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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I know that @RichArlt went to great lengths to secure a patent before going to market with his Wycked Hitch system.

    FYI, My Patent Agent allowed me to pay as we went through the Provisional & Utility Patent process. $600 here, $1200 was actually quite affordable. He did the patent search for a small fee, and the Provisional $ investment transferred to the Utility Patent. His name is Ben Williams, Williams Intellectual Property. Williams Intellectual Property He is not a patent attorney, he's better! Best business move I could have made!

    There is two sides to the transactions. How a vendor or retailer deals with end users (consumers) and how they deal with or work with vendors that supply the products. let's say you are making a product that cost you X and you sell direct for Y% profit. Your product is liked and is a good idea so retailer Z shows interest in selling your product but wants you to sell it to them at a price point too low for both parties to make a profit. Someone must give in, a deal made to break from a standard profit on both sides or just walk away. Now if another retailer approaches the vendor and offers a better deal in the form of both making an decent profit the vendor can do what they want. The original retailer has the option of either trying to go back and rework the deal or just cut them out and do it themselves if they have been approached by someone else willing to do the product for the margins wanted. This could either be a third party or a solicited third party to do it for them. In the end a retailer wants to stay relavent and competitive as long as no laws are being broken. Should or shouldn't they really isn't a question unfortunately. Don't think for a second willing companies can't be found to make this happen if you have the funds upfront to have them maded. Just take a moment and Google SlingShot accessories on Alibaba or Alibaba Express. The first we're Alpha products. More are to follow if this thing keeps growing. Funny part is that these same companies will go direct in the US market and cut out even the retailer. I'm always keeping an eye on this market. Not an easy thing to do. The only control a small business has is to stay creative with new products and build a strong customer base to help you build your product image. Word of mouth and social media are powerful tools and help to place the small guy more in the driver's seat when dealing with possible expansion to tiered distribution.

    You nailed it @Ruptured Duck! Been trying to figure out where to go with the business......We're actually selling direct to dealerships now. Both Slingshot Only and Slingmods sell our hitches, and have been great companies to work with. We've done everything through email and phone calls, no contracts. We've had discussions about their price points, me undercutting them, etc. I've learned a lot, but have waaaaay more to learn! It's not easy going from shop teacher to businessman, especially with all the brain injuries :S ...... Our distributors do pretty well I think, especially since I drop ship everything for them so they don't have to handle or stock inventory.

    We're actually to the point where we could probably do just fine selling direct through our website, but I don't think we'd be the #1 hitch without their support, and I am appreciative of it. Looking forward to working with Slingshot Only in Maggie Valley. Hope to see you all there! :thumbup:

    What the hell is going on? Someone please message me with the details, I think I've almost got this decoded? I was worried my trailer towing thread was going to be deleted! I thought I logged into the Twilight Zone when I finally remembered my password. Then I began having flashbacks to my algebra trig class from high school ....X,Y.....oh my! 8|

    This thread reminded me of the other forum, where I actually was banned for posting about my invention......they finally let me back on.... :S This has been an interesting read, thanks for the heads-up @jorgebri60. I've always been worried about a company stealing our Wycked Hitch design, so that's why I went with a Provisional Patent. The process took 2 years (give or take) to get the Utility Patent #9963005, which was issued this month. Cost was under $10,000 total. Not too bad considering I started out as a "hobby business." Actually, if you ask my wife, I'm still a hobby business :whistling: .

    I was fortunate enough to find a Patent Agent who was willing to help me out. His name is Ben, he's the owner of Williams Intellectual Property. Williams Intellectual Property The guy is a savant! Ben tells me that there are funds available to small businesses to fight patent infringement, as well as firms that will handle claims pro bono or as a percentage if they win, which is reassuring.

    As a small family businessman, I've had an amazing amount of help and support over the past 3 years. Our beta testor's are all phenomenal people, and very loyal. They are a big part of our Wycked Hitch family, we definitely would not be where we are without their support! The team at Magic Metals (who laser cut our components) took my original drawings and prototype'd them into Solid Works. They even gave me the drawings for the patent over a handshake, asking me to keep my business with them for at least 2 years......Our powder coater, Penny @ Finishline, treats us like family also. She is glad to help with small custom pieces or will knock out 20 hitches at a time. It's really humbling that big businesses are willing to help out the small guys these days!

    My philosophy is to treat every customer like family. It's not always easy, but I think we've done well. I think our customers definitely have our back. I've had pictures sent to me from events showing some custom hitches that had us wondering if we were being knocked-off? As far as I know, no one has stolen the idea with the goal of making money off of it. I've had 2 welders ask me if I'd sell them the components for a hitch, which I gladly did once they guaranteed me they would not steel the design and sell them to all their SS buddies on this forum....... :thumbsup: .

    We had an opportunity to have the hitch manufactured and packaged in China, but just didn't make sense, our product liability insurance would have tripled! <X Actually, I'm waiting for the $20 million company to offer to license the patent out so we can go Wycked crazy on the new 2019 Chevy/GMC's......(Thought about Dodges and Fords, but we want to give the hitch a real test! :evil:

    Question about the hitch,.... I asked @slingmods a week ago and haven't heard anything. For those that have a wycked hitch, do you need to change out the plate bracket? I want to buy the hitch and not sure if it comes with the kit or not. Thanks

    Not sure if I got back to you about the license plate bracket? You can either remove the metal bracing from the stock tag holder so you can flex it, or we sell a tucked version that gives clearance for the hitch.

    I would recommend caution when deck or frame mounting a wing. I know the plastic deck is too thin to support the wing so surface mounting is not really an option. The steel frame ends at the roll hoops and everything behind it is supported by an aluminum subframe that is not made to handle excessive loads. I don't know how much downforce the wing will actually develop but using some VERY rough calculations, here are some estimates: assuming a 48x8 wing with a 5 degree angle of attack will generate approx. 295 lbs. of downforce at 70 mph. At 80 mph, that jumps to approx. 380 lbs. and at 90 mph, it jumps to approx. 485 lbs. The roll hoops could handle that kind of load, but I'm not sure I would trust the aluminum subframe. If you're deadset on a frame mount, I would recommend you reach out to @RichArlt (creator of the Wycked Hitch) about a custom mount that attaches to the frame similar to his hitch design. I'm sure he'd be happy to try rigging something up for you. :thumbup:

    Thanks for the plug @Gadgeteer that Wycked Wing is on the job board for this winter!

    Man it amazes me that people here in Alberta still have no clue about forums and suppliers. I have people call me more and more thinking I sell everything for slingshots. Just sold a wycked hitch to a guy who has had a slingshot for a few years now. Well I steered him in the right direction anyways. He just had no clue about the aftermarket. Man I should be making commission on this stuff lol.
    Sending one your way @RichArlt

    Check is in the mail buddy! Thank you for putting the word out up there!

    We can definitely hook you up with a hitch that will meet your needs. I love my Sylvan Go Easy trailer, most versatile trailer I've ever owned. This is the extended tongue used for hauling kayaks, etc., I bent it to hook up high. You can use their short tongue and hook to our drop hitch also with no problem.

    Here are the time sheets from the hillclimb, I did not do anything but copy these, I have not altered them in anyway, so do bitch at me if you see your time and it's not right or too slow or somebody else's is too fast, I did not recorded these, I just am the messenger.

    I think after some more driving time, I can take @'TravAZ' in the "stock NA" class! 8|:thumbsup:;(?( 2 tenths is pretty close! :POKESS: 4 people ran in the 1:57's.....WOW! That 1:52 had to be riding the edge!

    It was great to meet and hang with you Rex!

    @MBMedic I will honor our SSITR special for you anytime you are ready to pull the trigger! Pleasure to meet you and your wife in person, what a fun time we had in the Rockies!

    This thread has been an interesting read. I'm currently in the market for a lightweight camper and thought it would be nice if I could also use it behind the SS as well as my regular tow vehicle. @RichArlt I know that this trailer slightly exceeds your recommendations but I also assume from your above post that the numbers you are quoting must have some sort of built in safety factor. I also know that from a liability standpoint you may not want to go this far out on a limb, but do you think it's doable?

    Trailer Dry Weight 1262 lbs.
    Tongue Weight 128 lbs.
    Electric Brakes are an option on this trailer.

    It's doable............and Super Cool! I won't sell you a hitch though unless you agree to put a trailer brake in. I have a customer in California who just put a brake system in his SS, he'll be pulling about the same weight as the jeep trailer. I can hook you guys up so you can talk. You did see the video of me launching my inboard on YouTube......I also pulled a trailer that weighed well over the 1262 lbs. all the way to Souther California and back with no electric brakes. That was idiotic but doable. I had to test the hitch and SS limitations......

    Ditto @Texas T! What an amazing group of people! Thanks for all the fun, and for showing off that "BETA" Wycked can now put in the new diamond receiver! Haaa

    How about this much?

    Hence my $2,000,000 product liability policy! I completely agree that the SS was not intended to tow. I bought mine for touring the country in place of my bike. One thing led to another and I invented the Wycked Hitch out of necessity, and then decided to begin manufacturing after seeing what else was out there. I love to ride my jet ski, and wanted to be able to safely tow it to the lake also.

    I will let the cat out of the bag on our latest innovation; we're buiding a quick release top for the SS with built in Storage! It attaches to the Wycked Receiver, and roll hoops. It can be removed in about 90 seconds. Put the top on for touring, go topless for the adrenalin rush! Also have a rear wing/fender on the prototype board.

    This video of Noels' is titled "DEMO." Yes, he should put a disclaimer on it, and I should have them on all my videos of "what not to do!" You should see the video where I hooked up to a dual axle trailer with a Bob Cat on it. When we unloaded the cat, the trailer tilted and lifted the rear of my SS 18" off the ground by the drophitch, I couldn't believe nothing broke!

    In that video of mine where I tow my cargo trailer downhill using my 2015 Base SS, The weight of the trailer was at approximately 1500 lbs. Insane I know, but I had to test it. Stock brakes and all worked just fine, but I know how to pull trailers. We went over 2500 miles to Berts and back home pulling that trailer. Had to do some pretty hard braking in traffic.

    I traded my old SS tractor in for a new SLR this winter. I had over 8000 miles of towing various trailers. Never took anything down a public roadway that weighed over 1,700 lbs. Personally I have no problem or worries if customers follow our recommendations. Keeping things under 600 lbs is recommended, but we're Americans, and will push the limits of pretty much anything! My website lists max towing at 1,200 lbs. (with the gooseneck option and trailer brakes recommended). My insurance company says that's enough for them......knock on wood!

    As to reducing hydroplaning, I've tested most of the theories and done it twice in my SS unexpectedly. Somewhere there is a thread where I gave my 2 cents worth. One of my customers hydroplaned with his trailer in tow, hit a tree and totaled his SS. I believe he thought the trailer kept him from going into a complete spin which is my belief also. I just won't go over 35 if there are puddles. I don't drive in standing water or hard rain.

    I'm the type of SS owner who wants to enjoy his other toys while traveling with his main toy! Otherwise I'll use my Duramax to pull if there's any question about safety!