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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Part numbers are the same for both sites. Appears they are using Polaris #'s. I smell a rat. Could Polaris be back dooring their own warehouse on separate sites, Mmm? Heh guys this stuff is tongue and cheek, just having some fun.

    I have crossed the numbers and found a Japanize as well as China cross. Haven't found a USA (USA Timken) or German cross. ref.. Guess I might if I put enough effort into it. It just pisses me off that they have such a high failure rate.

    Prices are the same for three vendors as far as I can tell for the rear swing arm parts. (Was checking the bearing prices. This will be the 5th set in 25K)

    I guess it comes down to shipping discounts and timely service.

    Conspiracy theory. Could they all be using the same warehouse, parts origin? Two of them use identical parts list and drawings and pricing as far as I checked.

    CCP has a different phone number from CPN but both sites have similar web creation style.

    Maybe we should call Nancy Pelosi and have the Dem's investigate. I'm sure Trump is tied into it somehow.

    Recently I came across a website called CHEAP CYCLE PARTS. They have what appears to be a complete list of every part in regards to the Slingshot and other Polaris products. The drawings are very detailed and appear to be from the Polaris parts manual. Prices are posted as well as the OEM part number. Have any of you out there in Slingshotsville had experience with this vender or am I just spinning my wheel and everyone knows about them?

    Well That Blackfire stuff looks interesting. Thanks Cage free. Going to get me some and see if it works. I wonder if they have tested it against Florida's scourge, the Fu#% bug as we call them here. These thins are so nasty and acidic, spiders have been known build a new home if one gets caught in their web. No crap. The spiders here will not eat them. Chameleons and toads spit them out. I've seen mosquitoes high five them. lb5.jpg



    So let me get this strait. $200 to $1000 plus prep and effort? I was kinda looking for sumpin a bit cheaper and less technical. Like applying H2Oz706<xYz or equivalent. ALLin. I got some extra orange blades, no charge. Happy to help anyone with a slingshot in Florida to protect from those murderous, blood sucking, fire breathing insect bastards.

    wokka thanks, but I will pass this one up. First time ever I have not adhered to your vast Slingshot experience and knowledge. I mean that.

    Love Bugs. Hate them.

    For those new to Florida it is Love Bugs season. Do not use you're windshield wipers to remove them once affixed to your wind shield. You will end up with a white creamy mess almost impossible to see through. Any truck drivers going up and down the interstates will attest. Love Bug sauce is highly acidic and will damage your paint if left on for an amount of time. Clean daily. For removal I recommend starting with a plastic razor blade. I find the orange ones the best.

    Got mine many years ago. Not sure if they are still available. Use some soap and water to remove what's left, rinse and finish off with a quality detailer spray. I have yet to find a protector that works. They will eat right through the best waxes. You have been warned. Spock out.

    FB WTF We have everything here. I feel almost lucky for finding this site. We get at the best mediocre tech answers, latest gossip and how to spend your money on things (mods) that are not necessary. Just kidding.

    This site has saved me tons of money for being technically accurate, available 24/7, including do's and don'ts as well as keeping updates on mod's and fixes.

    I commend the staff for their diligent efforts. Thank you to the staff and supporting members!

    Question: @ what point do you stop doing MODS? My air conditioner in the house quit a few weeks ago and I am torn between $4500 for a new a/c unit or more Slingshot MODS. I have come to get used to 95* to 100* in the house (Florida) when I gat home but the mornings are a cool 80* to 85* Fall will be here soon...

    I am not a member of any of the so called social web sites, FB, Qz Twitter etc. so I am relying on the members here for answers to help me solve this dilemma.

    Wow. I meant some of my comments in jest. I support the second amendment. I am a standing member of the NRA. I served in the Air Force from March 23rd 1972 to January 3rd 1980 (ASW) If we really want to protect the Constitution from the radical left we need to impose TERM LIMITS on the Legislative branch. Six years MAX. Then let the rift rats back into society to make a honest living like the rest us. No life time pensions, and the same health care we are subject to that we are paying for. How about paying them by the hour? No show, no dough. We are tired of being told of how we should feel, think and live, at our expense. That's why we now have President Trump. People, citizens are finally fed up with the BS they have been shoving down our throats for years.

    Muskets. Next they will try and legislate how muck powder and balls you are allowed to have.

    Oh wait...7 round magazines come to mind. not Assault Rifle Model 15 or Automatic Rifle Model 15

    it is Armalite Rifle Model 15. It is NOT an Assault weapon

    But most of you already know this.

    As for the comment DO THE MATH... I do. I am an engineer with a mind ruined by higher education.

    My turn. What is the square root of three? No cheating with a calculator. All the Sparkies will know this one.

    Guess I'll get off this soap box now and listen to the next speaker.

    Respectively Yours

    In 1776 the English had Muskets and canon. We had Muskets and canon.

    In 2019 the gov't has fighter jets, tanks, artillery, Hum-v's.

    We have Muskets and canon.

    Gun control is no more than political control of the masses cloaked as... for the peoples safety.

    Comrade, You don't need no stinking guns.

    I still think we do.