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    I spoke with the service manager and they had a slingshot in from Los Angeles where the lights went out and the owner pulled to the side of the road. He open the hood and it burst into flames and burned to the ground. That’s the only one they’ve heard of though

    Sept of 2015 I lost my 'headlights' on my 2015 Slingshot (A Sunday evening several days before the rally in Eureka Springs) My fix was upgrading to a 2016 Slingshot --- the problem that caused the 'headlight recall' fried my fuse box. the Slingshot didn't burn and every thing work but the headlights. A short time later the "headlight recall" came into being. I did get to the rally and had the newest Slingshot there.

    I ran across this when the headline read about “FART RAPE”. As you can well imagine it peaked my curiosity and here was the definition in the article...

    By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.

    Is it just me or we really swirling around the bottom of the bowl when this is a feminist gripe ?!!

    If the 'wife' farts louder than her husband what happens?

    Reach down with my index finger and open a Valve. Reach down again, close it. I like this. It was the socket/wrench that made ME want simplicity. That’s what makes this journey we’re all on with the sling so cool - individuality 🙂

    I enjoy the 2 hour drive to Nielsen's in Lake Villa, IL and visiting with the 'crew' while they do all the twisting and turning.... Than a nice two hour ride home.

    I win every debate, because I have fun. In a room full of needles that don't move much off center, you're only objective should be to enjoy the debate. I know you embrace the joy.:)

    I enjoy watching and learning from the 'sidelines' ….

    And when Angie gets ALL the Slingshot 'MODS' sold Santa will be very good to her.

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    I talked to my dealer today. Wanting to get a service done along with the recall and a check engine code 0 598 2 code (appears to be a clutch switch). Same boat, they put me on the front of the line when parts come in. Expecting a week or two. It appears as though they are sending out in batch distribution to dealers as produced. I'm good with that as long as I can get all done in one shot.

    We'll take (trailer) the Slingshot to Florida for a couple of weeks the end of Jan 2020 and what I will probably do is keep the Slingshot on the Trailer and take it up to Nielsen's in Lake Villa when we come back north.

    Good Evening everyone, I'm new to the forum but I also had blinker issues. I bought spoiler leds with the fog light harness, upper brow and lower brow from Slingmods hooked everything up and the drivers side would blink fast. If I turned off the fog light switch the blinkers would only blink once then stop. I tore my SS apart 4 times trying different ways of connecting these leds. I noticed that when I would connect and disconnect the factory harness from the drivers side port I would have to really push the connection in to get the marker lights to work. So I removed the drivers side light and plugged it into the passenger side port and the same thing happened. So I got into my vehicle and drove to the Polaris dealer they ran a test on the drivers side light and it was defective lucky for me I'm still under warranty if not that would've been a $216 purchase. So if your having issues on one side I would have the dealer test the lights. Part is on order once I get the new light I'll do an update post.

    Welcome to the "World of Slingshot Insanity" A great place to hang out and learn a little .. As you think warrantee...I generally don't do the extended warrantee thing, but with the Slingshot I did --- extended to a 5 yr. The dealers have a good deal of flex in what they charge for there warrantee. For the 'odd ball' stuff it's been a life saver for me. ---- That being said I do put lots of miles on my Slingshot.

    Been watching my weather radar app for the last hour or so - - this app is normally dead on at showing the rain, but today not so much

    For all of the last hour it has showed light rain, but looking outside not a drop, even checked my home outdoor cameras thinking that perhaps it just was going around my location and not a drop there either

    I can send you some COLD and rain...haven't had the Slingshot out for 3 weeks...

    Was going to take my Slingshot into Nielsen's in Lake Villa, one of the major dealers in the Midwest and (because there in the COLD) they have not been sent replacement parts yet???? Was going to drive up 120 miles for and oil change and new parts …. no parts oil change can wait a little longer.

    Twist Dynamics, Madstad, and Welter are now all owned by the same company and SlingshotOnly is their distributor. For all purposes, you can think of them all being the same.

    The end result the end up in Scott's pocket.

    Quality product at a very fair price.....