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    I don't follow much sports on a full time basis but I enjoy the Super Bowl. The Steelers would be my team followed by the Eagles. My brother liked the Chiefs and I like their QB. I also have a bad taste from Kaepernick. So... Go Chiefs!

    I can honestly say the only Super Bowl i ever watched was in 1969.....And that was also the last Football game that i ever watched....

    I'm more of a doer as opposed to a watcher myself. Can't say that I follow football but due to the winter in the north and looking for a way to get past the cabin fever it fills the gap. I will say that the kneeling stuff steered me away for the last few years. I had to look up the 1969 game, Jets vs colts. Jets won, Joe Namath, I remember the Noxzema commercials!

    Years ago I hosted reoccurring Super Bowl Party's. Had foam bricks to throw at the TV, air horns, silly string, balloons, glow sticks in team colors. Great time, eventually the party got to be too much for my wife and I to be able to make it to work the next day so we stopped. Lots of talk about making the move to Saturday.

    Saturday or Sunday? I like Saturday.

    Question: if the alleged whistleblower is in fact this Eric Ciaramella and if it is true about his close relationships with the deep state. Then shouldn’t an investigation be done about his complaint and the leaks associated with it? Including Adam Shiffs involvement.

    Keep it in the bank for the next time an attempt is made to remove the elected president. Most likely other options are already in process to work against (remove) the President.

    Hopefully China will wake-up and realize they need to have better process control. Originally I heard it started in an exotic meat market. Possibly from bats or snakes. If the pictures shown were from the actual market its ripe for Pathogens!

    Its a world economy, hopefully world pressure will cause a change.

    Received & installed the NASCAR Tallboy Windscreen today. Looks really great with the Bullet Speed Top. With this top if gives a nice clean flow. You can see in the profile how well it contours with the top. Temps in the low 40s today. I did a ride purposely with an open face helmet. Cockpit felt comfortable no turbulence. Winds were 10-14 mph. I have a stock exhaust. The ride had some stop & go (red lights), along with local highway time. No exhaust fumes noted. I'm 5' 8" and it was really annoying with the stock short style ripper windscreen. I really didn't like the top of the windscreen as centered in view. I'm OK looking through or above. So glad the NASCAR tallboy puts the vision through. The annoying top line is out of normal view. Good purchase!

    Next Baker Air Wings for summer rides and the top on mode. Most likely will look into a NASCAR Sportster windscreen for top-off summer mode.

    EjFord wherefore art thou? Hope you’re doing well. Haven’t seen you around lately...🙂

    I believe he is still on vacation in sunny Florida? I recall he posted a few weeks ago about going down there and will have limited access to his computer. I believe one of our posters from FL mentioned a few riders got together with EJ for a ride a few days back?

    Just for kicks you might like this - Yesterday a reporter from our local ABC station came out and did an interview with my wife, daughter ad grandkids about our volcano adventure

    Palm Springs family shares their Taal volcano experience in exclusive interview

    I had no desire to be on TV so I took te dog on a nice long walk until they were done - with the exception of saying 11 miles when it should have been 11 kilometers I think it was pretty good - and my girls all did great :love:

    That's amazing! Great job they did & sometimes events just like this bring a bond that will last forever! … and I know when a dog wants a walk a true champion steps up to the plate and walks the dog!

    Great point,

    To be clear, Trump could only meaningfully affect the 2020 election if the Bidens are, in fact, dirty as revealed by further investigation.

    Also worth consideration, Everything being the same and the corruption in question (assuming corruption took place) was performed (or assumed to be) by anyone other than the Bidens would this impeachment be happing or would it be appropriate for the president to look the other way and freely give our countries money and supplies?

    Buying votes on the backs of the very people who did the right thing. You bet it is! I went to a trade school. Payed my way working multiple jobs. It was tough. Anyone out there who has paid into Medicare for years, deducted from your pay check. Free stuff? Not for you, in fact after paying your way you will now be paying the way for those who never payed!

    “My buddy had fun, bought a car, and went on all the vacations, I saved my money. He makes more than I did. I worked a double shift,” the father continued.

    Like it BOHICA!

    Have you considered that it's not about defending President Trump but about defending the idea the we need to put America First?

    I think he understands the trend towards Socialism is slowly destroying the country. Freely giving away money and resources to countries that snub us and continue to do so just doesn't work. If other countries help themselves were happy to help but not just give (throw away) money. He doesn't buy votes through promising social programs but strives to create jobs allowing a pathway for success and in turn making our country and economy better. Cutting back on costly and needless regulations. Renegotiate bad trade deals that have been taking advantage of the United States for years AND GETTING THEM DONE. Understands that drugs are destroying our country. That our boarders are venerable. We can come up with a better immigration policy that works for everyone. Creating a Space Force for todays needs.

    Mike Bloomberg had a campaign commercial on today. It had one message, I can defeat Donald Trump. No policies or ideas. I heard Elizabeth Warren intends to arrange a team to beat down President Trump even if he wins the election? Is that a great strategy for the country!

    I'm not voting for a person but for the persons ideas and getting them done. The person that has the idea of putting America First. If anyone else had those views I would vote for that person. No one cared to tackle renegotiating any trade deals? Republican or democratic and that matters to me.

    It's not at all about voting for "Trump" at all costs. He is the only one that seems to put our country first (republication or democratic) . As said earlier by others this will also be my last post on this subject.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    I have a seat cushion you can pick up at any store in the camping section. I actually have two, they tuck in very nice behind each seat. It lifts me up and over the windscreen should a situation arise.

    Said with humor.

    I suppose the actual impeachable offence is not the problem. The problem is the impeachable offence was questioned. Now because of questing the offence you must be impeached.

    I should have used that on my parents when I did something wrong! :)