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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I too have seen less bikes on the road but the majority of bikes I do see in my area are Harleys. When you look on Craigslist for used bikes, the Harleys on there are endless. It's like 3 to 1 over other brands. I think people have bought Harley's in the past as a status symbol and not to ride (not all people but some) I was one of those people. For Harley to close a plant in KC to layoff 800 and expand in another state just to hire 450 more there; sounds more like moving and consolidating than closing. I hate to see any company in this country close. Back to the original post, I can't believe how few bikes there are on the road here and I live in some of the best riding in this country or the world for that matter.

    It was nice over the Memorial Day weekend. Saw lots of bikes and slings, I took both the bike & slingshot for rides. I also took one of the grand kids for a ride in the slingshot. It was cool to see other slingshot riders and do a wave. The grandkid got a "kick" out of it! Lots of smiles!

    I'm also going to the Pocono NASCAR race this weekend. Hoping to take the sling but rain may be in the forecast?…o-york-county/1078012001/

    I love the manual and it will always be my choice, hands down. From a business stand-point a manual could bring in a large untapped market. I think it would be good for Polaris and slingshot owners in general. Sales are good for all in the game, including insurance companies who really on a large pool for risk mitigation & operating profit. Aftermarket companies etc.

    Personally I like the sportiness of a manual trans. From a business stand-point an automatic is great move. In my area and todays world very few people know how to drive a "stick" and might be intimidated. Large untapped market of potential buyers. Great move, good for Polaris, good for potential buyers.

    Last year went thru a IRS audit for 2015/2016 --- NOT a fun time and mine was minor. After the first round we were going to 'fight' it again --- the IRS agent basically said 'If you do we'll have every piece of paper and bank transaction you touched'. Cost me $15,000.00 but figured that was a lot cheaper than the fight.

    Day one her first comment was "We're just after the low hanging fruit" --- easy pickin.

    EJ, I feel your pain. Let no good deed go unpunished! Wish I was going to Maggie. Sure sounds like fun. Wishing good weather and good times!

    Here we go again. Pelosi states President Trump is "engaging in a cover-up". So much wasted time. Predictable, totally predictable.

    Same approach different words. What's the cover up? Lets hear it!

    and just for fun I ended todays ride with a run through down town Palm Springs

    I am so jealous! Good for you. Just a beautiful backdrop. Sorry if I'm out of place, East Coast guy but it reminds me of the opening for the Beverly Hillbillies. Loved that show!

    I just heard on One America News its in the works to use two pilot locations along the boarder. Looking to use DNA testing to prove family affiliation at boarder crossing areas. What a great idea! This should be great news for Democrats, Republicans, true families looking for asylum (although it still doesn't address the legitimacy of the situation). Most of all for the American taxpayers who are being forced to work years longer for less securities.

    Very bad news for people profiting on human trafficking. This should be something of true bipartisan support!

    ….And then he made Irish wives!

    Looking out the window at lunch time today...

    Wow, we have a saying here. April showers bring May flowers. Guess they don't say that in Indiana? Better weather just around the corner! Most likely, possibly, maybe :huh: Hang in there!

    Easy edit for the most recent attacks.…urch-this-week/1072454425

    I have stopped watching anything from the mainstream sources, not just news, prefer TV like discovery, history, science channel etc.. Get my news from a really great non-affiliated station. Not as flashy, but WFMZ Allentown is a diverse class act and tells the news straight. Local church was hit by arson twice. Both believed to be arson. Not pointing fingers here, could have been done by anyone, even by a church member or firefighter. At this point it's not know but I believe had this been done against any other section of society the mainstream media choses to side with it would be plastered all over national sources.


    agreed on Lucas, it's affordable and works well. You'd have a hard time convincing me to switch to something else.

    Added bonus, it smells good, doesn't matter so much on the exterior stuff, but interior makes a difference. Anything that makes the missus happy!

    I love the Lucas quick mist speed wax and it makes my garage smell like bubble gum! I haven't spotted the interior detailer but will keep an eye out for it.

    Always used the original ArmorAll but then tried Wipe New which worked amazing a few weeks, even months, but.... after time it became flakey on the surface. Tough to remove flaking material and applying new coats over existing coats looked bad. Soo... I went back to ArmorAll.

    Please keep posted on results.