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    If I were to be president the first thing I would do is to lower the corporate tax rate to bring back manufacturing to this country. This would also allow domestic company's (including foreign companies operating here) to invest some of there money into updating outdated manufacturing practices to become more completive and hire more people,

    Then I would secure the energy sector so the manufacturing base can purchase the energy it needs from domestic sources creating more jobs.

    Then I would lessen the (unnecessary) choking restrictive regulations that inhibit growth.

    Then I would level the playing field on foreign countries that undercut Americas products by paying there workers pennies and placing huge tariffs on our products such as steel. That way when the companies invest in growth they'll buy American products creating more jobs here.

    After these are in place I would come up with a plan to develop this countries infrastructure. That way the companies now encouraged to operate right here in the United States can competitively supply the products needed to bring the countries infrastructure back to competitiveness and supply those products creating even more jobs.

    That's what I care about. That's what is good for all people in this country!

    Frankie55 I must have missed your intro and I see you are a newbie to the forum joining this month. Welcome aboard! Buckle up. This is a fun place and you just might meet and make some good friends here!

    Still a great big welcome however I did not realize I put this in this somber thread. Didn’t mean to ....

    Many thanks SoCal. Didn't take long to realize its a great community! I'm sure I'll meet some people here down the road!

    I don't know what to say.

    I drive my sling pretty aggressively and have even had it on road courses in turns up to 90mph. I have never had an issue and like rabtech I am using the Haltech ECM

    I think that once you know your machines limitations you have to learn ho to drive within them. It is a feeling "butt thru the seat connection" between you and your machine. When they are not in sync - bad stuff happens.

    Flying buy the seat under your pants, or driving in this case!

    Free College???? Our public schools are tied down with "NO Child" left behind. In most cases we are dumbing down are education to meet the needs of a very small percentage of our Kids. Free college will just dumb things down a little more.
    (most of you know I'm a residential painting contractor----but few know BA in math education, MA in Ed Amin, etc) So just a little knowledge about the education system.

    I forgot to mention. No surprise here. Always thought you are wise beyond your years!


    Wolf, I'm with you on these statements. The environmental industry can work and that's great! Not only is it good for all of us but companies can increase profits through energy reductions and increased efficiency.

    I just think taking away the choice isn't the way to go. Offering people options and cost saving ideas is. It's how this country use to work but I see that changing.

    Free College???? Our public schools are tied down with "NO Child" left behind. In most cases we are dumbing down are education to meet the needs of a very small percentage of our Kids. Free college will just dumb things down a little more.
    (most of you know I'm a residential painting contractor----but few know BA in math education, MA in Ed Amin, etc) So just a little knowledge about the education system.

    Agreed, something else to think about. What about the military? Two of the largest benefits are education and health care. The military will collapse and fast unless you greatly increase the pay, adding more ever increasing taxes or an automatic draft that in my opinion won't work. The military is ever increasing in need of highly trained, skilled people. A short personnel turn-around would not be good. Would the younger generation agree to a draft? Not so sure.

    It appears the country is changing. But so fast, might be a good idea to think things through.

    I like the idea of environmental responsibility. The government should and does support environmental responsibility. There are executive orders in place now E.O. 13834 (Efficient Federal Operations) Trump & Formally E.O. 13693 Federal sustainability in the next decade (Obama).

    Things are happing now but at a pace industry can handle and survive, in many cases make money. That's a good thing!

    But In my opinion with most instances if the private sector can make money it will. If it can't, it won't. The new proposals are way radical & incredibly expensive. What if they themselves aren't sustainable? Are they going to put our industry at such a disadvantage it crashes? Something to think about?

    Keep in mind our fun machines use fossil fuel. Driving a slingshot might be a crime in a few years!

    First I'll say it's not a comparison but I'll also say its never told. Other people hurt too. My grandfather & grandmother came to this county from Poland, the only memory I have of him is lying on a couch coughing up black soot from working in a coal mine seven days a week, He died when I was 5 years old. Coal company paid him then he paid the mortgaged on the house to the coal company that owned his house. Bought groceries from the grocery store owned by the coal company that also owned his house. Then he got up the next day only to go down into a hole that few will ever understand how bad the conditions could be so he could get another pay check to pay the mortgage and buy groceries from the coal company that owns his house and the grocery store he bought groceries from .

    No question it killed him and at a very early age. I went down a mine and it sucks! You can't see five feet in front of you.

    Anybody care? I surly haven't felt that way?

    Some good points offered here. Perhaps it's more of a question of being in toon with the "feel" of the machine & the situation. When expected situations arise and the driver can adjust and react with anticipation it may be better with traction control off? On or off I do like Big Dogs input of backing of on the throttle, steering into the slide then finessing back into control.

    Keep the wheels on the road and the feet on the pegs. Oh wait, we've got three wheels. Guess that's a really good thing when it comes to hydroplaning :)

    "no wrong doing was found" it is illegal to transmit any classified information using a private server. Transmitting even sensitive info is reckless and the third in command (secretary of state) didn't know this? How did Weiner get this info? Did he have a need to know or did he get it because of illegal reclass behavior? He had to get them somehow? How did he get them?

    Wolf, I'll gladly but you a beer and call you a friend but it still doesn't answere what Russia said/did that so dramatically changed your opinion.

    Wolf, I'm open to different views, but I'm specifically interested on what would have changed your vote or anyone else's? I'm not a member of the intelligence committee so this whole report is nothing to me. It informs of something that Russia did. But what specifically did they do to influence.

    The most important point I'm trying to make it that since it is in past tense everyone must know what so dramatically influenced the vote?

    I honestly don't know and at this point its a blanket statement/report. So... because everyone is pointing a finger. At what?

    For two years I have witnessed constant attacks on President Trump and indications of Russian influence on the election. This Russian influence must have been very dramatic, can anyone here please inform or quote specifically what Russia has said/done/printed that changed their vote against any democratic vote in favor of President Trump???

    I could very well be wrong on this but my impression of "most" electronic traction control systems is in the ability to regain lost traction using the process of limiting drive power to the slipping wheel. I believe this is done by cutting the ignition to alternate cylinders thus reducing the power output to the wheel allowing it to hook up or buy reducing the fuel flow to cylinders.

    I know of some braking EBS (anti lock) used on aircraft and motorcycles that use a valve to pulse the hydraulic systems using quick grab, let go & grab again that allow to wheels to anti skid and hold traction.

    well its been over a year since I first started this thread and I am still using my little CF 1/2 helmet - - unless I can find a smaller, lighter DOT replacement in the future I suspect this will remain my daily riding hat


    If you are looking for a light weight D.O.T helmet with a slim profile this is the answer. Through the years I searched and spent lots of money on helmets looking for something light weigh, low profile and D.O.T. approved only to be disappointed. Till I bought the Daytona 3/4 cruiser. It is as it claims. Best of all you wont look like the Great Gazoo! Check out the reviews.…approved-34-shell-helmets

    While riding in the SS, I am always looking for folks that might not see me and want to pull out in front of me. A lot of people are just looking at the SS or talking pictures and drift over into my lane. So I stay alert while driving. One thing that concerns me is people approaching the rear of the SS. Being the SS is low to the road and some of the trucks are up in the air, I wonder if they can see me at all. My question is, what have y’all added to the rear of the SS to make it more visible in traffic. I don’t want to add a lot of lights on the rear, but I am open to all suggestions. Pictures would be helpful.



    I'm with you on that. Always looking. Especially scary is the # of people texting. I haven't added any lights in the rear but one added measure is that I try to stop one or two car lengths short of the car in front of me. Don't want to be the centerpiece of an accordion!