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    Yep, a few weeks back I checked the extended forecast and spotted a nice day. Called the shop and set up an appointment. In and out and they're glad for the business this time of the year. Mine is under extended warrantee for one more year so I take it to the dealer for service. All it takes is one or two nice days in the spring and the shops get backed up.

    Perhaps a consumption tax would be a better alternative than a flat tax? Think of all the people making a living illegally or subsidizing income illegally i.e. drug dealing, counterfeiting, human trafficking etc. no taxes charged and its destroying the country. Those businesses are getting a free ride! The very thing costing taxpayers & businesses billions a year.

    A consumption tax would include everyone. It could be adjusted to slowly and steadily draw down the deficit.

    this video makes me want to puke.....

    Much like a hostile takeover of the country. Vote for me. I'll promise free health care & a collage education. Then when we get full control of the Senate and the Presidential office we can change the laws. If as in H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act Its going to bankrupt the country and change it forever. Scary!

    I am for a structured system of immigration that is good for the United States and Legal immigration but this reckless power grab is very disturbing.

    Same here. Even during peak riding season here I might see one or two a month out on the road. Heck, even with all the trips I've made back to the dealer for various things, there was only another SS owner there when I was there once. Probably the single biggest bummer about this experience is the lack of folks to ride with. Especially after years of riding Harley's and being a HOG member. We have 2 HOG chapters in my town and each has around 100 members. Really wish Polaris had a similar program, but I guess the ownership numbers are just not high enough in most areas.

    Hopefully give it time. Giving some perspective. The slingshot is only 5 years in production. If you go on a ride and were to eliminate all the motorcycles to a single brand. Then eliminate all that brand to include only newer models of that brand within the last 5 years there may be many times you would not see a brand & year in that category.

    I am starting to see some slingshots on rides especially within known riding area's like riverways tourist towns' etc. Harley dealerships are very good at local dealership rides and events.

    True, but nothing we haven't done previously, as a society. Think about the early 1900's when there were no gas stations prominent, but cars were being sold.

    Good point, I would love to travel RT 66 at some point. I saw a show on the development of that road. I can't recall but I remember or think it was actually developed by a tire company because they wanted people to drive their cars extended distances for the purpose of wearing their tires out and in turn purchasing new tires.

    Free market finds a way.

    Charging time and the installation of charging stations is a major hurdle. I recall reading something about the possibility of developing electric vehicles with specific battery specifications/sizes and quick disconnect capability. The drivers would then be able to pull up to service bays along interstates much like oil change pits. The batteries could be dropped and swapped with fully charged batteries. The turned in batteries would then be recharged.

    Many times I've swapped out a propane tank with what was clamed as a full tank only to have the new tank fail after a few uses. Imaging driving 50 miles and have an ecchanged battery fail. Not sure of how they would determine the dollar amount for the remaining charge on the returned battery?

    I actually originally intended to purchase an Elio as it seemed like a high mileage vehicle that looked like fun to drive. As my hopes faded I purchased the slingshot which In itself is somewhat of a high mileage vehicle. My truck gets 19 mph., the Slingshot 27. Good job slingshot owners for doing your part.

    For those with a turbo, have fun, I'm jealous! :) For now an educated choice is open for the individual decision and I hope that option remains!

    Agreed, If President Trump looses the election and the Republications loose control of the Senate it's a clear unobstructed path for generations. Promising free programs is a tool to get to that point. Power grab just around the corner.

    H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act

    This is scary! What about the taxpayers! They don't care, it's totally about gaining and retaining their positions and assuring those positions for generations. Even if it destroys the country!

    ,,,And they want the taxpayer to pay for the process itself! I'm waiting for the media to report on this.

    (d) Transportation.—The Secretary of Homeland Security shall provide transportation for aliens eligible for reopening or reconsideration of their proceedings under this section, at Government expense, to return to the United States for further immigration proceedings and shall admit or parole the alien into the United States.

    They all do it - Pelosi planned this stunt to play to her liberal base - she is just not as good at it as Trump is !!

    That stunt reminded me of third grade. A time when you wadded up a straw wrapper for a spit ball. Then waited for the teacher to turn their back and write something on the chalk board so you could shot it!

    Only to find out the teacher was on to you. Sister Monica really did have eyes on the back of her head! It would have been funny if someone would have caught that in real time & spoke in the Presidents ear to turn around and reprimand Nancy! ^^

    I couldn't believe this. I was wondering what Nancy was doing with the speech? It just seamed strange! It turns out she was pre tearing them!

    was looking for one with a roof. Love the slingshade but not spending that kinda $$. More than likely go with the bullet V

    Good stuff, as EJ said, lots of options, seat time is a good thing. Additions are as individual as the person themselves. At some point down the road when the weather breaks I'd be glad to let you check out mine. I crossed Rt 130 & 73 on my way to work over the Tacony Palmyra bridge for years.

    sweet. I’m right off route 130 in Cinnaminson. Have to meet up when the weather allows and talk sling and go for a cruise.

    Will-do! Recently I just put on a top and installed a NASCAR Style Windscreen. Get use to a lot of attention, people pointing, kids jumping and people snapping pictures! Kids love them (and so do a lot of older kids)! I like the white & black slings, looks sharp & Dave@ddmworks is the guru of performance! … and as they say welcome to the world of slingshot insanity!

    Congratulations, looks awesome! I'm sure I'll see you down the road. I'm in South Jersey. Sometimes I head northbound with rides through Morristown, Cinnaminson and Riverton. Now if some of the continuous rain lets up and warmer temps arrive. Welcome aboard & Enjoy!