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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Sorry, what you really need is a Silkscreener (think the guys that make t-shirts). I buy printed stuff like this every day as part of my day job. Artwork would be good, but a decent guy can probably scan and make his one. A single color shouldn't be too expensive.

    Okay, now I'll jump in here. I am one of the guys where the tops are all just a little too low. I sit up in the curved area of the Polaris top and the front bar is actually BELOW my line of sight. My head tops out just under the top bar of the black roll bar in back and my head was literally 1/4" from the plastic top.

    So my #1 concern is the height of the top. I loved all your designs - and I was going to be one of the first for that removable stowable top, but the height killed it for me. I didn't want a top but the Texas sun was killing me (ask wokka about my left arm tan) and so I thought this would be a perfect compromise.

    My #2 concern is the ingress/egress of getting in/out of the SS with a top. I decided to go with the TD Gull Wing. The top is well above my head and the front bar is just above my line of sight so I have to move my head to see stop lights, but it also functions as a temporary sun visor when needed. I too liked the "roll bar" styling of the tops even though it's not guaranteed, but getting in/out of the solid ones was a pain for me. That's why I liked the gull wing style that opened up the sides.

    My distant #3 concern is overall looks. I actually don't care for the height/jacked up look of the TD GW top - makes it look too much like a dune buggy (I even had some guy ask if the SS was street legal). It probably needs to flow better with lines of the SS, The Polaris top does that well - they just need to be taller and go over the roll bar instead of thru it.

    I had a lot of hood flap before removing the fenders and as such had installed @MNIRON's hood locks prior to removing the fenders (you can see them in my Avatar <--). But I can't think removing the fenders wouldn't make it any worse than it already is. At the rear of the hood is a triangular piece that the fenders rivet into and the hood sits on. This stays on when you remove the fenders.

    BTW, my hood doesn't flap barely at all on my new 2019, and I still (temporarily) have the side fenders on for now. (Fender Delete kit is on my list of mods soon.)

    Let me add in my $0.02. I went with their Fender Delete kits, eliminating the fenders all together. As far as stuff in the cab, yes, maybe, but not normally. If you're running on dry roads, no major issue. If you're picking up dirt/stones, there might be some intrusion, but very little. As far as water, I never run in the rain. But water on the ground mostly went down the side, not into my legs. I loved it and plan on doing it again on this set. Do it.


    Driving contentiously gets me 32-33 mpg (modest acceleration, anticipating stops & corners, obeying speed limits, using 5th gear - and neutral - when possible.)


    Yep, now everyone knows why I was so pissed that I got 34 MPG down in Kerrville one day! (I average about 24mpg, maybe a little less now with the tune.)

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing (yet) of a fully waterproof true double din stereo. The Sony AX-100 seems to be water-resistant but their warranty specifically calls out water as invalid.

    That being said, I went with the Kenwood DMX-905. It has front and rear camera support as well as you can control their dash cam through it. I can attest it survived a couple rain storms unscathed (right wokka ?) but it is not guaranteed.

    My previous one was the Pioneer MVH-300EX but it did lose capability to mute and lost some led button lights in 1 rain storm.

    There are some "splash covers" out there but I only know of 2 people working on a waterproof cover so far (not fully released yet).

    . . . . but I will argue that a good trailer braking system is almost as important as everything else noted. If the truck is not equipped with a built in system than buy the best brake controller you can find. . . .

    Ditto that. If you don't have a TBC in the truck (most newer ones do now), I HIGHLY recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy. Runs in the $120-150 range depending on your truck. Best TBC I ever owned (3 times!)

    I was in the same boat as you. I bought a 8.5x24 cargo trailer that I am converting to a toy hauler (kitchen, bath, beds, etc). Dry it weighs about 4000 lbs. Add the 1750 Slingshot and I figure I will top out in the 8000 range once I get everything in.

    A standard 1/2ton truck will technically pull it, but barely. I had a 2008 Chevy Avalanche, lifted, bigger tires, and 180,000 miles that I towed this rig to SSITO last Sept. It barely made it. In fact, there were some points that I was barely doing 45mph on the freeway, over heating, etc.

    I traded that Avalanche in for a 2015 Chevy Silverado with the 6.2L Engine and the tow package. That tows this rig fine. But yeah, 8mpg for me. I think it's not just the weight, but that big brick blocking air that you're trying to pull behind that makes it worse.

    So, 1/2Ton HD or 3/4Ton.

    Okay, so just a couple minor mods:

    Thank you to @MeanSling for the Hood Assist (Won at Huntsville). Does make it much easier to open the hood (but harder to close).

    And then put the remote battery posts inside the drivers storage compartment:

    Unfortunately, my Daughter now has the Mod Bug! She wanted the wheels to be black (instead of the stock silver).

    And then those famous last words" "While we're at it . . . . ."

    Grill got painted from Chrome to Black too, with 2 of them in the same Blue.

    And then she wanted to start painting all the silver pieces inside to Blue too. Stereo trim, speaker trim, and vent rings. She wanted to get the gear shift ring and steering wheel trim off too, but that was just too much work for now. I will say that the blue stereo trim looks really, REALLY good. This pic doesn't do it justice.

    And then we went out to watch fireworks!

    FYI: When I ordered the SS, I ordered about $9K worth of TD Accessories with it. The Gull Wing Top (had the frame powdercoated white) and all the engine stuff took about 3-4 weeks to get. I'm still waiting on all the suspension stuff (sway bar, shocks, wheels) and it's been about 6 weeks now. I did order some stuff not called out in their catalog.