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    Massive uncontrolled immigration. The squad. Our youth indoctrinated by the system. Partisan politics with Massive public corruption across the board. Keeping in mind "wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws” Has broad implications.

    The media, and the rest of the corruptness' can portray Trump as they will but he always spoke of Americas people as Americans first and foremost and treated all with that in mind. It's the only wat to overcome this.

    Abraham Lincoln

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    Abraham Lincoln

    Sadly it's as predicted all those years ago. These events have little to do with land.…f-600bd9d38a02_story.html

    Mitchell describes the day he was questioning Khalid Sheik Mohammed, when the 9/11 mastermind announced he had something important to say.

    KSM explained that large-scale attacks such as 9/11 were “nice, but not necessary” and that a series of “low-tech attacks could bring down America the same way ‘enough disease-infected fleas can fell an elephant.’ ” KSM “said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States” and “wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws” until they were strong enough to rise up and attack us. “He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people would eventually become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.”

    “Eventually,” KSM said, “America will expose her neck for us to slaughter.”

    As a side note I replaced those pesky loose bolts and broken seat backing 3 years ago and they are all holding like a champ. I used M6 X 1 Jack nuts, washers with a rubber backing (for self locking properties) and M6 bolts. Light torque and light duty self thread lock. Can't recall the bolt length but short enough to be sure no chance of poking through). I purchased the jack nuts and 6m bolts at Harbor Freight. Rubber backed washers at Lowes.

    Control the masses through fear. Find a way to use it as a mechanism to increase the voting potential thousands fold for years to come!…-announces-new-americorps

    "President Biden's American Climate Corps is a bold and necessary response to the concerns of young people across America. From record heat and extreme flooding to devastating wildfires, climate change is an existential threat to life as we know it. AmeriCorps members have been combatting these threats since our founding and we’re prepared to accelerate and strengthen our response," said Michael D. Smith, CEO, AmeriCorps. We're always looking to meet the needs of the future, and with President Biden's American Climate Corps, we're doing just that. The American Climate Corps marks a new era of youth-powered climate action."

    Finally I've been lucky at something in life! I deserve it. But wait, now i can't proudly proclaim that i never get lucky. Dam, I never win!

    Perhaps I'll get lucky and one will burn out soon then ill let you know how you jinxed me. You'll feel bad offer to buy lunch next time I see you. :)

    I am always hearing about Detroit... and it is bad there... just take a look at Campden, NJ... one of the deadliest and most poverty stricken places in the US. We are in decline, it is evident everywhere.

    I believe you are referring to Camden NJ?

    I'm about 10 miles outside Camden NJ. Just Yesterday my friend took his girlfriend to a hospital there. While his girlfriend was making her way into the building my friend was still at the vehicle when a man approached and demanded money. He's a big guy and got in the guy's face calling him a F'n POS. So the robber said fine I'll just take your car. My friend smaked him and pushed him away. The guy took off. He carries and has a knife in his car but this time they took his girlfriends car. My neighbor a block over said there was a hold up in my neighborhood a block over. Yet, people continue to vote for it. Time to wake up!


    Notice the old abandoned factories to the side and back.

    I replaced my stock lights with these LED lights from SlingMods two years ago. Very simple,. These things are way better than the standard lights! Some have said they burn out quickly. I have many hours on mine with no issues. I figure if and when one does go bad I can get another set and have spares. For LEDs the price is great. SlingMods usually has videos of the replacement process. I Believe they have a video for these?

    Yep! I have seen that live and up close

    Two years ago I was sitting in my sunroom suddenly had a lightning strike on on of my trees. Looked like millions of LED's. Blew the bark off the tree, toasted two of our TV receivers even with the surge protection. The tree never recovered and a few months ago we had it cut down.

    I realize it's not the same application but I just used some of this stuff yesterday and have in the past with great results. When I do work around the underbody of the sling and I spot some corrosion I'll hit it with a wire brush and spray some of this stuff. Have had the same can for about a year and use as needed. Incredible bond and protection.

    ....I feel your pain , I refuse to give up both my storage behind the I had to spend a winter to build my L7 Kicker under my seat & I did add spacers to the rear 2 bolts but still to this day I'm happy with it and refused to put speakers facing out for others to hear....I have a cerwin Vega woofer in my garage on my house system & my neighbor would ask me sometimes to turn the bass down and he's a dj I know your happy

    I thought about just adding spacers to the rear. Was worried about the seat angle. Perhaps that's the better way to go. I have a pair of those great roll hoop racks SlingLow made a few years back so I have the ability to add plenty of extra carry capacity using different size bags. Made the decision easier.

    Great work you do! Always like to see what your up to!

    Had some time to install my Cerwin Vega 10" under the seat powered subwoofer. I knew it was going to be close under the seat, unfortunately due to the progressive convergent area under the seat the back end was about 1/4 inch too shallow. Wanted to raise the seat with spacers but the front bolts are on an angle with the back vertical. Raising would change the distance and need some fabrication. Second choice, bolted to the rear seat frame. Possible but that would place the seat further forward than I want. So... I went with the rear storage compartment. Not what I wanted to do but....

    Fitted the compartment with high density foam rubber and used some of the original packaging foam to keep it nice and tight. It upped the game big over the aftermarket Sony unit. Adds depth and "richness" to the unit I just couldn't get now matter how I tried to adjust EQ. It sounds great in the garage but the real test is on the road at speed. For now a big improvement over my unit, But.... it's not going to wake up the entire neighborhood. At the same time not looking to broadcast my music neighborhood wide. For me its what I want, just wish it fit under the seat.

    Received my Cerwin Vega under the seat powered subwoofer yesterday. Not happy with FedEx. Large tear through outer package, inner package and heavy duty plastic wrap around the package itself. Must have been quite a drop check. Unit itself has no visible damage but it's stereo equipment. Guess I'll soon find out.

    We now have two carrier groups in the Mediterranean sea and a handful of fighter squadrons. I'm not saying right or wrong, it's a difficult call on upper levels. A line in the sand has been put in place before. What if Hezbollah decides to take action (and i think they will)? Or willing to take action to draw us in. West Bank? Syria, Iran?

    China and others are watching closely.