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    Seriously @Painter!!! How do you do this stuff??? That's a whole lotta awesome!

    A lot of praise has been dropped in Painters lap Slinglow. I would like you to know that your contributions are nothing short of miraculous and humble me every time I look in the garage. Truly this Pose of mutant do gooders have a special place reserved in the hearts of us all. You guys can raid my fridge, rest your heads and just relax anytime you want here at our home!!!

    I feel like a impatient child,..Pole mounted mirror arrived and I will now have to make a billet mount for it to look proper on the windshield. However with that being said I made a steel bracket so I can play with it and "No you may not see a picture of that" :00006725:
    Carbon fiber foil post and another convex lens,...Purdy :00000022:

    must agree sir, you and so many here are completely amazing. My goal is to put a smile on a child's face, even if it's for a moment.

    Thats exactly why I think the world of you. Thats what its all about,..Made me smile just looking at the picture young Batman Jedi master :00000156:

    What better place to post this a year later down the road. Still amazed by Painter's Pose. Thanks Slinglow and everyone. Thank you painter for not letting me forget the emotions that drew me to this endeavor and not sit on my butt as if this were a bucket list challenge. Danna for showing me what one unselfish girl does without hesitation daily. So many of you like Jorge who flew them towards hope every day. The generosity of Markie,Kenny, Jim,Paul,Scott, Robert, Sarah,,,,you get my drift? On and on and on the list goes on.
    Non of us know whats ahead of us. Some have treated me like a china cup but you are all just as fragile and strong as any that have come before us. We are family weather we want to or not. Distant mutant cousins if you will but related non the less. You all remind me daily with your modifications and adventures of why its important to share. And share you all did!!

    So random acts of kindness: I honestly have no words for the love people have for St.Judes and the children who struggle and conquer their cancers there, Every kind imaginable. Perhaps the strongest humans I have ever met were those same children who daily look at the world as for the first time with the utmost positive mental attitudes. They see no political ideology nor skin color. They embrace each other as brothers and sisters.
    They are whats best in us all.

    The only reason I said anything about it is....the factory mirrors are mounted to the frame and I assume they did that from all the vibrations....

    My roof post is right in the middle view spot of my passenger side mirror..I can see a small sliver on the inside of the post and about half of the mirror on the outside...

    I try to closely monitor vehicles on my right...and my etched rear windscreen doesn’t help my rearward vision either...

    I certainly apologize if I sounded aggressive on the reply.. Really no intent but rather a lack of sleep from a dose of food poisoning yesterday that gave me a bit of Chemo Brain. Love every single one of your posts Bigdog and just want you and anyone else to know I own being a little raw on the polite side of things. :00008862:
    Again my sincere apologies for being less than polished with my post.
    One thing is certain. There are no two Slingshots alike except on a dealer showroom :00005129:

    I would be concerned about the wind hitting them and vibrations ripping the bolts out of the plastic....after a while

    Yeah it looks fragile but there are two panels they are mounted to. The first is just the painted body panel that lays against the dash panel. The standard countersunk bolts are 5mm x .8 and about 15mm long with backing washer and Nylock. They will do the job but the dash panel is plastic as well and I prefer to spread the load bearing surface across a greater plane. :00005129:
    Fact is I intended to use the factory locations and have my welding god make an aluminum lattice for these mirrors until I sat in the cockpit and played around with some painters tape. Hope I don't come across harsh,...This mod is not for faint of heart since it involves drilling into the painted panel. Even my fender vents required a certain amount of "Oh dear God what have I done now" :00006725:
    A simple aluminum backing plate installed inside the dash itself allows for excellent compression without crushing any plastic, very similar to the backing plate used under the center windshield aluminum mount. These mirrors don't bounce around any more than the ape hanger mirrors and the convex lenses although not as tall provide better visibility without the mirror itself moving. The APR and SPA mirrors are very well made and light, not going to fall off or get ripped off unless your sitting on them and then you just have to replace the aluminum stalk. :00007510:
    I would however change the mounting screws(4) with 20mm long. I have had some inquiries about the backing plate and while it sounds easy I will be posting some additional pics of the backing plates when my replacement Ti fasteners arrive.
    Now for the disclaimer: this is like taking off the mirrors of your F350 and installing a set of mirrors off of an MGB in their place. They are small and very tight against the chassis and my primary view for the rear is a SPA pole mount yet to be secured . Its just a me thing is all :00000156:

    Couldn't help myself today and went a bit further. Brought the mirrors in tight. Convex lenses give good clear views and I think this is the new home for the APR mirrors. This means I will have some gloss black powder coated bases and stalks for the factory mirrors later this week. I reinforced the APRs with an aluminum plate behind the two plastic panels the bolts hold the assembly to.

    I know we’ve talked about what you carry. How about “HOW” you carry in your Sling!

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    My long rifle bag sits just fine from the passenger fire wall and across the passenger seat. Tactical bags are even easier to take to the range. Both are secure and not in the way of the controls in any way. Only way to go if the weather cooperates. :00006725: