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    I was looking at the stock replacement and exit one on Slingmods. I liked the fact that it was ceramic coated, and it exited in the stock place. However, the Sling I got from Brody DDMWorks Supercharged, has the side exit Alpha, and it's going bad. I contacted Slingmods (William) and he told me that a 2 1/2" system for boosted would be available in 2020 from Thermal R&D. With the boosted, I would need to plug the hole from the side exit, and the original one (not for boosted) that they did for stock doesn't come with a CAT delete. By the time I pay for the larger size of 2 1/2", and the CAT delete, I was up to the Welter price for black Friday on SlingshotOnly. I ordered the 2 1/2" boosted system FSX with ceramic coating (and it comes off the header, no CAT delete needed) from them. I haven't gotten it yet, but should be coming soon. I'll give first impressions, and after the fact, including a follow up after the weather breaks and I've put some miles on it.

    Let me know how that one works. I was also looking at the Thermal - both the rear exits and the FSX. I just don't like the looks of the "motorcycle" style exhausts coming out the rear, although I do admit they sound and perform great. And then the decision if I stay NA or go boosted.

    I have my own theories on filling up. First, if I fill up at half a tank, I'll spend twice as much time at the gas station. Not interested. I run 'er down as low as I can. I've put at least 30 miles on with the fuel light flashing multiple times and still haven't put 9 gallons in it. As far as Bigdog 's theory that keeping it over 1/4 tank at all times will prevent sediment from pumping through the system, well, the fuel pickup is near the bottom of the tank and ALWAYS draws from there. If you never run it low then the water and any sediment will continue to build up in the tank, then when you do run low you could have a problem, or eventually it reaches the pickup. If you run it low every tank then any impurities will get mixed in and run through the system in small quantities and will not build up over time. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    That's always been my theory too. A little bit of sediment in the tank at each fill up and running it thru the engine immediately is less a worry than having it build up over time and then having to dig down that one time. Luckily, no problems running every car this way for 40+ yrs, but who knows.

    Just went and ordered the links (and transmission cover) for now. Just can't justify the whole expense of a new sway bar just yet.

    And of course, I signed up for the newsletter, but still got charged freight (not a biggee tho').

    interesting!!!! - - - your factory end links look very different from the stock end links on my 2016 - what year is your Slingshot?

    Edit: I just checked and for years 2017 - 19 they have a different part number for the end link than for 2015 & 16 - - - looking at the pictures it seems like they made the newer end links thinner - my guess would be to save some weight

    Yep, they are much thinner. Mines a 2019. Seems like they made them thinner which made them weaker which combined with the stronger sway bar may have all contributed to them bending. Notice how far to the drivers side it has shifted. Stops would have prevented this.

    Okay, Angie@DDMWorks , now you made me make a harder choice:

    • Do I just buy separate links, bushings, and aftermarket stops?
    • Or do I go ahead and replace the Twist Dynamics Sway Bar completely for the DDMWorks Sway Bar that includes the bushings and integrated stops?

    I figure I could sell the TDSB later for more than what the difference in price would be, but shipping is a killer on that heavy part. But biggest hindrance is the TDSB is in white whereas I would have to go black or red with the DDMSB.

    Choices, choices, choices . . . . (sigh) . . . .

    Your gas gauge must be good. I pushed one tank one time an extra 25 miles after the light came on (not by choice) and when I filled up I put 9.6 gallons in! I think I must have been filling the fuel lines. So I know now - Light comes one = 20 miles (or 1 gallon).

    Well F! Looks like I'm in this same boat. I'm sitting out in the garage on a beautiful day (mid-70's yesterday!) enjoying a cigar and beer, watching the Rams vs Cowboys. I look down at my SS and what do I see?:

    Notice how far that sway bar has slid over! (Twist Dyanmics, added by dealer when I bought the SS.) It's completely bent the drivers side link and it is actually rubbing against the steering rod.

    So, Angie@DDMWorks , When's that sale for new bushings and links?

    Market scalability. Large number of competing accessories companies, large number of vehicles sold and sadly the direct from China market have really hit the Jeep aftermarket industry. Margins are lower than in the past as people become less and less concerned about product brands and focus more on price. Engineering and styling is becoming more important than in the past but prices still have to be in line. SlingShot units sold and the lower number of companies trying to eek out a living mean comparable accessories will cost more. For example, this bumper will pay it's tooling cost off in about 6 months. A similar product developed for the SlingShot may never sell enough to ever recover development and tooling. This is why you see very little big innovative products. When you do see them the price will always be higher as it will require fewer units sold to recover development/tooling cost. Sometime that is lost to the consumer when they try to make comparisons.

    Agree with that. I purchase a lot of sheet metal and machined parts and I always tell everyone it's $200 for the 1st part and $5 for each additional. And that doesn't even include design/development.

    Yeah, I ended up having 3 Avalanches - 2003 2500 4x2 (Rarest version), 2005 4x4 (only for 2 days - story there for another time), and then a 2008 Z71 that I just got rid of last year with 180K miles. I was the Oregon State Cruise Coordinator and put on a couple big weekend GTGs at Crater Lake, OR, and Reno, NV. Wish they still made them - best vehicle I ever had.

    (And now I've had 3 Slingshots . . . . wonder if there's something going on there.)

    Well, no luck. TC light came on again yesterday - 80+ degrees, bright, sunny, on freeway doing 65-70mph. Dunno if I hit a bump or not, but flipping the switch did nothing.

    To be clear, I only unplugged/replugged the 2 front sensors. I did not do the rear due it being underneath and inside the frame rails..

    That is where I am blessed, my wife will let me have anything with wheels and a motor but draws the line at things with legs and breasts!

    Funny when we bough the sling I said it could be a Slingshot or a girlfriend, now every time I add a mod she says the girlfriend would have been cheaper. Got to love her she is a keeper.

    I used to have a Chevy Avalanche and was in the CA Fan Club of North America that was the same way. I told the (then-)wife that I could be in the Avalanche Club or the Strip Club. After a while, she figured out the Strip Club would have been cheaper and taken less of my time!

    Yeah, there were rubber seals around the wires going into the plug, and then from the male plug to the female connector. Everything looks brand new inside the plug so no water/dirt there.

    I did get the light to come on 1 more time. Of course, I maaaaayyyyyyy have been sliding it around a corner at that time. It just flashed a few times then went right back off. :evil: