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    Presently I have a double bubble shield on my Sling.

    I thought my next upgrade should be a top, now I'm thinking it probably should be a proper shield.

    How much quieter should a normal proper shield (about 9" for me) be compared to a double bubble?


    You will notice a pretty big difference. I have pretty much owned every windshield on the market except the double bubble...but I can tell you that there was a big difference going from the Madstad that I have in my picture to the NASCAR windshield. Having conversations with riders was easier...and the radio didn't have to be turned up nearly to the same level. (volume went from 22 to 17). To me the The NASCAR Tallboy +2 is the best windshield on the Market. Mostly because of 2 things...the angle it lays and the width of the windshield side to side. The angle it lays seems to give you less resistance at higher speeds with out compromising visibility or safety. The Width of the shield is perfect to let in air around the cabin when it's hot and keep just enough out when it's cold. Styling is obviously subjective, but to me it happens to be the best looking of the windshields too. Just my 2 cents.

    To all you Yankees, how do you do it? With this cold weather in Texas it may be 5 days till I can ride my Slingshot. How do you survive?

    Being in just wait a few days...for example...there is a high of 0 for Sunday...but it will be 40ish on

    Waiting on permanent work from home status which should be June/July - then looking to move to TX. Now if Elon and these other big companies would of waited till I was there it would of been nice. Homes I was looking at are all up 200k over what they were 4-5 months back now.

    So if you have a lead on a gig for me...I would love permanent work from home...all these damn changes in the work place is making this place a circus. And...sadly I'm no clown.

    Oh man...this could be an insane list of things...mostly because I have probably tried more products than anyone else here that doesn't own a company. A lot of it was learning experiences...but some were just bad decisions and having a little extra coin in my pocket.

    Couple of things I personally wouldn't do again:
    Big Wheels - going above 20 in the rear really made the ride suffer and made the slingshot very heavy to drive.

    Klockwerks windshield - Overpriced and not much difference from the stock one...especially at higher speeds.

    Factory SL windshield - Overpriced and didn't give me the air flow that I wanted

    Graphics - I love what was custom made by the folks at AMR racing...but I should have really considered a full on paint job.

    Sparco Steering wheel - Should have found a smaller one...feels like I am driving a school bus at times. Also I can't seem to line up the steering wheel where it's actually level when I drive.

    SSV sub box - simply an awful product compared to other sub boxes on the market.

    I do plan on doing some changes before summer...assuming everything goes smoothly with the new home and new baby on the way. New Spoiler, Powedercoat the current wheels, and need to get some of the tuning corrected.

    It's interesting to read all of your thoughts on this, thanks for sharing! When I first got the sling a buddy told me when I asked him about exhaust and CAI if I was ever going to boost it to save my money. Still some of the best sling advice I got to this day.

    The wife and I would probably debate this, but the electric blanket we added this fall is kinda BS. Probably better than nothing but with the air flow it's like a parachute. Picked up some of those thin seat warmers I can put under my seat covers to fix this but haven't done them yet!

    I think I know who told you that...

    I have a friend in the healthcare industry that took it and lost use of her arm that she got injected in for 4 days. Other than that...most other have only had mild reactions. Everyone I know that has taken the 2nd shot has advised to take the next day off because of how tired they got. I personally am not old enough to get a dose and feel like others that work in an industry that has direct contact with Covid should go first. I personally will wait.

    I have logged in just over 20K miles on my PRP Gen 2 seats...and would definitely buy them again. Easy to clean, supportive, and comfortable. I will say though...the seats seem to more comfortable if you are a heavier person. My wife hates them. I weight about 150 more than her and I love them.

    You are getting cooler denser air which means the turbo isn't working as hard as it would when it's warm and humid. So as you get warmer technically lose a little performance. So it's not just your butt's real.

    My calculation had charging costs as much as gas. Could be I'm off but all this depends on the price of gas and electricity in your area. After watching a video of the destruction to the earth to mine for elements to build batteries, I think we are going in the wrong direction.

    I'll agree that electric is extremely harsh on the environment...just like a lot of many other industries. It's hard to say which is better or worse. The long term environmental impact could change as technology changes. I know they are already developing batteries with greater capacity and less material being used. Something the fuel industry really hasn't changed in it's entire process.

    I really thought environmentalists would have pursued hydrogen power more than electric...but I do think that is mostly because electric is going to be the next "big oil". It's another limited resource that will be able to be controlled by industry giants.

    How far can you go on a charge and how long does it take to recharge?

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    My 2018 Leaf is rated at 152 miles of range. I have gotten as much as 182 miles on a single charge. Regenerative braking is a good thing in mountain states. I rarely need to go further than that in a day. If I have to hit a quick charger, I can usually go to any Walmart or REI and charge from 10% to 80-85% in 30 min. So a quick grocery stop for a few things and good to go. Quick charging in the first 2 years was free. I only used it about 11 times in 2 years since I rarely needed to charge while I was out and about. For 98% of the year...this is great and low cost. Other times I want to road trip...I have my Jeep or Kia. Hell my Slingshot only gets about 190 miles per tank so honestly there isn't much difference as far as range when it comes to the Leaf and Slingshot.

    Why buy electric? I figured that charging up cost as much or more as gassing up. And don't say your saving the environment. The electricity probably comes from a fossil fuel plant.

    Charging up is no where near the cost of fuel. I get roughly 1000 miles for ever $22 of electricity. Lets compare it to a civic...that would cost about $65 at $2 a gallon. In Colorado, it's roughly $2.35 a gallon now. So even more than that. To go the average of 15K miles a would save over $1000 assuming gas doesn't go up and after the cost of oil changes. Over the average life ownership of the vehicle of 5 years...You would save over $5K...assuming gas won't go up. At $3 a gallon it goes to $8500 in savings in just gas and oil. Over the average life span of a battery...which is typically warrantied between 7-10 years... at $3/ would save $17K. I'm not worried about saving the planet...I enjoy saving the money in my wallet.

    You want to compare further...the cost of a base model Civic is around $22k. The cost of a new Leaf SV with AutoPilot and Tech Package is around $34K. Add in Tax credits and I actually only paid $21K for my Leaf. Now factor in that I use my Leaf for my business, and I was able to claim an additional $18K in tax credits...which made the Leaf $3K.

    Add that all up and now I have a savings of $31K + the cost of gas + oil changes + not having to fuel up in freezing and windy winter conditions.

    Worth it.

    With progressive now...When I setup policy last year I remember that question - Does this slingshot have a turbo, supercharger or other aftermarket racing equipment.. Was no then.. Debating do I call them now and tell them it has one now and take that hit? My experience with aftermarket parts is they won't cover it anyway, only OEM etc.. unless you get a stated policy.

    That said would you call and let the insurance folks know they probably should be charging you more after adding more power?

    Don't contact them, they will cover up to $5k in "accessories" with receipts for the rate you are getting. I called them prior to doing any mods and they came back with "in most cases the vehicle would be totaled and as long as you have receipts you will get up to $5k coverage, but you do have the option to purchase more accessory coverage whenever you like."

    Are they not doing Slingshots in the Rockies again?

    Br4hm4 ?

    Unfortunately low turn out for that there is a good chance it won't ever be brought back. I think the most we ever had show up was just over 80 slingshots...and that was a few years back. If the vendors would want to make a stop here, I would be happy to assist again.

    I am running 20X11 on the rears and 18X7.5 up front. I was on 20X9 and 20X11 before and I can tell you the weight difference for the steering is huge. With the bigger wheels up front it felt like I had to wrestle the front tires around corners. Traction difference is minimal with the lighter tire and wheel set. Acceleration is much better with the lighter set. I will say if you are going with that big of a jump...consider the weight. Also the bigger tire vs the bigger wheels in town matters a lot. Think about the potholes we have to deal with 3GunSteve