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    I'm dragging ass, picked up a cold from one of the grandkids and have been down all weekend and today. Doc said it was viral, nothing we could do other than treat symptoms.

    I did get out and detail the sling, supposed to attend a work happy hour tomorrow, so going to try and make it, hopefully I feel up to it.

    Haven't felt like doing much, especially in this heat...


    No way I can “Like” a summer cold. Those really inhale.

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    might have to try this when the weather cools down. right now we have a "bug guy" but not really happy and not sure we get our moneys worth. Was thinking about just spraying myself, but a bug bomb might be interesting - what kind do you use? - and how long are you out of the house?

    I use RaidMax No Mess Dry Fogger or Black Flag Fumigator.

    There are 3 bombs in the package, enough to cover about 2600 sq ft. I’ve been using either this, or the Black Flag Fumigator, for the past 30 years. It does a great job of wiping out the bug population.

    I guess that's a plus for living in northern Maine, NOTHING survives the -10 temp in January or the 12 feet of snow per season.

    well, except for the carpenter ants and carpenter wasps. I had to spray the outside of my log house spring and fall every year. I have a post and beam house now and no spraying is necessary

    You forgot about the mosquitos and black flys, I think. 😏

    Another Welcome to the Family! This time from East Tennessee. Come on up to Bristol, Baby! In September for some Mayhem in the Mountains. We’re gonna ride some great roads, sharpen our skills, meet n greet and have a good time.

    Our up at 5 AM. Got ourselves and the house ready. Closed all windows, shut off AC, shut off all the fans, covered all the foods and dishes, locked the dog in the back yard then set off the big bombs. That time of year, again.

    Went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel now sitting on the back porch, waiting until 10 to open up the house and ventilate.

    It is a necessary evil around here. Gets the ants and other undesirables out of the house. It’s cheaper to do it myself than to hire some stranger to come around periodically and poison my living environment. I’d rather do it myself, then I know the poison and dosage. 😉

    Thank you all for the wishes. In spite of a couple of detours, we had a great day riding the twisties. I wrote it up in the “Show me your day” thread. I had planned on about 150 miles. With the detours, we did closer to 250. But, we also found a good eatery in Vonore, so it was a very good day indeed.

    You know, Pics or it didn't happen (Semi and tree). . . . . .

    Unfortunately, no pix of the semi. There were about a dozen cars in front of us. Got to see it on KillBoys’ camera as he walked back to his station. Good think the Sling can do a Uturn in a small space.

    First off, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It’s really good to be this age and still running. Miss Nancy and I celebrated by taking a little Slingshot ride.

    Plans were to head to Tellico Plains for lunch then over the Skyway to Deals Gap and down the Dragon before heading to a little place on the river for an early dinner. Should have been about 150 miles of twisters. 😄

    Long story longer, we got to Tellico Plains and had lunch at the Ironworks Grill on the river. We then headed up the Skyway towards Deals Gap. Good ride, almost no traffic, sweet. Got into Deals Gap at about 3 PM and headed down the Dragon.

    At about MM6 we came to a screamimg hault. Some “broad” driving an 18 wheeler up the Dragon managed to run over a guard rail and block all traffic in both directions. We were only five miles from the bottom of the Dragon. It will take several hours to get a tow truck up to haul the semi down the mountain. Turned around and back to Deals Gap. Figure out that fastest way home is back the way we came.

    Off we go, back along the Skyway to TELLICO Plaines. Ten miles from TELLICO, come to screaming halt again. Big ass tree across the road. Trees and Forrest on both sides, no shoulder to drive on and some cowboy drives his 4x4 puck up one the left side over the tree top and tells me that he thinks I could go around if I follow his tracks. I think not.

    Time hit the detour button on the Zumo. It says back up and take Muller Church Road. We do. Five miles of bad pavement followed by another five miles of bad gravel and a farm dog intent on playing catch the Slingshot, we finally arrived on TN360 about five miles from Vonore.

    By now it is almost 8 o’clock and way past time to eat. We found a little lakeside grill in Vonore and ventured inside, hot hungry and thirsty. It is “ Steak Night!!!”

    We capped off the day with a couple of cold brew skies and a ribeye! Best beer and steak we have had in ages! The rest of the ride home was just at sundown with a beautiful sunset.

    Moral of the story. Best laird plans are sometimes worthless. Let go and see what develops.

    Start of the journey.

    We’re off to see the Wizard!

    Big chair/couch at Tn360 and the Skyway in TELLICO

    Bald River Falls

    Thank ya’ll! Going to be a very good day. Weather looks good, roads are good and I hear the mountains calling my name and I must answer. Headed towards TELLICO Planes and the Skyway followed by Robinsville and the Dragon with my best friend. Will talk this evening.

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    My “assault weapon” is a Ruger 10/22 with a standard 10 round mag, bull barrel a thumb hole manlicher stock and some trigger refinements. This, under the liberals definitions is an assault weapon and is illegal in California. 😟.

    My solution: don’t go to California.

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    Are you copying the text or hitting the quote icon?


    I hit the “Quote” label on the lower left corner of the message. Like this:

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