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    Funny Doc, got the same thing this AM (low-50's). Turning off/on the SS didn't reset it but driving it a little ways did. Has happened a couple times, but I don't think cold weather has much to do with it.

    Yep, even the Semi's do that. BTW, here's a Google View of the I-5 in the middle of California. How can you NOT do over the speed limit?

    And Yep, I've seen semi's with the rear of the trailer on fire because of the brakes coming down.

    That storm you're getting today is supposed to be our area by Friday. But it's going to be all empty - no rain - by the time it gets here. We could sure use the rain here. But at least I get to drive the SS to work this week. Little cold in the mornings (30's) but nice by afternoon (60-70's)

    Yeah, way back when, I used to drive from Rancho Cordova (Sacramento, CA) to Riverside CA. 472 miles 1 way. My record was 4hrs 30mins flat. (=105mph avg). I can't imagine doing that for 24+ hrs.

    Just so happened that was the weekend before Christmas heading down the I-5 in California. For those that know the area, it's flat and straight and if you're doing anything under 80, you're getting rolled over by semi's. Anyways, got into a line of about a dozen cars and we just rolled like a train almost bumper to bumper. 1st guy would lead for about 10 miles then peal off and fall in the back, then 2nd guy would lead and do the same. Did that for well over 100 miles (at pushing 110-120mph). I decided if a cop were going to try to pull us over, I would be the 2nd-to-last guy to pull over. That was fun. Dangerous. Stupid. And Fun.

    Oh, and same route, different trip, got a speeding ticket for coming down the Grapevine at 85mph. Didn't have the heart (guts?) to tell the cop I was in neutral!

    Well, I broke down and went with the exhaust that I originally wanted for the new (to me) Slingshot. I ordered a Welter Performance FSX ceramic coated 2 1/2" exhaust for a boosted Slingshot. The system was 20% off for "Black Friday" (runs until Dec 13th I think it was). Not a mod.... yet. Will happen by riding season for 2020.... looking forward to that!

    I'll be interested in your opinion..... Keep me updated

    Same here. That one was on my list.

    Well, you didn't say "Best" picture, just your favorite. This is my favorite. Yes, my SS is in this pic - dead center at the top - the black spot since I don't have LEDs. There were close to 100 SS's out for a night ride in San Antonio. My youngest daughter (18 yr old) went with me and she said she thought I was Kewl! Hoz'bout dat?! I have peaked as a Dad!

    This is my entry!

    FINALLY got the MyToy Stereo mount installed. Very easy to do. And that thing is MUCH better built than I originally expected. I thought it was just 3D printed (which it is), but it also has plenty of support and reinforcement built in. VERY easy to install.

    Now, before anyone questions: That 1 blank spot for the switches is for the MoDoor Garage Door Opener (Merry XMas to me, merry xmas to me . . . . I hope - gave the girlfriend and daughters enough hints). The middle 2 switches will be for lights, the right switch is a momentary (that I don't know what I'm going to use for yet), and notice the waterproof USB plug that fits in the same hole. This stereo has 2 USBs - a main one that I've got running up above to the phone mount and a secondary one for Android/charging use for significant others.

    Thank you mytoy

    Oh, and thanks to wokka for making me an electrical harness for all those switches so that I can plug/unplug them all at once!


    Damn it Kyle! I hate you! ;( =O||:/ :love:<3:!:

    I already decided I was gonna wait on the Turbo and bought the TV instead. And NOW you lower the price on the Turbo. F! FuXX! FuXK!

    How long the deal good til? I've got a nice check coming in January that I was planning on paying off everything and THEN looking at the turbo. Maybe I get it then???

    Well, that's the thing - we are well past when the new models would "normally" come out. My 2016 was delivered in August 2015. My 2016.5 was made in early Feb 2016. Most automotive OEMs retool their lines right at July 4th for the new models. I don't know if Polaris has started to manufacture the 2020 and is just holding them to clear the 2019's, or if they are really far behind. At this point, there's only 1 month left.

    Wish I could find some around my area

    Start looking again, this week. Looked like all the WM stocked up in prep for BlackFriday/XMAS. Almost all the shelves were full whereas they were still empty Sat AM. I found SS's at 4 of the 6 WM's I visited and the other two looked like they just hadn't stocked up yet.


    Okay, I like the 1st pic of the sunrise, but I can't like that gas price (It's $2.05 for regular and $2.60 for premium in Tx),

    YOU don’t like it-what about me???🤑


    Nuttin But Luv for Ya Man! (Just cant love that gas price)

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    Okay, so this AM I woke up and couldn't figure out what to do. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day again and I just wanted to get out of the house. Yesterday was nice too, but I ended up meeting a friend at a bar to watch football (UT vs Baylor) and then we went to the Texas Stars Hockey game. Let's just say my beer consumption yesterday should probably be measured in gallons instead of pints.

    So I've been looking for the Matchbox Slingshot. Even yesterday, I checked 2 of my local Wally World's with no luck. So that gave me an idea. I googled and there are at least a dozen WMs near me:

    ROAD TRIP! Seriously, it was 11am and I was out of the house by 11:20.

    Due to events as they unfolded, this was my final route:

    Walmart Georgetown:

    Walmart Cedar Park 1:

    Walmart Cedar Park 2:

    Walmart North Austin (Hwy 620):

    Walmart Round Rock:

    Walmart Taylor:

    PLOT TWIST: I actually found 8 Matchbox SS's at the very first WM in Georgetown. Yes, the very one that I checked just yesterday. But I decided to head on. When I got to Walmart #2 in Cedar Park, they didn't have any so I thought that I just got lucky at Georgetown.

    However, WM Cedar Park #2 had some. So I bought them all (5) too. Then WM Austin had 5 (and I bought them). WM Round Rock had just a few, but I decided not to get them. WM Taylor didn't have any either. So yes, count them, I bought 18 Matchbox Slingshots. Gonna keep 1 for myself and already gave 1 to my grandson, leaving 16 to give out. Guess what all my SS friends are getting for Christmas!!

    BTW, before I want to WM Taylor, I planned on stopping at Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor for lunch. But when I got there, they were closed (didn't realize they were closed on Sunday's). If you don't know, this is one of those heritage"Best in the World"BBQ joints that you have to try.

    Since they were closed, I went next door to Texas Beer Co and had a nice Bluebonnet Nitro Milk Stout. Mmmmmmm!!!

    And would you believe, while I was there, another SS showed up! Introduced myself, handed over a business card, and told them about all the GTGs happening. Said their names were . . . . . (you know what beer does to your memory...) . . . . and that they had just bought it in July. One of their neighbors saws theirs and bought one 2 weeks afterwards. So hopefully they'll show up here.

    Oh, and the purpose of this trip: I'VE GOT MATCHBOX! (Seriously, PM me if you want one. I think I went a little overboard.)