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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    My first thought of purchasing a full windscreen came while traveling the interstate. I got clocked by a large beatle directly on the forehead just above the glasses and below the helmet line. I thought if it would have been a nut or bolt kicked up by a vehicle it would have been a disaster. Good point about fogging issues. Both valid.

    I think I'm going to go with the NASCAR Style Tallboy +2. Nice clean look! Only drawback would be exhaust fumes in the cockpit. I've read of issues with some tall windscreens in combination with certain tops experiencing this problem. BKL   Br4hm4 , kev or anyone else using the NASCAR Style Tallboy +2 along with the Bullet Speed V-Back Top (or similar) having exhaust fume issues?

    Frank depends on the exhaust system you have. A lot of different factors that can cause fumes in the cockpit. Windshield, top, and where the exhaust is exiting the Slingshot (probably the most important).

    Driving to work this morning I heard on the news NJ is very concerned over the amount of people leaving the state. Studies show they are leaving due to the high tax rate in the state (Second only to California but at least they have a beautiful state). Of particular concern was a study showing 50% of people about to retire are considering moving to another state (this includes my wife and I). It was said the state needs to lower tax rates now to avert a major loss of income in the very near future as baby boomers are retiring. A few days back they were concerned about the loss of income due to electric vehicles and the loss of fuel sales (taxes on fuel).

    Please don't judge as I believe social programs are needed but at some point the straw breaks the camels back. I believe in help but I also believe in something called personnel responsibility. This was the very next story on the news. I suppose this is the answer to reduce this tax burden. I'm sure it will work!

    They are extending the school lunch program to include weekends & holidays. NJ is a sanctuary state. Lets throw in free health care for all. Great stuff, any other ideas to meet the urgency to reduce taxes and stop the flow of people leaving the state?

    Lots of people and companies leaving Illinois in all directions for better tax rates and business conditions.

    A month ago you could get a Verizon 4G, apparently they are not sending them out to the Verizon Stores anymore.

    Sorry guys.... Verizon will NO longer (1 Jan 2020) support the flip phone....

    Now I have to learn how to use the thing...

    i want to replace the stock speaker pods on my 2016 SL, but i cant see how to take them out! anyone know how to do this? I can't see any mounting places or screws to remove them.



    If you stand on your head and turn around backwards you can see the screws --- front upper and back lower. Might be a third one, my son is a little limber than I am and he removed them a while back. I tried to take a picture --- no work. Good luck, not really too bad.

    Looks like it's heading east just in time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Already they are saying it looks like no balloons!

    Can't like that. Hope they get the Parade in OK. On Saturday after Thanksgiving we have a Santa parade in La Porte. Bring Santa into town. Hope to have a dry day so the Slingshots can pass out candy to all the girls and boys (naughty or nice) … We will be giving out a mixed sandwich bag full of candy and some will have 'Hot Wheels' in the bag.

    Received my Bullet Speed V-Back Top today. Good quality & styling. I like the v-back it integrates really nice with the back of the sling. Good purchase, only drawback is it limits the area for any storage bags hung from the roll hoops. MeanSling puts out some roll bags that I think will work fine. Also I'm looking into an extended windscreen.

    Both on my wish list!

    Check with Doug, SlingLow to see if his racks will work with this top.

    Just out of curiosity are the 12 volt power ports that are in the glove box and between the seats on the same circuit that is on the 50 amp fuse in the J block that is subject to the recall?

    The 'glove box' unit is on when the key is on, and the one between the seat is always hot. Some of the guys use that one for a trickle charger.

    Well today my brother and I took a drive up to Coyne Powersports - a slingshot dealer I have not used before that is only 24 miles away. I talked with the service department and they told me they have all the parts in stock for the recall and also the backup camera recall and can do both and I can wait. No need for an appointment, just give them a call first and they will make room - - - seemed very nice and I suspect they will be my new service place of choice - - the place was very relaxed and the people were very willing to talk about what I was looking for.

    Off to a good start.

    I also bought from my dealer. They have handled 99% of the work on my Slingshot.

    Nielsen's in Lake Villa, IL is my dealer. Down in Bristol, TN this fall the techs had my Slingshot in the service area for a big $25.00 quick fix.

    Hello everyone I have 2 months left on my factory warranty and was wanting to get ya'lls opinion wheather or not the extended warranty is worth it , how has it worked out for those of you that have it. I'm thinking about the extra 3 years but it aint cheap. What got me lookin at it is my sling is in the shop now for repair.:/

    I have used my extended warrantee several it. as DER said look around and get a good price on the "Polaris" warrantee. Check Fix My toys in Michigan for prices.