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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Being in LE the better part of my life, the electronic sound doesn't move people any better than anything else. It is unique to a POV so it may work better. The Tornado is pretty loud and it was $44.50.…tle_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Are you running directly from the factory horn circuit?

    When I changed to the Hella horns, one of my goals was to make it louder while still being able to use the factory circuit. Basically, plug and play (no additional wiring).

    I thought about going with one of these mini air horns but, most pull around 20 amps and would have required a relay and dedicated power. Not really a big deal.... I will claim lazy at the time.

    BTW.... I like your avatar. I assume you were originally from New England?

    I replaced my factory horn with these from HelIa. Much louder than stock.

    Hella horns

    I have been considering one of these electronic horns from Lamphus. My thoughts are that, being an electronic sound, it would be more noticeable. The general public seem to be immune to the sound of a normal horn. It claims to draw just over 4 amps. Youtube videos seem to be loud.

    LAMPHUS SoundAlert

    For painted surfaces and windscreen - Lucas Oil Slick Mist Speed Wax. I believe I switched to this after seeing posts from Doc. Previous product was Shine Armor (good but over twice the cost)

    For black plastics - CarGuys Plastic Restorer. Tried this after some Jeep guys recommended. It can bring faded junk back to new. On the Slingshot, it leaves the plastic in deep black with an amazing matte shine. Lasts for months.

    I wouldn't go with foam myself - my experience is that all foam breaks down over time - especially in outdoor applications.

    That is my major concern.

    Should they wear out quickly (or get grungy from dirt / oil on shoes) - How difficult are they to remove? How much sticky residue will be left bonded to the floors and tunnel?

    I also added a link to the op. The "super plush" version offered by Slingmods.

    Hey Doc, what set did you get?

    My original plan was to purchase Meansling floor and tunnel mats. A member in our group has them and the quality is superb. Unfortunately, it appears that they are no longer available so.....

    I am looking for opinions on the current sets available. If there are any other manufacturer suggestions, please let me know.

    My concerns with the stick on foam ones are:

    A. inability to remove to clean.
    B. how do they wear?

    C. what products to use to clean?

    D. do they peel off on hot sunny days?

    My concerns with the carpet ones are:

    A. Do they move or bunch up? If so, has anyone installed snaps (appears fairly easy)

    B. How do they wear?

    The sets that I am looking at (all will include tunnel mats):

    Twist Dynamics GEN 2


    Ultimat Fitted Carpet Floor Mats

    Luxe Fitted Carpet Floor Mats

    The ball still remains in Polaris court.

    The automatic transmission will open the market to a much bigger audience but, it is up to Polaris to do the marketing to get those customers.

    Should they decide to save a few bucks and just dump the burden on dealers, the Slingshot will die a quick death.

    Racing season has just begun. This is a perfect target market. Polaris should be running commercials during every race highlighting the new changes. Get the word out that anyone can drive one. (except in my state of Massachusetts..... still need a form of a motorcycle endorsement X()

    Should the Slingshot become a distant memory, I am sure other manufacturers will develop something to fill the void.

    I'm not looking at this product as an "anti-theft" deterrent. I want it for piece of mind that my Slingshot will remain in gear with the e-brake applied.

    After hearing and reading countless stories about random idiots that feel it is OK to jump into a parked Slingshot to take selfies or just see how it feels, I worry about these morons releasing the brake and running through the gears.

    Did you have a chance to see if it would fit over the stock e-brake lever?

    I am still considering this option, just wondering if I need to go with the aftermarket e-brake handle and boot.


    That was fast shipping - was that the ebay purchase or the last stock on the amazon link?

    Do you have a stock e-brake handle?

    If so, please post photos of how it fits or any mods needed.


    I have an aftermarket brake lever, but others have rounded the bottom of the stock handle so the lock can slide over it.

    Thanks for the info.

    I am assuming you have the NRG setup available from Slingmods?

    That my be my next mod just so I can use one of these.

    It always concerns me when I park on an incline that anyone could reach in and put in neutral / released brake.

    I have gps tracker hidden on mine. My insurance gave a pretty good discount for having it. To help keep kids from putting it in neutral and releasing the brake I have one of these (found on ebay).

    Any modifications needed for the brake/shifter lock?

    I thought I recall past posts that they needed modification to fit over the stock e-brake on the Slingshot.


    I use Master lock Street Cuffs to lock the steering wheel to the frame - they are available on Amazon for about $33 - Street Cuffs

    I do something very similar but, just a different product.

    My concern with the street cuffs was that the steering wheel can be cut in one place quickly.

    This lock can loop through the steering wheel, requiring at least 3 cuts of the steering wheel.

    If someone is skilled and determined, neither will stop them. A battery angle grinder will cut through either in short order.

    Still looking at options to interrupt the starter button and require a proximity key or perhaps a keypad code.



    Your strut idea looks brilliant! Can you give me a source for the parts?

    I'm also assuming that there is a similar thumb wheel securing the strut below the plastic dash panel?

    Further photos would be worth a 1000 words! :)

    I split the mini struts in half and actually drilled a hole through the dash cover and the dash below. There is a washer and nut in the glovebox and one just above the gauges that can only be seen if you get on your knees and look for it.

    Everything is easy to remove should you need to get behind the radio. I did that today as I added another amp on my stereo. Windshield, mirrors, all dash components were removed today in less than a half hour.

    I will post a few pics in a moment - they are on my cell.

    I need to re-spray the black paint. I used a cheap black primer and it stuck well to the mini struts but, not as well to the stainless screws and nuts. Will use epoxy based spray paint (VHT for struts). That should bond better.

    This is a full list of the parts used.


    Amazon struts

    M6 Thumb nuts:

    Amazon thumb screws

    M6 x 40mm thumb screw (windshield center):

    Amazon M6x40:
    6mm stainless nuts:

    Amazon 6mm nuts

    M6 stainless washers:

    Amazon M6 washers

    I wanted a set of meansling mats too, the integrated rubber pad for the driver was brilliant, as was the wash & wear functionality.

    These were ordered from Slingmods. I got the black mats without any vinyl bindings (I think vinyl bindings are asking for cracking, peeling, staining problems.)

    I'm going to get these installed as weather & time permits. I'll photo document the process and post a thorough review. I'm sure I will like them - I've never been happy with the hard plastic tub interior of my slingshot.

    I see you also bought the Baker Air Wings.

    I have those on my stock ripper.

    I had an uneasy feeling each time I tilted them. Lots of windshield movement.

    One thing I found was a lot more windshield movement (buffeting) at highway speeds.

    I made a set of little struts out of cheap small spoiler supports. I also used a 6mm thumbwheel screw through the center of the windshield that threads directly into the factory center pillar (put that on to hold the cell phone.)

    I get ZERO movement of the windshield now.

    Can suction cup a cheapo dash cam and get no vibration.

    Operating the Baker Air Wings is rock solid.

    Please post up photos and a brief opinion of the Loyds mats when you get them installed.

    Also, are the tunnel mats from Loyds?

    Where did you buy them?

    A friend has MeanSling mats and they are awesome but, not available anymore.

    I ordered a MeanSling sport top a week ago. Just waiting for shipment.


    That's good news. Now if passed anyone in Massachusetts who doesn't have a motorcycle endorsement will be able to operate a slingshot!

    Providing it actually gets to a vote.

    Something that many people in Mass don't know about is the "J" endorsement.

    It covers three wheeled motorcycles only.

    The J endorsement is given if you take the registry test with a trike, slingshot, spyder, mc w/sidecar, etc.

    Basically, anything with more than 2 wheels.

    Regardless, as the current law stands, you need more than a standard class D to legally operate the Slingshot.