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    The wife and I have talked about "retiring" some other place, we have even considered retiring in the Philippines but we always come back to the fact that this is where our grandchildren are and unless we can convince our kids to move where we move it seems highly likely that California will remain our primary residence.

    I get it... 2 of my sons are in California, 2 of the 4 grandchildren are there too. The other boy & his family are in Seattle area - I don't see any of them much, but sadly moving didn't change that much - I didn't get to see them when I lived there either.

    The clean break is kind of a relief in a way.

    Doc&Ruby , I use a Nitto 555G2 size 315/35/20. No nanny lights but I used a tire size calculator and it seems I am traveling apx 3 mph faster than the speedo reads.


    This is good to know. This is about the same thing I calculated, and my math agreed with the values given on -- +2.7 mph over speedometer value.

    The 305/35/20 tires are also within 4.5% of stock size, conventional wisdom here seems to be that if you are within 5%, it is fine. Fact of the matter is, there aren't many tires out there that exactly match the Kenda's 305/30/20 profile! You can get some Pirelli pZeros and stuff, but they are $3-400 a tire and UP! 8|

    I'm right at 4900 miles on Ruby and the Kenda wear bars are showing, traction is way down and there is a lot less grip in corners and leaving a stop than there used to be. Going to take a trip to San Antonio in mid-May, if I don't replace the rear tire before I go, I'm certainly going to replace it afterward!

    You have to give the folks over there time to sift through the ashes and conduct their investigation. The cathedral is still burning!

    The only thing we know for sure is that the story will change over coming days.

    In any case, very sad day.

    CALIFORNIA has a 22 billion surplus - but still want more of our $$.

    As far as us falling into the ocean.... as far as Corona is fine with me - I need some beachfront property :)

    California might just build a wall..... so many of us are leaving - they are even proposing a "flight" tax. If you sell your house and leave for another state - pay the man on the way out. :rolleyes:

    California is a great place to be FROM.

    The Captain & I bailed out in 2014...

    We couldn't be happier.

    Thanks wokka !

    I figure that the speedo works off engine RPM and programmed tire size (most modern cars do this.) That means that a bigger tire will go farther in the same time (same RPMs) so the bigger tire *should* have higher speed. This also matches my calculations, is on the money.

    I'm looking at a Cooper Zeon RS3-S for my SLR in 305/35/20. I've had Cooper tires in the past and have had good luck with them, and my rear stock Kenda needs to go pretty quick. I'm just over 5K miles and wear bars are starting to get close and these things are like running on hard plastic wheels - not enough grip for me! Price on the Coopers is also within my budget - 305 wide tires get pricey and not every manufacturer offers 305/30/20's!

    My question is will this larger sidewall be a problem? I think a bigger sidewall should offer me a smoother ride - this would be a real plus on the gatorback roads in rural Arkansas! Obviously - I don't want my Sling throwing codes and having conniptions. Here's what the website shows:

    Cooper doesn't offer the Zeon in a 305/30 - I checked the tire size comparator at - here's what it shows comparing the original Kendas to the Coopers:

    Diameter +4.4%

    Width - no change

    Sidewall +16.7%

    Circumference +4.4%

    Rev/mile -32

    Speedometer says 60mph - actual speed 62.6 mph

    Is this okay, or do I need to look further? Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks SlingRed - I have some plexi pieces that I plan to cut into a wind restrictor this summer - Your tips will come in handy as I have to cut mine with a Bosch jigsaw, I don't have any access to a water jet cutter!

    I detest this sort of engineering. Let's simply assembly and screw the customer in the process.

    I hit a deer with my Hyundai SUV in January. No damage to drivability at all. Messed up front bumper & quarter panel, dented a door. It was all "assemblies", so $13,000 later...

    So I typed in "Polaris Slingshot" into Google just to see what pops up, and this image came up.

    Apparently, this is called a "Slingshot Monokini".

    Somehow, I don't think it's a Polaris model, and I'm sure I couldn't afford this one. Probably wouldn't want to stay in the garage where the wife wouldn't notice it either guys...

    Just sayin'. ;)

    Welcome russaggie ! I will be in San Antonio in mid-May visiting my brother (he doesn't ride), if you want to go for a ride, PM me. I've never been to your fair city, would be fun to tour the area with a native! :)

    Just a lil note that with our belt adjusted cold at 1" deflection, after riding at 75 degrees OAT the belt tightened to .8 inches. Maybe later today I can measure it again after riding nearer to 100 degrees and see how much difference that will make?


    I have concerns about temperature as well. It isn't uncommon here for temps to swing 30-40 degrees in a day. I guess I should just check on a 'moderate temp' day and call it good. Should I be retensioning the belt for seasonal driving? I ride about 10 months out of the year: 20-degree driving isn't uncommon for me in December and January, 90+ riding is common in the summer months.