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    Okay, dealer & I have worked out a price, and I've got dibs on a 2019 SLR. "Sure, the sales guy says, we can finance it for you!"
    I tell him another dealer offered me 4.99%
    "Oh no," he says, "that rate's just for unsold 2018 models... best I can give you is 7.99% on a 2019."
    I know manufacturers sometimes offer special rates to clear out old stock, but jumping me from 5 to 8% seems abusive.
    I've got excellent credit by the way (low 800's).
    Anyone give me some insight here?

    I agree with you on helmet use but my limited goggle use in a warm environment I felt them to be hot, sweaty and occasionally foggy. I use wrap around tinted safety glasses like @edwardaneal. I wonder if you can get something more wrap around in a prescription? Do they make prescription goggles? (guess I'll have to google goggles :) )

    I've ordered a pair of prescription eyeglass lens holders like these. Plan to get new specs anyway, so I'll take the lenses from the last pair and mount them in these holders. The vendor says they make your goggles fit your eyeglass prescription - for about $8, I figure its worth a try. I'll let you know how they work when I get them.

    @airoutlaw These goggles are supposed to be 'anti-fog' - but we all know that the gap between manufacturer's claims and reality can be mighty wide. Still, they are also vented top and bottom with the vents covered with a thin foam layer to keep out dust and rain. These all have very high ratings on Amazon (4.6 stars average) and they are designed for skiing & snowboarding, so I would think that the anti-fog had to be pretty good to satisfy that crowd - having a white-out while skiiing at 40-50 mph could be deadly!
    The other nice thing is that the lenses pop out easily - so it should be easy to apply rain-x or other products if needed.

    It has been cool & foggy here in the Ozarks the last few mornings, so if my dealer will just get this Stop-Sale seatbelt recall issue solved and deliver my machine, I'll be able to test them and let you know how they work!

    As a side note - to the title of this thread "Goggles instead of helmet"

    goggles / glasses are for eye protection a helmet is for head protection - yes a helmet with a face shield can also provide eye protection, but googles or glasses do not provide any head protection

    I am sure we all already knew this, but I thought it was worth saying anyway :whistling:

    @edwardaneal - yes, you are absolutely correct - "instead" is not really the most accurate sentiment. "Goggles instead of nothing" might have been better. We have no real helmet law in AR - and I know many here are dead set against them for one reason or another, but I don't see eye protection as being as onerous as wearing a helmet. I see myself as sort of a pragmatic, situational helmet wearer:
    On a 2-wheel motorcycle -- always wear a full face helmet.
    On a Slingshot -- always at highway speeds (55+), always on a freeway, not around town or on country roads.

    I can see myself wearing googles almost all the time, for wind protection, sun protection, dust & grit, etc. Just hope I do not get a "goggle tan" - I'll look like a reverse raccoon!

    Being as FRUGEL as I am I save the 'cotton' out of the medicine bottle and use that to keep my ears warm when it's cool and damp. Muffles the noise some.

    so... if you use cotton from the aspirin bottle, you cure your headache, but if you put oxycontin cotton in your ears, you get stoned & can't drive!? 8o

    yeah no foolin' - FOV = ear to ear and of course there is no distortion, those things happen to have the same curvature as the earth

    JK .... hope we get a chance to see you in Eureka Springs next week

    Eureka Springs is questionable.... still scrambling in home repair hell and no firm delivery date for my 2019 SLR.

    Hail storm last July just wrecked us with baseball-size hailstones. Roof is scheduled to be replaced this week (house & garage).

    We've run out of mod money for the house! LoL! :huh:

    Still waiting on delivery of new SLR, but I'm already looking into riding gear. We have no helmet law in Arkansas, but riding without eye protection doesn't sit well with me - too many years with goggles in lab, and too many close calls plus two incidents where people lost an eye.

    I wanted something well ventalated, able to fit over & function with my bifocals, works with or without a cap, strong preference for goggles with interchangeable lenses.

    Settled on these Zionor goggles, seem to meet all my needs and under $40. Great field of view, no distortion problems, shielded me from buffeting wind in open top vehicle at 85 mph, and still comfortable after 45 min ride. Lenses are magnetic & change in seconds.

    Anyone else going goggleheaded when they ride?

    As a Camile survivor, gotta say I agree with this. My mother & aunt decided to stay home in south Florida and ride out Irma last year - worried us all to death.
    Get out of the danger zone and stay safe!

    Sorry to hear of your hearing issues. I won't be much of a help, but on the times where my wife and I take any long highway rides, we use the cheap foam ear plugs. They work great for me as they seem to only muffle some of the annoying noise without blocking out hearing important things. I'm sure there are a LOT better plugs, but they probably block too much of the noise. I'd feel too "confined" if I had one of those

    I've used foam plugs for years when shooting, upgraded to the Decibulz plugs to go from -19 Db up to -26 Db, and they are really comfortable as well.

    Do any of you folks regularly use hearing protection when you ride?
    I had to get hearing aids last year when it became very difficult to hear students in my classroom, so now I am more protective of my hearing.
    I use Decibulz molded ear plugs when on my tractor or when shooting (or when shooting from my tractor!) The molded ear plugs were about $25 on Amazon. The hearing aids were almost $5K, and connect via bluetooth with my phone - but I won't be wearing them while riding to amplify road & wind noise!
    Any thoughts?