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    I appreciate the kind remarks about my video. I can see your comments are of a defense of the President and his tactics. How he is not a average type president that we are used to. I have heard the Republican House representative project the same defense. I am concerned that this not something I can support. I feel, evidence should not be withheld in any way.

    I feel we differ in our views of a president that can do anything he wants. There may be other things done wrong that have not come out. This whole thing came to our attention by a Whistle Blower. I bet no other person will blow the whistle on any other thing in the future. I feel, this whole thing has restored people to voice wrong doing. We will not in the future not be warned of anything because of fear of just what has happened.

    Just stating how I feel, I still respect your view and others.

    Abuse of power & Obstruction of justice. Pretty broad aren't they? I think they changed along the way? My opinion, throw everything you can at the President. Something is bound to work and if it doesn't it distracts and keeps things like USMCA and the China Trad deal well tucked behind the Scenes.

    Hello Sam,

    First thanks for all the great videos. I've watched them from when I first purchased my slingshot 2 years ago!

    I respect your views. I am also fearful this will lead down a path to complete government gridlock allowing every opportunity to peruse impeachment for political gain. It may also arrest executive privilege. Very dangerous to give that away. I believe President Trump is not a politician but acts as a business person. He gets things done. I like that. It's refreshing.

    I does appear that he mentioned looking into Hunter Biden and corruption. (My opinion it was quid pro quo on Senator Biden) but that's opinion. It also appears as though Ukraine did get the aid. It can be said that Ukraine only got the aid after some pressure. But Ukraine did get the aid package.

    Was it only through pressure? That's opinion. Perhaps witnesses could be brought into play that will bring up strong arm tactics. Honestly, unless this impeachment trial turns up something drastic it's not what I would consider grounds for impeachment. Here is my reasoning why.

    He is a business person with a hard driven personality very focused on getting things done. He ran for office on that. Using the NY Skating ring as a prime example. His hard driven personality extends into all parts of his life. If you have ever watched the show on the history channel "The Men Who Built America" he has appearances as a commentator on the show (great show). It's seems to be a matter of opinion but from my view he has been constantly attacked by the democratic party from day one. Again from my view the dossier was over the top and in itself involved in controversy. He's going to hit back. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Given his track record of providing aid I honestly don't believe President Trump would have withheld the money even if no inquiry was done, and none was done prior to the aid being delivered. My opinion he feels he has been wrongly attacked and a request for an inquiry as to why the investigation into the energy company was halted by Senator Biden was appropriate.

    Understood your concerns. But I also have great concerns over the need for executive privilege and what the erosion of it would cause. So... given the history of President Trump, the unique circumstances and the History of attacks (my opinion). I'm not concerned that tis is any pattern but a unique situation that warrants a warning that you are being watched and an election is just down the road.

    My opinion. It doesn't reach the level of impeachment.

    Two cents :)

    Why was this whole process started in the house using a total star chamber approach completely controlled ay Adam Schiff. Totally shut down of any opposition? No witnesses allowed by the opposition, no questing allowed. Now its a concern?

    That's good news. Now if passed anyone in Massachusetts who doesn't have a motorcycle endorsement will be able to operate a slingshot!

    I can't answer for all states but I can tell you that in Washington State center headlights are required for all motorcycles so they must qualify as headlights. Nobody has commented on the sidelights yet.

    I think the sidelights look cool! That's my comment & I'll be the first. I don't often finish first and I feel good about it! Hah :)

    Innocent people will allow any witness to be called and any evidence to be presented that will prove their innocence. This so called trial in the Senate will prove, as we all know, to be nothing more the partisan politics as usual. Is this what "We The People" deserve?

    Not to say I don't agree with what you are saying.

    How many witnesses can be called on a conversation that was between two presidents and transcribed buy two people ?

    The Ukraine president himself stated he felt no pressure, there was no Quid Pro Quo. I believe the aid was provided to Ukraine with no information exchange.

    The transcript is in public? Information against the president was provided second hand buy someone unknown? Who from what I understand did not actually hear the conversation?

    Autocycle regulations vary depending on the state. In Oregon the SlingShot is considered an autocycle, which translates that it is a motorcycle that does not require a motorcycle endorsement, but still requires a helmet. Personally, a very "common sense" compromise where the SlingShot is concerned.


    Same in Jersey. It is an autocycle. You do not need a motorcycle endorsement but you do need to wear a helmet.

    The 2020 with the 2.0 engine is To fast for me. My 2019 GT is more than I need. Any of the SS's will get you a ticket. I think I will hang onto my GT. Hint; Since I installed 2 oz. each, Dyna Beads in all three tires my ride is much, much smoother than before.

    I've never heard of these magical beads. Curious, knowing how the SS is inherently less than a smooth ride. Did yours have a specific shake or shimmy at a certain speed or do these things actually smooth out (to an extent) what would be the typical ride we have come to expect on the current SS.

    Also after installation did you remove the original balance weights?

    If airflow has to travel longer distances it increases speed. Causing lift on airfoil surfaces. An airfoil is curved, as in an aircraft wing the airflow over the top travels a longer distance in an effort to meet the airflow beneath. As velocity above increases (travels a longer distance) pressure decreases (creating a low pressure area). High pressure will always rush to low pressure. Thus creating lift. It is what gives lift to aircraft. Changed by alerions, slats & flaps.

    The variances (uplift or down) would be in the curvature (concave/convex) or lack of curvature. If you were to invert an aircraft wing it would stick to the ground.

    I believe the issue with exhaust fumes in the cockpit is an issue involving the placement of the exhaust coupled with a variance of aftermarket accessories AS A TOTAL PACKAGE that can change airflow and vary depending on a multiple of aftermarket accessories, to include headwind, tailwind, and stops. I have a bullet speed top, stock exhaust with a stock low ripper windscreen and have noticed no fumes after many rides and conditions. Awaiting a NASCAR style tallboy windscreen. I really don't anticipate issues. I'll keep posted.

    I'm thinking they changed the gearbox ratios to accommodate the automatic shift and placing less stress on the drivetrain. I would venture to say that I would put serious consideration into a new purchase if the SL was offered as an manual. As it stands with the line-up now and the price jump needed I'm thinking another year or two.

    I don't care even if Trump held up money to Ukraine. Biden's a crooked Hillary is a crook and probably a lot of other politicians that we don't know about. All the Congress had to do is slap Trump on the hand and say don't do it again and get on with the people's work.

    This is the issue I have with this whole impeachment. The impeachment revolves around corruption which took place before President Trump came into office. From my understanding Hunter Biden was inducted into the National Guard bypassing the normal process of basic training, At times this happens in critical carrier fields in times of need. Typically its done through a process in stages. Retired former members first etc. From my understanding Hunter was a public liaison? Hardly a critical carrier field. Also from my understanding Hunter was discharged for a failed drug test. I'm guessing his initial induction was a workaround to get around drug testing?

    Then (and all from my understanding) Hunter is given an incredible high paying job with no experience in the energy field the job calls for. Then the energy company who Hunter works for comes under investigation. Then Joe Biden for some reason calls for the firing of the investigator looking into that energy company and brags on video that the investigator was fired (I believe within six hours)?

    Sounds like corruption and Quid Pro Quo to all high heaven to me? In my opinion even if everything the democrats are claiming is true. Essentially its the equivalent of saying. Were corrupt, we know it and if you question us were coming after you and you'll pay the price.

    Where is the outrage and finger pointing from the media on this?

    From Edward Neal

    "The view down the street in front of Saras sisters house - despite the extreme poverty notice how it is spotless I swear people even sweep the dirt - they may not have much, but they really take care of what little they do have :thumbsup:"

    Beautiful, this it a telling sign of good people! It's an example to all. Especially in our cities. This is a point I say often. I go through Philadelphia and see so much trash. Why would anyone look into an area with trash thrown all over and think it would be a good place to start a business? I would never start a business, visit or buy a home in an area with trash just discarded all over. Pride doesn't cost a dime and it tells everything you need to know about an area in an instant.


    I agree. If Polaris thinks they will sell just as many units by eliminating the Base model, I believe they're making a serious mistake. Unfortunately, this pricing reflects the Survey I completed back in late 2015/early 2016. The questions about pricing of an automatic transmission model assumed there would be an additional cost on top of the SL model, which, at the time was the most expensive Slingshot model. Personally, I think they Polaris should continue offering the Base 'S' model and even offer an automatic version of the 'S' priced in between the "S" and the SL models.

    That same survey also asked if I was willing to pay a $1000 premium for a quieter angle drive. Interestingly enough, that survey also asked about a cost of approximately $1600 over the SL model for an automatic transmission, which is pretty close to the $1700 premium Polaris wants for the auto version of the Slingshot R over the manual version of the Slingshot R.

    Agree but I believe they are still offering the base model as is and labeled as a 2019. Perhaps until all the ecotec engines are phased out. Then hopefully fitting the base module with the new engine? The new line-up as below.…&__s=xbizciwf2xnwqa5whjqj

    I agree with much of what is said. However some of the reviews tell of a vastly refined product. Perhaps a shortcoming on automatic shifting? Like many when it comes to the slingshot I'm not an automatic person. Also heard of the possibility for a paddle shift. Bet it will be an aftermarket option quickly.

    To get a perspective I tried to look up 2020 Gold Wing Trikes. I picked the Gold Wing because I believe they are the most popular and a standard on touring trikes. A good product & a very good seller. (In general I'm a Harley Person and I already know the Harley trikes are crazy expensive). I couldn't find any but the Gold Wing itself listed as base $23,800 to $32,300. Compatible to the Slingshot. I imagine the trike is a few bucks more.

    The Can-Am Spider may be a lower cost but personally not a slingshot. I'm not an automatic person but it's an untapped market and offering it is a good thing. With the engine & cockpit upgrades the slingshot may still be a very good choice against other options.

    For now I would like to see the new models. Some reviews are very positive.

    Typically I do email my NJ representative Andy Kim. A democrat who boasted impeachment from the first day he took office. I get his updates and he was all over impeachment and made it a priority day one!

    But the thought of contacting Senators Cory Booker & Bob Menendez voicing my disagreement with the impeachment? Perhaps its worth it to make their bold boil! Enough hatred in those two to blow off the top of a volcano!

    I'm retired and my wife has about two years. Can't wait to get out of this tax everything state.

    The more I hear about the new model the more I like it. Perhaps if I were to walk into a showroom at years end and run into a good deal on the 203 hp manual transmission model I could see myself getting into trouble :).

    Well retiring at 57! I thought I did good retiring at 63 !

    Many sacrifices along the way. My first new vehicle was in 2015 (F150). Then the slingshot in 2017. Bought nice houses along the way but always moderate & less house than I could afford. Never carried a credit card debt. Paid cards in full getting cash back in the process. House is paid off. Vehicles & toys all paid off. Used other jobs for one purpose, saving for retirement. Many years putting the max possible into retirement account.

    No help from daddy or the federal government. Younger years I applied for a housing loan through the fed gov. but they turned me down. Got turned down from numerous credit cards in my younger days. Getting turned down is not unique! Playing the victim does no one any good. It lends to a false sense of security and a learned easy way out.

    I suppose that's why I get into a huff because of all the hard work and sacrifice. Now for some reason the Dems feel it's correct to redistribute my money to those who haven't put into the very systems I worked so hard for.