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    It's going to be 50 and sunny tomorrow in Jersey. I'm going on a scavenger hunt. Taking the slingshot. I'm not coming home until I find a matchbox slingshot. Unless I don't find a matchbox slingshot. But only then will I come home without a matchbox slingshot.

    Someday, what if I find a blue one? Like the golden ticket. Maybe I'll get a factory tour!

    I've been a member of AARP for about 5 years. I've never used the membership. Today they came out with a public commercial with a direct endorsement for a candidate. That's their choice. I've made mine to drop the membership. Commercial companies should understand that they are alienating a portion of their customers. A calculated risk that may work out for them as one party seems to be much more united in the boycott area. Who knows that may not always hold.

    My opinion that companies should stay out of the political game (in public view). What's your view? Does an international company such as (take your pick) endorsing a politician have more sway on politics than Russia?

    Welcome, I've been riding motorcycles for over 40 years. Still do. I purchased a slingshot two years ago. I love it! I went for a ride today at 55 deg. in South Jersey. I have a truck, motorcycle and of course the slingshot. The slingshot is my go-to first choice of vehicles.

    Community is great and I'm looking forward to doing a few events this year!

    I spray the snow blower shoot with furniture polish for the same reason. I suppose rain-x may be more durable? I'll give it a try. That reminds me I haven't attempted a start this year. Previous years have been good with stabilizer. Electric start is a good thing!

    Well said, and I believe this impeachment will do little to persuade party alignment with the exception of independents. I think the Democrat's know full well in the end there is no chance of the President loosing power. My guess they will drag this on as long as possible to keep it in the back of voters minds and media exposure.

    My thoughts are it will back-fire. We'll see.

    As stated:

    "it is exactly Trumps Ego that drives all his decisions. His Ego drives his desire to be a very clear winner. His Ego would have him do anything necessary to "WIN BIG". Heck, his Ego won't even let him call any missed mark anything except "The Best, The Greatest, The Biggest...". He is "The Biggest" Narcissist and "The Greatest" at narcissism, he most surely will cheat to win. He will do The Best cheating, Trust Me."

    Personally I think it's about time we have a president that wants to win. A hard driving personality like that is what this county needs. It seems that for many years our leaders have taken the attitude. I'll give you 10 dollars if you give me two. Then I'll call it a win because I just made two bucks. There are many world leaders that will (and are) jumping at every opportunity to bring America down.

    For years our country has been throwing money and resources into countries only to be taken advantage of. Our cities need help, our people need help. Fine to work with other countries but if were going to use our recourses it must be performance based. No results, no money, no more!

    I watched the local Philadelphia news for years under both republican & democratic presidents. I enjoyed watching Philly news, I want to but I can't. I can say with honesty, no previous presidents were attacked. If they had been I would have stopped viewership.

    When President Trump won it changed immediately. Including the local Fox Affiliate. It didn't stop with the President as the First Lady simply couldn't do anything right. She is a beautiful person doing great things. No credit anywhere. I stayed with them for about a year. They refuse to report any accomplishments. Its like watching the view!

    The not-so-local independent station I watch out of Allentown PA does it correct. Most segments containing one point of view will post equal opposing views. How it should be!

    Some guy with a Cadillac had the nerve park next to my Slingshot in front of my office - =O


    Great contrast of old & new. Both beautiful! I noticed he was courteous & provided enough space between vehicles. Perhaps he is not aware the slingshot doors don't swing open! :)

    "I have to believe that none of we sane people want to be pushed to the point we have to take someone’s life to save our own or a loved one - and live with it afterwards"

    This is a profound statement. I separates criminal from citizen!

    Another fear for the direction of the county is a drift to lessen the actions of the perpetrators with a focus placed on "what did everyone else do to cause the perpetrator to take the action". Could be a factor but drifting away from personal responsibility?

    I wish that you could trust that the younger youth are simply smart mouths. Just yesterday a 13 year old stabbed a young lady to death. Seems more & more common, Maybe I'm getting older but the youth today don't have a childhood. They don't laugh, smile, run-around or interact in a friendly way. I live in a semi-safe neighborhood but steadily you can see younger kids really messed-up. Not all, but so many are like zombies.

    Computers, smart phones and technology, although good, may in turn prove too much for people to handle. Group think combined with limited life experiences may be a real issue in years to come.

    I'm glad I had the opportunity to grow up in a different time.

    It's sad, I would love to show support for the president but it's too much to lose. Worried about vandalism to personal property. Vehicle keyed, trash on the lawn etc. Wasn't like that a few years ago.

    I just received a set of MeanSling Hoop Storage Bags. Prefect fit for a canvas top and will work well with the SlingLow storage racks. Bags have a custom Velcro Secure System designed specifically for use on the slingshot. Confident with mounting security and ease of installation/removal. No issues with the V-back top (collapsible). Complete confidence with weatherproofing. Great stitching and weatherproof Velcro flap over the sipper. Enough storage for a few changes of clothes, hygiene kit & undies.

    Good buy with canvas tops!