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    Proof Danger Darrel was keeping it slow VIDEO BELOW, I want to thank Darrel and Chevy2 for stepping up and taking lead so everyone that wanted to ride could. I know it was killing Darrel to keep it slow but he did good. As much as I wanted to fly we needed to keep the big group together. And I might add as for the comment about 100 on the interstate which it would not have bothered me we only was doing a nice cruse of 80. The majority wanted to get back in time for the drawing so Chevy2 told them was was taking quickest rout. I guess we was the only 2 that wanted to make it in time. I won nothing but it was a nice ride back, at least I wasnt falling asleep like I was on the way to lamberts, the wife kept punching me to wake up.

    Look, I'm not going to argue this because I wasn't even on that ride and quite frankly I could care less. All I know is what I heard and what I was told Saturday night. One of the guys I was speaking with was even asked if he "could find his way back to Eureka Springs from Lambert's". Did the group split after Lambert's?

    Two vendors and no one running the event this year. Looks like all the money for registration went straight into the bank. I'll be really surprised if it happens next year. Nothing like the first three, they were a blast.

    Agreed. All I got for the $90 t-shirt and the opportunity to spend more money with all 2 of the vendors! LOL Probably won't be back even if they do offer it next year. Apparently you don't have to pay the registration fee anyway as there were several there that didn't. We live close enough that we can run to Eureka anytime. Sure did like the meets in the past though....those were fun with great group rides. I never went on a group ride and went solo all three days, but I guess this year there were a few folks that got lost and were left behind as well as rumors of 100 mph+ on the interstates. I guess that's what you get when nobody is in charge. We still had a good trip, but the event was a bust.

    Like most folks, I'm confused as hell as to what is going on. I've only met a few folks on here personally, made a lot of online friends and even made some deals with a few folks. I've always thought of this forum as a place to share info, gain some info and just to have some fun with folks that like to have fun with the sling. All of this he said she said they said politics shit needs to be left at the door. Can't we all just get along?:thumbsup:

    Yes, the outer two lights run and the center lights are on separate fuses. See pic below....

    The black wire we keep talking about is the ground wire for the relay that operates the center lights. You will need to take everything in that area (ecm, fuse box and the mount for both) loose so you can flip the fuse box to get to the wiring. Find the relay for the primary lights and there should be a yellow wire and a black wire on the bottom side of that relay. Cut the black wire and insert your switch in series with that wire. This just turns the relay on and off. You can find the 30A primary light fuse and do the same thing there, but it is easier to get to the relay and not deal with the spider web of wires.

    The outer lights didn't have a relay so I simply inserted my switch from the 20A fuse. That fuse is on the edge of the fuse box, so those wires are easy to get to.

    Will you be in Eureka Springs at the rally? If so, I'd be happy to show you in person.

    The fog light kit is purchased separately, so I'll say you don't have it installed. Easy to tell though, if you see a blank spot for a relay on the second row, then you'll know for sure. With the mod stated above, the center headlights will be controlled with the switch. If you want to turn off the outer lights as well, I believe you will have to install another switch for that circuit. Just going by memory here, but I think that fuse is on the bottom row in the first column, you can insert a switch in series with either lead from that fuse. Be sure to check the inside of the fuse box lid to ensure you are on the right circuit.