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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    What exactly is this Hose … Twist Dynamics Direct OEM #5416268 Replacement Hose 2016.5-2019 - A-Grade - Blue $29.95 $15.99 OBO & these hoses in this kit.... Twist Dynamics 6-piece 2016.5-2019 Hose Kit - A-Grade - Blue $125.99 $54.99 OBO

    Are there any pics you can provide me to show me what exactly these hoses are replacing, thanks

    These hoses are an aftermarket replacement kit for the coolant hose kit system that can be found under the hood of your slingshot. Let us know if you have any other questions.


    As we explained to you and every other customer who was in the same predicament during that time period, when the company was bought from Cycle Springs Powersports and subsequently set up as its own company we were unable to take any documentation/paperwork/receipts from any transactions that occurred prior to the sale of the company. As such, we had no records to verify any purchases that may have been made. Furthermore, as we had just been set up as our own company and all prior purchases went through Cycle Springs Powersports, we did not receive any money for any of those purchases. Therefore, we had no way of verifying purchases or refunding/crediting customers for purchases made through our former parent company. Our solutions for our customers to this dilemma was two-fold.

    1) If you required a refund, unfortunately you would have to contact our old parent company as they still had your receipts/transaction records and your money. We supplied everyone who required this solution with proper contact information.


    2) If you required a replacement part, we would sell the item to you at cost (we make no money on the sale) so that moving forward the item would once again be under warranty. As was stated in the email that you posted, we did this because we felt obligated to help out our loyal customer base as much as we could given the situation that had arose that was completely out of their hands.

    We have never offered or sold a "complete and ready to install" halo package. Any halo kits that have ever been offered on our site simply include wire bouquets to make installation a bit easier on the installer. This is done because there exists a multitude of ways to correctly install/splice halos into the existing electrical harness of the vehicle and our kits were meant to be "universal" not placement specific.

    With regards to the hose kit claims, again I am happy to reassure every single person in the slingshot community that we do not discount and sell "repurposed" parts unless specifically stated in the product listing, such as with our b-grade large carbon fiber wings. The hose kits that you are referring to were put on sale because we had a significant level of inventory that we were trying to move through at the time. We've sold dozens, if not hundreds of those kits since the time being referenced and have never received a complaint regarding leaking. They are 5-ply kits which make them more durable than the stock kits.

    Most importantly, regardless of the product or individual issues that may arise from time to time, we are committed to our customers and to this community. If we weren't I wouldn't take the time to post such a lengthy response. This company does what it can, where it can to listen to its customers and to react and respond in such a way that allows customers to leave with an overall feeling of positivity. We are constantly evolving and trying to find new ways to bring better service and satisfaction to the slingshot community as a whole. Perhaps you did have a bad experience in the past with us and, if so, let me be the first to personally apologize and take responsibility for that. A great deal has changed internally with us over the course of the past 2 years and many within the community can attest to this. Give us a chance to make up for past mistakes and allow us to show you just how much we value and appreciate this community.

    Joe R.

    While we very much appreciate the compliment, we are actually a relatively small company. There is only one real monopoly in this industry and it certainly isn't us (although we continually strive to be better competition year in and year out). We are simply trying to do our best to bring a hands-on experience to the slingshot community across the country while simultaneously trying to satisfy the needs of our online clientele. We love and appreciate every single person within this outstanding community and will continue to do our best to bring you the most enjoyable, hassle-free experience that we can offer. We may falter occasionally, as all companies/people do from time to time, and we sincerely apologize greatly for that and take ownership for those mistakes. What we stand behind is our promise to help rectify those mistakes and to work with our customers to facilitate quick, efficient solutions that allow customers to leave with an overall positive feeling with regards to their experience. And if you ever walk away feeling differently, we implore you to call in or email us so that we can work with you to change that notion. Our customers and this community are our top priority, always.

    Joe R.

    We received your email this morning and are currently checking to make sure that we can secure your request in time for the Rockies show. Apologies if you believed us to be ignoring you, that is certainly not the case. If can be difficult to to load show trucks and ship orders while trying to follow up with vendors in peak season and still be able to respond with the needed information in several hours time. I can assure you that as soon as we can verify the availability of the items in question we will happily update you and arrange for pick up at the show. Thanks so much and have a happy 4th!