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    Always used the original ArmorAll but then tried Wipe New which worked amazing a few weeks, even months, but.... after time it became flakey on the surface. Tough to remove flaking material and applying new coats over existing coats looked bad. Soo... I went back to ArmorAll.

    Please keep posted on results.

    Can’t just blame Bush - the government has been raiding that fund so long all the ones wanting free college, healthcare, to support millions of illegals, etc., etc can’t see that there will be nothing left to live on in old age. But even if SSI was sustainable what can you do on $1200 month with no other income ??? - try to keep the lights on, a small roof over your head and not starve. God forbid you get sick - might as well go lay down in the funeral home’s waiting room and wait for the inevitable. These politicians think they are saving our youth when in reality they are setting up the mass deaths of our grandchildren. Massive changes still need to be made for our civilization to survive. The current government certainly cannot do it all. If the Democrats take control again who knows what yellow brick road we could be led down. Could the next hat in years to come read “Make America Survivable ” ???

    Agreed, started working at 14. I've been putting into SS for 41 years now. Yet when I log on to the SS web page and input my info it states I'm not entitled to benefits till age 62. What entitlement? It's the money I've put into the system for 41 years (48 years at 62)? Another slap in the face is if I wait till 70 I can collect my full benefits (56 years contributing to SS).

    For what? So I can support those who haven't input into the system! That's not the right thing to do! I'm not talking about those that truly are not able. A few years back someone once told me all democracies fail when the takers outnumber the givers. I think were there.

    Big question for me now is - WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE TWO GUYS IN MAGA HATS ?? FunCycle - we been wearin MAGA hats for years - wonder if we should start workin on our alibi ???? :00008172::00008172:

    They ditched the hats and went underground. You can't risk being spotted wearing MAGA paraphernalia. You could get the crap beat out of you for that! =O

    Hate has no home here, joke!

    Latest I heard the prosecutors reasoning was that he completed community service, forfeited his probation money & Chicago had bigger fish to fry i.e. gun violence. Most likely that gives reason to forgive all involved. Brilliant!

    But wait.... President Trump or someone on his administration must have committed something wrong somewhere at some point with someone other than collusion or obstruction. And were not going to stop until we find out what was done by someone at some point. The head of the DOJ and highly paid team of 16 high powered lawyers (who wanted nothing more than to bring this president down) and a staff below all of them with unlimited resources and dollars.

    How much time? How much diverted recourses? How much wasted money?

    But a wall to secure the country is a waste of money????

    How about congress working for the country!

    Social Security, Jobs, infrastructure etc.

    What a waist!

    I didn't vote for Obama but the people did and I was OK with that. I didn't agree with him on everything but on some things I did. I always respected he was elected and let him do his job!

    How bout the same! It's a democracy, it's the will of the voters. Let the man do his job and support the vote of the people!

    Crazy, just crazy!

    I am so..... jealous! Have fun!

    Greed and money come to mine... Our government is trying to control America with a process and their doing a shitty job of it. None of them support the American people any more unless their wealthy.

    So... how is a secure boarder controlling America? What are you not free to do?

    I don't understand what is so wrong about controlling a process? I lock my doors at night. It doesn't mean I hate people. It doesn't mean I don't let anyone in. It's just common sense to control a process. All efforts using technology, sensors and a wall will help control a process. I don't see anything wrong with that. Check and allow.

    Absolutely the vast amount of people crossing the border are good people. But.... it would be crazy to blindly sign my name for full lability against the next 100 people whom I don't know or have never seen to cross the border. I wouldn't be able to sleep for fear of loosing everything I have worked for. Isn't that what is happening right now? Why is it wrong to control a process?

    Just a thought, what if everyone soaped their final drive during an organized event and it rained. Then while riding through a town people lined the streets and waved American Flags. Hundreds of high output bubble makers in a parade.

    That would be fun!

    !978 Suzuki RM 125

    A dirt bike but it was my first taste of freedom. Parents hated motorcycles. They only agreed I could get one if I worked and payed for it myself. Worked nights and weekends. Still remember going into the local motorcycle shop to make a deposit every week.

    Later parents admitted they only agreed I could get one if I worked and paid on my own. They never thought I would be willing at that age. They also admitted years later it was good because it taught the value of hard work for achievement.

    After all these years I still ride motorcycles and now the slingshot. Adventure sure makes life fun!

    Yes I know this country has had historical issues. I also know most other countries have had serious issues, very serious issues. My opinion in recent times this country has been exceptionally kind to welcome diversity. I can only hope diversity will be exceptionally kind in return to this country. I would love for that to be the case. Time will tell but I'm shaky at best in optimism.

    I wrote my congressman and requested it remain in place as daylight savings time. From my understanding it goes back to WW2 to save energy. Really doesn't seam to apply today. Constant adjust & readjust seams pointless.

    After posting I thought, does anyone remember when TV's had 13 channels and at midnight the major broadcasting networks showed F16's flying over the Grand Canyon playing the national anthem. Ending with "And now this concludes our broadcasting day".

    Wow, how times changed and so has the need to keep changing time. :)

    Thanks for that reply. I'm retired now and didn't appreciate my $45.00 dollar tax refund this year. Then I had to pay the tax prep person $170.00 to do my taxes. That's what life is like for lower income people. We pay so the gov and the corporations can prosper.

    I'll bet we have a lot in common! I do know what its like to eat plane toast in the morning, Couldn't even afford peanut butter! Pasta without sauce & eggs for protein, no insurance. And....the government offered no assistance. Nor did my father, response was "you have two hands, you can do it". :)

    I'd fire your ass in a heartbeat because you think just like big money does. All they do is get the gov to make them money so they don't have to get off their dead asses and make it themselves. Hey wait! We could give them all a trillion dollars for their failures to cheat the American people out of money, oh wait, that's already been done.

    Thanks for the input War Hoop. Not everyone who puts there life into building a business makes big money. It takes a big risk, long days nights and many fears. My father owned a small business. Worked everyday, even the single holiday the business was not open he had to go into the business to check that compressors were operating properly to avoid product loss. When you make money you have to save because there is no guarantee tomorrow will be as kind.

    Tough life, takes guts, more fail than succeed. I admire anyone who takes the risk to succeed and has the ability to support other jobs and make other life's better.

    I built my life working weekends at age ten, then typically a 30 hour work week in high school at times held three jobs at once. To include drying cars at a car wash in my early thirty's after getting off from my primary job in order to have a deposit on a home. Had lots of condescending looks. But i smiled and thanked anyone for tips next day got up to do it again. My ladder to success was to exceed expectations with no expectations.

    It worked, I made it. I like everyone I worked for & with.