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    @kev Congratulations. I'll be glad to switch my mod purchases over to someone I've met in person, someone who owns a slingshot, and has a passion for working hard for this community. You and the rest of the business owners on this forum are what continues to make me fix an already perfect machine to match my own style.

    @Texas T
    Do you get to keep the badge for that just in case moment next time we go for a ride? You know I only went as fast as you pushed me.

    I get a retired badge, and @KayTwo you are correct as long as I comply with the requirements of LEOSA then yes, Federal Law preempts State Law for concealed carry. All this talk of retirement, let me just say this. I'm 50 years old, its a career change, I can still fit in another retirement somewhere, just not carrying a badge. Right at 30 years of carrying the badge and gun, it is time. Law enforcement is a young persons game. It does free up some time, holidays, weekends etc. No more shift work, no more on call, no more wondering what the last guy I hired is doing on midnight shift.

    I wrote three letters today for my desk drawer for the next Chief for times of crisis. The first simply says... Blame me, your predecessor for everything that is wrong, while the second says: Take full responsibility for your actions, stand up for what is right. The third simply says... write three letters.

    This like my military time has marked me for life. I will miss the comradery of the department, but I will not miss the local politics. (until I join them)... stay tuned. See you in Kerrville and Maggie Valley. Stay Safe!

    I for one, am not worried... I've seen many bills like this before die in committee UNLESS the injury insurance claim rate exceeds a certain dollar amount (blame insurance lobbyist for that one). Further, there is more pressing stuff going on politically, that I would be SHOCKED if this gets any tracktion.

    Hell, we've seen really good bills not get traction... LOL. Not worried either. @kev Good post also. We might know the intent of the filer, be able to read and interpret legislative intent, but I'm sure someone, somewhere will muck it up in the process to either drag everyone else into it, or have been lobbied by someone with a "safety gizmo" that needs to be added to every future model. OR, the agency overseeing the implementation will enforce in an entirely different way than it was written. I wish I had invented the back up camera...

    I'm entering my third decade in law enforcement an my fifth decade as a human being. In my town, teachers are armed. I sat on the safety committee that made the recommendation to authorize this. It answers this question, and until there is another solution, it works. What happens between the time the first round is fired... and law enforcement arrives. Our average response time is 7.5 minutes, how many could die during that time?

    We see it not a solution to prevent, but to help mitigate loss of life by stopping the shooter as soon as possible.

    Sign at TX School: 'Teachers Armed, Can Use Any Force Necessary' | Fox News Insider. Search and watch the interview our ISD Police Chief Paul Cairney.

    Mental health issues are out of control and have only gotten worse over the last 25 years. How to people on psychotropic drugs purchase firearms?.... Well, mental health issues are not a crime. Criminal convictions show up in the NICS data bases ,not your prescription drug history.

    Do the rights of the individual outweigh the rights of the many? You cannot have it both ways.

    I have my guns, buy them or not, its your choice, but don't try to take mine. I don't come and take your stuff.

    Lastly... no one blames the gun when a law enforcement officer shoots someone. Think on that one.


    I have a travel kit with an elecraft 2 in it, but I don't seem to have time while in the Slingshot to set it up anywhere.

    Good to know... cause project “Ass-In-The-Air” is on it’s knees right now while I secure a few (quality) durability testers. It’s a BIG project... requiring a gang of folks to help make it work! :evil:

    Have Virb, will test. Let's get it in the air.

    It’s a matter of taste as is any mod. I love the Slingshade and so do the lookiloos. I haven’t had any issues except the cat falling through the “sunroof” when it walked on it. At first I was concerned about the Velocity seats being higher but I’ve managed OK. I expect this summer will tell the tale. So far I’ve passed 12,000.00 in mods without the costly HP upgrade. I’m addicted!

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    I'll keep my modded base. I'm afraid to even add of $$$ on mods. If something happens, just tell Marlene not to sell it for what I told her I spent... Wait, she wouldn't sell it anyway, she'd just go drive faster and have more to spend on it.

    I like to see the grey coming back in fashion, but I've enjoyed having the extremely limited edition Titanium.