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    Can someone please tell me which harness on a 2018 SL has the speaker wires. I'm trying to hook up an aftermarket radio but I can't figure out where the speaker wires are so I can connect the radio speaker wires to. Thank you

    I just removed the stock radio from my 2018 SL. I have a Pioneer aftermarket ready for install. I removed all the wire harnesses from the radio leaving me a clean slate. I have also purchased the power harness from The power harness has 3 wires red,yellow and black. I don't see any harness on the sling that I just removed from the stock radio that also has the 3 wires like the purchased power harness. I see a harness that might fit but it has 5 wires. Also, the aftermarket Pioneer has all the color coded speaker wires but where are the speaker wires in the sling and are they color coded the same. Most or let's say every video on Youtube are on Slingshots before 2018 and none really explain how to hook up the power harness or even the speaker wires. Anybody that has any knowledge please contact me via email and I'll give my number so we can talk in person instead. Need help bad on this one. Thank you. ;(

    You will likely need an amp, and most modern aftermarket radios have an amp pre-out for connecting them, but read up on your sound bar, if it has an amp built in, you may be able to go directly from the radio to the bar, assuming your radio has the pre-outs.

    Yes the sound bar has a built in amp. My question is which pre-outs from the radio do I use

    Hello everyone, I'm installing a sound bar on my Slingshot and I need a question answered please. The sound bar has an AV input and an AV output. My question is where on an after market radio do I connect this sound bar so that I can listen to my radio, CD/DVD through the sound bar. The sound bar is Bluetooth ready so I already can listen to music but from my phone though. I want to be able to listen to music that comes from my after market radio. TIA

    Thanks man it's outta their.

    Since I only needed to install a switch and a charger socket I left the radio in and worked around it. BUT I didn't remove the radio because I was not sure how to remove that blue plug.


    Do you know what that blue wire is for though

    Holy crap a complete set of 4 would be over $350....

    The two closest to the windshield were 80 each, not sure what the one for the front cost. The ones in the front are shorter so I don't think they should be as expensive, but then again it is a Slingshot where even a bolt could cost you an arm and a leg

    Looking for a used hood latch release cable for the rear latch. The latch closest to the windshield. New would cost me $80 or so. Total bullshit what this price is for a bike cable pretty much. TIA8|

    Did you have to completely remove the caliper from the hose and then bleed the lines to be able to paint the caliper?

    I just got the H3 for my Slingshot. Do they mount the same way as the stock lights. I mean with the locking pin that holds them in. TIA

    I got three latches to lock and release. The one by the passenger side right in front of the window will not lock. If I lock it manually it works and releases with pushing down on the wire, but when I close down the hood that latch doesn't lock at all. HELPPPPPPPPPPPP

    So how do you know when the cables are adjusted correctly. Do you adjust the cable towards the rear first or the one for the front. Cause I tried the front first but the the rear doesn't unlatch. Any tips would be appreciated or is this adjustment a trial and error deal?

    Well I got the hood open and had to adjust the release wires but the gnats and the heat got the better pert of me so I quit for today. Those latches are a pain in the ass to adjust

    Does anyone know how to unlatch the hood that won't unlatch when I press down on the release latch. Also what could have caused this since I have never had an issue before. TIA||