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    Love my Madstad 9. After last weeks trip through NM and AZ, I really was able to test the functions of it... Sun, Monday 34 degrees - snow and freezing rain. Dropped to the lowest position, can see right over it, only had to wipe the ice off the helmet. Thursday and Friday 102 degrees and a visit to Tombstone... windscreen raised to highest position... good airflow into the passenger compartment. Does it solve all the problems, no, but it is much better than the stock windscreen.

    Allstate quote from one agent... over $1,000. Allstate quote from another agent who understands what a slingshot is, and how to cover it...$550.00. DFW Metroplex. Call Brian Certain at Allstate, he will hook you up.

    Address: 2310 W I-20 Ste 212, Arlington, TX 76017
    Phone:(817) 640-8738


    I have 9k on my OEM tires and will replace the rear tire this weekend with something as it got a little loose on me in the rain this last weekend. Looking at either the Nitto or the BFG... since I'm not doing a full set replacement I don't think it matters and I don't expect more than 10k out of the tire the way I drive.

    Nothing like a laugh to make the day. I see the opening and @Tripod pounces on them. The amount of knowledge that I've learned from you all is priceless. Projects I would never have attempted on my own, seem much easier when the detail and information is shared. Plus, no one is afraid to post what is good and bad about it. These are awesome machines, driven by awesome people. So glad I'm a part of this community.

    I'm sure I will be fine, still laughing at Tripods post.......the shop teacher in me loves the humor :thumbsup: , the public school teacher in me has to cringe a bit 8| before laughing out loud 8o !

    Just really happy to be a part of this group! :love:

    Glad you made it Rich! Beat me here actually by about three hours. Internet down at my house since Friday thanks to Verizon selling to some subpar company named Frontier with all of their call centers in an unnamed country that most likely ends with a 'stan. I must have missed all the drama, but I'm glad I found my friends.