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    Ok folks, I'm installing some wheel ring lights on my SS. I have the red positive and the black negative but there is a blue wire that goes to the brake pedal switch. When this wire is hooked up and the brake pedal is pressed all the lights on the rings will turn red. I was told that this wire has to go to a wire on the brake pedal that when pressed will give you 12 volts. It can't go on the positive cause that will have them on red all the time. Does anyone know where this has to hook up on the brake pedal. Thank you all/

    Can you share a picture of the rear swing arm flap DIY and material used and process please

    messaged you bud

    frehleycomet , I feel your pain. Just look at where I live, it takes three hours to get to any good riding areas. And yes everyone says, why don’t you move?
    Right now I have to live with it.

    Good luck and enjoy riding.


    I hear what they say about moving. Trust me if I were single and no daughter I would move but my wife won't move and I can't leave my adult daughter behind even if she's on her own now.

    Anybody here from or around South Georgia that would like to ride? I'm from Thomasville Ga and looking for other Slingshot minded people to ride with in my area. Two groups that I ride with are 3 to 4 hours away and that is getting somewhat old. Looking for riders closer to me.

    if you can wait a day or 2 try Discount tire Direct 255-35-20 - - I have used them to get new tires for the slingshot and they usually get to me in 2 or 3 days at the most. You can search by size and then use the filters on the left to narrow the search to the specific type of tire - - looking just now they have 11 of the Nitto 555 G2's in stock in your size

    Discount Tires in my area said it'll be a week before they get them

    Go to Discount Tire and they can fix you up. Many of us have gotten rid of the Kendas ASAP. My wife and I both use Nitto 555G2s.

    Discount tire doesn't have them is stock and it'll take about a week to get one. Too long for my cup of tea

    Just got a flat tire on the rear. Unfortunately the hole is on the side wall. No one around can fix it. Can I just purchase a new tire with a different brand name other than the one on it now ( Kenda ) as long as it's the same size 255-35-20