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    Keep in mind that new speakers likely won't solve your "popping" problem. That's almost certainly emanating from the amp. Also, if you don't add power, you should look to efficiency -- the amount of sound per 1 watt of power, often displayed as XXdb/1W. I have Cerwin Vega separates and the midbass units are rated as 94 db efficiency -- pretty loud for one watt of power! I doubt the stock amp, whatever its rating, puts out more than about 10 clean watts per channel.

    Plus I've never seen so many typos in a single article in my life (30+ years as a professional writer and editor). Not to mention factual inaccuracies such as the new Prostar engine also being 2.4L like the outgoing Ecotech when it is in fact 2.0L.

    Red Rock Canyon. I was in Vegas for the 2020 product launch, rented a Sling, and was rewarded with one of the most gorgeous, wonderful drives you can find. A one-way road so very relaxing too.

    You'll also want to pay attention to sensitivity, aka sound output per watt. I put in some Cerwin Vega separates that are 94 db per watt. Definitely louder and clearer than stock.

    Then again, you're driving an open-air vehicle with little to no sound insulation, so YMMV.

    I live in La Porte, IN just south of Lake Michigan and 25 miles west of South Bend, IN so yes my numbers are close..... Did get out today for a little ride. about 48°

    Except ... he's talking NORTH Bend, Oregon, on Hwy 1, the coast highway.

    So your numbers may be "close," but your inputs are wildly incorrect.

    Sounds like it would be a fun ride. only 36 hrs and 2320 miles --- short route or the scenic 45 hrs and 2450 miles. One day maybe I will be able to make that trip.EJ

    EJ, you smokin' already? Or drinking? Google Maps shows Astoria to North Bend as 228 miles, 5 hours and 1 minute. Bandon would add another 20 miles or so. You didn't plug in SOUTH Bend (Indiana) by accident?

    dalancroft Why the alternator sounds like it is charging with 13.2 volts with the engine running. With the engine running and alternator charging you should be reading 13 .2 or more volts. With the engine off if the battery is still good you should be reading around 12 volts at least.

    Thanks. I'm gettin' nuthin' with the engine off. Zero. Nada. I've already ordered a new battery. Figured the alternator could come later if deemed necessary.

    I have a voltmeter. Used to show about 11.5-12 sitting, 13.3-13.4 with the engine running. Once I jump it the meter says 13.3; with the engine off I now get no reading at all. I'm thinking a new battery and alternator combo should fix the issue. No additional running lights, only two under-the-seat mounted compact subs.

    When it starts does it stay running?

    I just had to change the alternator as well as the battery. If the battery is below 9 volts the sling does some strange stuff. Check the voltage before and after you start it. Could just be a bad battery or both if the alternator is bad it could kill the battery as well.

    Yes, fortunately. But now I'm afraid to stop, like for gas, for fear it won't start again. Funny thing is, the current battery was dealer-installed in Feb of last year.

    I just finished up a little Crock Pot BBQ it has been on all night.. About a 9 lb. Boston Butt pulled and chopped up with Scott's BBQ Sauce. Just had to have me a sandwich while it is still warm. :saint:

    North Carolina style? Soft roll, cole slaw, and vinegar hot sauce???

    I'd say BigDog needs a full medical eval and, likely, meds.

    My younger brother (#2 of 3), a 20-year career Navy vet, started buying into all this bullshit and then took his own life in 2017. Paranoid schizophrenia.