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    I like an open exchange of ideas. Have yet to buy from a vendor that showed me anything less than an equal opinion considering I can make just about anything I feel I want. If I can't make it,...I really don't need it.
    I hope this is the beginning of a real band of Brothers gang. Soon to be the next big splash in a three wheeled world!

    Tricks of the install.

    Take off the rubber floor as well when installing the new boot. Make sure to take the time to drape the new boot over the mechanism or it will bunch up. There is also a fold sewn into the back so it will unfold and drape the mechanism. Just use a small putty knife or thin screw driver to help get it draped over and un kinked inside the drive line tunnel before you put the rubber floor back over the boot and pop it back onto the console floor. After that it should hold its form forever.

    I am building several sets for the Smokies event, so try and at least say hello or kick me in the ass when passing by and I will make every effort to hook you up. There is a few tricks to the install and I will try and save you some grief from what Stephen is suffering from when tucking them down into the tunnel.
    Don't feel like I have someone looking over my shoulder here,...Ahhhhhhhh fresh forum smell ;-)

    Just starting to navigate around but don't want the new efforts to go the way side. Digging out some change and lint from the cracks of the sofa now ;-)