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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I think painters option of the well nut is the better option out there for a fixed permanent attachment point. The only ones I changed were the ones located on the plastic shroud leading to the radiator up front. Rest I left in place :00000156:

    In simple language the Slingshot uses a whirlygig sorta thingy that talks to the whatchamacallit in conjunction with the doohickey so the motor can be monitored with some fancy unicorn software that is sold under the name of fictionite and operates on a cantfinium platform. Glad I could shed some light :00005129: Clear as mud :00007510:

    Just remember you can have the set until you make the plunge and then just donate them to another needy member young lady!!! :00000156:

    Sorry to hear about this,wet and slingshot is just not a good combination.

    Hopefully nothing else is damaged, I am sure one of the many people removing the mudflaps for hugger fenders will offer them up if you want to replace them, I would offer mine but already sent them to @gpcustoms.

    Be glad to forward them on!!! just shoot me a message and an address and they will be off as soon as available :00005129:

    Doing a little mock up, while i was waiting on the dew to dry so I can mow. My wife don't like them or my buddy. I think it looks pretty sporty to me. From the mock up as far as i can tell you still can see who is coming up from the rear. Want to thank @gpcustoms for his inspiration, as well as the others here. So many ideas floating around, I think we would still be modding after 20 years :00008040:

    driver side looks clean but make sure you mock the passenger up first if you go that route. Passenger side location will dictate the final position due to visibility from the drivers seat can be obscured if to low :00008862: . Happy thoughts young Jedi :00000156:

    Rest in Peace Shadow.

    Lost my best friend to Cancer on Friday.
    Left a big hole in my heart.
    There is no stronger love than the love of a dog.

    We are sooo sorry for the loss young man. We just had to let our Little Yokie go this morning. Nothing hurts as much as the loss of an adopted child fur and all. Seems every time we fall in love with one and lose them we lose a part of our hearts. I read somewhere however that they give us a part of theirs in return. Perhaps over a lifetime we lose enough of our own hearts that they are replaced with the hearts of those dogs so much so that we finally learn to be as generous and loving as the adopted children that we call family. This is our little man who fought his cancer, stole our hearts and never lost that shine in his eyes to the very end. Love ya Bro!!

    O.K. So my wife and I love our meansling top, but when the weather is comfortable we don't always want to ride with it on the sling. I was putting it in the garage leaning on something or in the bed of my pickup. I wanted a better solution that would be convenient and prevent damage. 4 six inch L brackets and some odds and ends from my "don't throw that away, I may use that sometime bucket" , problem solved.

    Clean and out of the way :00000436:

    Shift knob was my first mod. living it the desert knowing my sling would be parked in the sun I knew I didnt want a metal shift knob as it would be guaranteed to get burning hot. after looking at what was offered I went with the twist dynamics carbon fiber knob. they have three sizes and I chose the middle ovel shaped knob. I love it and even on 110 degree days it has never gotten uncomfortably hot to the touch. in this picture it still has the stock boot I recommend that you replace that at the same time the second picture is with the replacement boot - I think it looks much better

    thats a really clean look young Jedi, very Carbony :00007505: