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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    By the way, I had a Kenwood head unit put in, and the installer said he had to cut the metal decorative trim on the dash/around the radio and dash controls. Figures - once it was cut it looked horrible and curled. So taking the rest of it off ruined EVERYTHING on my dash. It pulled out ALL the switches, ignition, everything. My dash looks like sh$t now and everything (switches, ignition, etc) are very loose).

    What can I do? I bought a Tuffskinz carbon fiber dash stick-on to cover the worse of it, but that won't do anything for the switches and toggles. Glue?

    You'd all best stay far away from me. I told you, from the beginning I have the WORST luck...

    Another option: Since you're all cut up any ways is to put a 2018 Mounting Plate from Slingtunes in there. Call him and see if he has any without the switch holes. I have this on my 2019 (temporarily) and it looks pretty decent. May have to relocate/rebuy different switches. Heck, maybe you could switch all from the stock rectangular to his round metal ones.

    That 3 wire harness: The loose wires connect to your stereo for power. Then down in the cubby hole under the stereo, you'll find the other connector mate with 5 wires to give you power to your stereo (Positive, Ground & ignition). You don't use 2 of the wires from the SS connector.

    You can use the stock speaker wires if you're not running an amp - they are inside that big 32 pin connector there in the back. There's a post on here somewhere with the wiring diagram to tell you what pins to pull. Otherwise, you can run your own speaker wires or amp RCA from the back of the stereo.

    So yeah, I called and spoke w Rob. I was a professional Axxhole to him, keeping it calm, but letting him know I was extremely upset. I chewed him for sending out a letter like that that was full of lies. Of course, he countered with it was a generic form letter, but I told him I didnt care. They need to fix their B.S. I then also told him to credit me for all interest I've paid since starting w them 3 months ago. Doubt that will happen.

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    I pretty much have 2 ladders that can do pretty much everything I need. I too have one of the Werner-little Giant clones that can do everything I need from 8-14 ft. Then I also have a 3 step one with a top platform and tray similar to the one above that works great for everything inside the house. Tall enough to get me up to the 9 ceiling and light enough to move around easily. Anything needed beyond that and I'm calling a professional.

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    So a couple of us were talking, and I know a few more of us were going to Eureka Springs for the Sept 18-22 Slingshots in the Ozarks GTG.

    A few of us are driving up Wednesday, Sept 18th, so we're inviting all the rest of you to meet with us and join along the way.

    1. For the Austin & South folks, we are meeting at the Buc-ee's In Temple (I-35 exit 304) at 8:30am, LEAVING PROMPTLY at 7:00AM 9:00AM. Be fully fueled ready to leave at 9.

    ** If you're coming up from SA/Houston, you'll want to take the 130 Tollway around Austin to Georgetown as going through Austin at that time of day is stopped traffic. If you need, I also live in Georgetown and have an extra bedroom so I'm sure we could work something up if you want to come up Tuesday night.

    2. We will then drive to the Buc-ee's in Melissa Tx (Hwy 75 - Buc-ee's Exit Road 5167), arriving approximately 9:30AM 11:30am. Again, topping off fuel and ready to LEAVE at 10:00AM 12:00 Noon.

    ** There was some discussion about putting a lunch stop (Babe's Chicken?) in the Dallas area instead. I'm very open to that - add your comments below.

    3. Final stop will be the Love's Travel Stop (US-69 Business exist for Eufaula, OK) right on the lake at approximately 2:30pm. Again, topping off fuel and ready to LEAVE at 3:00PM. Bypassed. Will find something along route depending on which highway we take.

    4. That puts us into Eureka Springs right at 4:00PM 6:00pm - still daylight. (A couple different routes for this final section, we can discuss.) We'll break up there and go to our respective hotels.

    If you want to join us anywhere along the way, just let us know.

    I believe that there was a "Meet-N-Greet" planned for that Wednesday evening at the Best Western Hotel.

    Thanks All,

    I'll try the Bill Pay thru the bank.



    Today I got a notice of delinquent account, that I have failed to make required payments, that I am severely past due, and that multiple attempts have been made to reach me!

    Believe me, I'm gonna "contact them"! :evil::cursing::cursing::cursing::!:

    So, with the 3rd SlingShot, I ended up going with the dealer offered financing because he was offering 3.99% and the CU was offering 5+%. It ended up being Sychrony Bank which is one of the Polaris partners.

    Well, I've made 3 payments so far - and had 3 problems. I'm wondering if anyone else deals with Synchrony and what your experience might be.

    Sychrony does not issue a payment books nor do they have on-line payment capabilities (like EVERY F'N OTHER COMPANY TODAY!). They send me a payment coupon each month like credit cards do. My payment is due on the 25th of each month:

    1. June - Sent payment on the 20th, was posted to my account on the 26th, and cleared my bank on the 28th. Got a late fee of $39.99.
    2. July - Received payment coupon on the 19th (even though it says it was printed on the 12th). Of course I called to complain about the short timing, got the late fee reversed, and sent payment out on the 20th, clearing my bank on the 23rd.
    3. August - Got payment coupon on the 14th. Showed I owed 3 payments and that I was late! Current balance was almost $400 more than the original loan. Called and found out that they had to remove all my payments to take care of that late fee and then re-apply them all. Everything was cleared and I was on track and only owed 1 payment and that the printed statement/coupon just happened to print while they were doing all this. Sent the check on the 15th.

    So, anyone else having problems with Sychrony/Polaris financing?

    And a package arrived today with a couple of boxes in it so I'll have something to do on Saturday. Got 15mm & 16mm wrenches/sockets I can borrow?

    Got the Addy. That's right close to my daughter now. I'm very familiar with that area. (Couple of great bars right down the street if you like craft beer.)

    Ok, PM me address. I'll bring down just a couple minor things to do instead of a full day tear down.

    Ok, and wokka stop by on your way down and we'll drive down together. I'm right off exit 260. I'll pm you address.

    So, seriously, is this still on for some date? I do have a lot of shxx I need to do - rewire stereo speakers, wire LED lights, etc. But that would require a lot of time and tools. And my toolbox won't fit in the SS well (maybe tow it? . . . . )

    I also know of someone in the middle of DFW and SA that once offered his work area, but I haven't seen him post yet.

    Thanks Jim... Maybe you should plan to attend this event? I am sure the group could use a Grumpy Supervisor to point out all the dumb shit.

    WTF!?!?!? You sending someone ELSE to tell me what I'm doing wrong?? As if 2 ex-wive's and 2 teenage daughters aren't enough . . . .