I met a few owners and got to see how others have customized their slings.

    I hope we get to do it again!

    I bought mine (2019) and my dealer said one year also. He was trying to sell me the extended warranty/service agreement. Really couldn’t pin down which it was but they said it would add three years to the factory warranty. Contract language seemed to imply only one year.

    Anyway, the owners manual clearly states that the factory warranty for 2019 is 2 years.


    Thanks for the replies all. I did, in fact, share to remind others to not rush into anything without considering what could go wrong. That’s the Operational Risk Management (ORM) that the Air Force was trying to drum into my head before I retired. I guess I failed. =O

    Anyway, I’ve ordered the Fumoto valve and adapter and will have that handy for next time.

    Wish I had the lift that gooseman has!

    Be careful out there folks!