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    My neighbors son has one. He got me interested. Saw one just yesterday going through town (I was in my truck). I see more when I go into tourist towns. Next year I want to grab one of the grand kids and enter into the 4th of July Parade. Just about every time I stop for a gas fill up or a red light with two lanes the car alongside gives a thumbs-up. Get lots of picture takers.

    Anyone remember the cheesy 80's commercial "Hay man is that Freedom Rock"? This rock was painted just after 9/11 along the Pa Turnpike.

    The lower photo was along what is known as Graffiti Highway leading up to the town of Centralia. The town was claimed by a massive underground mine fire in the 80's and was recently featured on the Discovery Channel show Mysteries of the Abandoned and ranked as #1 on the show. The fire is still burning and may burn for another 100 years! I grew up about 5 miles away from Centralia.

    Very well said and true. Thanks for the memories. I remember getting our used school books and making book covers from used paper bags! Remember the 5 cents deposit for bottles! My friends and I would collect bottles and return them to buy a pack of gum! Clarks teaberry and black jack that turned your teeth black were favorites.

    Gotta remember $7 or $8 hr is executive pay in Guatemala & El Salvador. I believe that employers that retain illegals should have to pay a stiff enough fine they don’t believe it is worth the risk. We Americans have nobody to blame but ourselves for excessive drugs coming across the border and a thirst for cheap labor. If there wasn’t a market here it would disincentives and solve all the problems at the border without government intervention (if they won’t feed, clothe, house, and provide healthcare for em) but sadly those things are just another pipe dream.

    A few years back I had brick pavers put in. Three estimates. The last landscaper inquired at the previous estimates. I informed $9 square foot. He looked at me and replied in distraught that he would loose money and couldn't afford the pay his workers at that price. I chose the lower estimate and yes the workers spoke no English. They worked hard and did a great job.

    So... something that is never brought up. The business that attempts to hire workers at a proper wage and pays legally (not under the table). loses his business . The government looses millions of dollars.

    What choice does a business have. Pay under the table at low wages or go out of business?

    What happens to these hard working people in 10 - 20 years when they brake down. Will they say thanks for the time and I'll go back now? Or will they stay here and need assistance?

    My parents need assisted living and they pay 8k a month. They get no government assistance. Its expensive, that's reality.

    I'll bet these millions of people will need help. Expensive help. Nothing against them but it will amount to trillions of dollars to hard working people who most likely have not put into the system and yes, it's not their fault but yes its reality.

    Started asparagus harvest early April. Just started tomato & cucumber harvest last week. Peppers soon to follow, then zucchini and eggplant to follow. Looks like a good year!

    She also lied about being assaulted. Even MSM today said she was lying.

    When a reporter asked her if she saw people drinking from toilets she just closed the window, why because she never got inside they were there giving interviews outside and even protected surrounded by officers how can that nut-case accuse them to assault her??? That wack job is nothing but lies for attention!!!

    I saw a picture of AOC yesterday looking through the border fence. The look on her face was as if her house was burning down and she was helpless to save it. A wider angle photo with the same people showed she was looking through the fence to nothing but a parking lot with a few people in the picture who wanted nothing to do with the border.

    Another nut case looking to steal votes buy deception. What about this country!

    I can believe that Nike pulled its Betsy Ross shoes from the market because COLIN KAEPPERNICK said it was offensive due to ties to slavery. We may as well throw in the towel and give ourselves back to the English so the “justice warriors” can blame them instead of our nation’s founders. Not that I wore Nike’s before but....

    After the last episode of Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem and sporting police officers as pigs on his socks I thought to burn my nikes. Had two pairs, one set was new so I thought why not use them to cut my grass. I use old shoes to cut grass, I have a fairly large yard and there is always a chance to step in dog poop. A good fit.

    Burges Owens is an incredible athlete and an incredible person with a positive message for everyone. nike should give him a call instead of taking advice from a hater. Getting tired of the constant bashing this country.

    Jalapeno hotdogs. Split your dogs and place cheeze slice between them, cut and gut your jalapenos and slide over the ends of your dogs. Cook about 8 to 10 min while turning half way.

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    What a great idea. I can't believe I never saw such a wonderful thing. Can't wait to get the grill going for the 4th! My brother will be coming in to visit. A good cigar, a beer and jalapeno dogs.

    Many thanks Chain!

    I highly doubt the Secretary of State is the first or in most cases last person in the chain of command to make security decisions for 275 posts. That would be like expecting the President to make all security decisions for the military, DHS, Border Patrol....and holding Him/Her entirely responsible if something got missed. It's unreasonable.

    CEO's are in charge of their company, however in most large companies they have little to do with day to day operations and security of every office/ Factory.

    Again, not defending. Just trying to understand. How it is entirely her fault and she needs to go to prison over it?

    Anyone is welcome to chime in on this. Tricky, US embassies are a complicated piece of land, I believe its handled much like a rent or lease. The property is protected by the owner (host nation). The host nation has no rite to enter the property unless given permission by the country that purchases the lease. The US has the responsibility/right to defend itself and its contents within the embassy. Typically as in the case of any US state internal protection is handled by the governors (National Guard Units) but its not actually a US state. Therefor the responsibility of the embassy internal protection is placed upon the security of the state. From my understanding there were multiple requests to the secretory of the state for increased protection prior to this event and they were turned down.

    My opinion it is always a tough call that I wouldn't wish on myself. Best hope would have been to fizzle out. But after a point a decision has to be made and that decision has to be made within a time frame that a course of action can be accomplished. Obliviously it was failed.

    I also agree Secretory Clinton was the greatest potential for election to the presidency. Thus a target. But it doesn't change the responsibilities of the secretory of state. I think the Lock her up is far more about the transfer of classified info over illegal servers and the cover up & destroying of that process. Obstruction of justice.

    WOLF , I am a Korea and Vietnam Veteran and I am very concerned about what happened in Bengazi. Yes my dreams would be fulfilled if Hillery and all the people involved were sent to prison. Coruption in our Government has to stop. So I will dream until the day I die that Justice will be served and that this great Country that I love Will be Great Again. God Bless America!!!!

    Thank you canegrinder. One of the prerequisites of serving in a combat zone is the reassurance that your country has your back, always and will do everything in its power to support the warfighter. I was shocked that the whole executive branch could sit and watch our embassy (our land oversees) come under attack for hours. They could have called on fighters over in Aviano Italy for a show of force, a flyby may have been all that was necessary. Nothing. Why?

    My opinion, President Trump would have been on the phone in minutes ordering a squadron of fighters from Aviano.

    My crazy high NJ taxes just went up $1600. BOHICA!

    Did anyone see the video of the Russian & United States ship today. Word is that it was possible Colluson. If you zoom in you might catch a glimpse of Putin on the Russian ship and President Trump on the US ship. Or maybe it was possible collision?

    Sorry, I think the news said collision, possible collision between US & Russia. :-).

    When he's in prison you'll understand. Any explanation before then will fall on deaf ears.;)

    Just tired of the constant attacks on the President of the United States with no justification. I've worked with people I didn't always agree with. But.... even if that was the case I worked for them to the best of my ability. Always, my philosophy was if they were in charge and direction was wrong the heat would rest on them. In return respect was given both directions. The President was elected by the people.

    Today politicians represent a party, not the people or country. Sad, constant attacks are sad! But hay, It might be a chance get reelected at the expense of the country. Just great. So many things to work on.

    I just read two incredible stories on my E-mail. (1.) The Democrats want a pay raise of $4500. a year. (2.) Pelosi does not want to impeach Trump She wants to put him in jail instead. Can you believe the BS that comes from these Democrats.

    Did she give a reason? I'll bet 10 to 1 she gave no reason.

    I just checked and it was because of his actions. What does that mean?