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    You have great (and long) stories. Makes me glad my wife told me to read more.


    Here is a list that I ordered today.

    Mods to 2016.5 Polaris Slingshot

    Digital Guard Dawg keyless system

    Assault Industries "Hell fire" front grille

    NRG Gen 3.0 Quick Release custom

    ATP Bolt kit for steering wheel

    Assault D-shape steering wheel

    NRG aftermarket steering wheel hub

    Mo-Door in dash dual garage door opener

    Assault passenger side kick plate

    Assault driver side kick plate

    Assault Industries fitted pedal covers

    Alpha cold air intake

    Bullet speed vented hood insert

    DDMWORKS firewall finish

    DDMWorks rear axle double nut cover

    Sparco Premium Bullet Shifter Knob

    Painted media bezel

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    Couldn't tell you where I was but this was Robin and myself a couple months ago before I decided to let my hair grow. Second picture is me accepting the award of best in class for European Motorcycle at the Festivals of Speed in St Petersburg.


    I ride to work in the mornings with the temp between 25 and 35 for about 2 months out of the year. A full face helmet makes a big difference if you don't want to wait for the perfect riding conditions. For the rest of the year I use a Fly Racing half helmet or nothing at all. I have to wear s helmet to get to work because it is on a Military base.

    I think I would love to see 25-35 but then again Florida weather barely sees 50 for a low only couple weeks a year.


    After speaking with Mark today, he decided not to go forward with the sale/donation for the vents. Too much on his plate right now and he does not need the extra headache. However, I did mention to him that I would possibly see about getting a handfull of the vents and doing a donation / giveaway. Let me talk some more with him and if everything works out I will post how to get them.

    I am in Tampa Bay but if you have any still available and time (I'm willing to pay) I would gladly drive to have you install these into my 2016.5

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    Welcome aboard @rnj12 - looking forward to seeing more pictures of your ride and adventures. Where are you at?

    Top 5 first mods ....
    1 Coil overs
    2 Exhaust
    3 Tires
    4-99 Wherever your heart takes you

    I'm in Tampa Bay area. I have many many items in the shopping cart just waiting for the wife not to be looking so I can hit send.

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    I am not a mean person, but can't resist this opportunity. Hopefully Bigdog isn't a boxer!! This guy keeps getting the living shit knocked out of him and gets up and comes back for more!!! I guess I admire that a little. No, not really!!


    This could have been a "catastrophic brake failure if the guy wasn't asleep". Happened a couple years ago in front of the Miami Marlins baseball stadium.

    Driver of Miami dump truck involved in crash on paid...

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    Y'all are way more patient than me, I stopped giving a frack on the first catastrophic failure thread, after trying to explain(and failing) that there hasn't been a single actual failure to date I concluded that he is either a troll or someone who has less common sense than a Baywatch Blonde.

    I wasn't bored but I was "working" and it's a way to pass the time and learn about the "catastrophic brake failure" on the new ride that I just picked up.


    You all are awesome! Yes, I have looked on Craigslist and have found various items to think about. I have NEVER had any luck buying used, but can def. save money! I appreciate the roof system suggestion. I'll put it on the list.

    Color has been tough...I think the black and orange is sharp, but getting a lot of grief from they say...but want some

    I just bought 2016.5 (yes 2016 and a half) saved $3000. That's the same people are asking kn Craigslist. I have had mine for a week and a half and I still loose sleep over wanting to go ride.


    I didn't go with the quick release. I thought about it, but after sitting in one that had it I decided against it. The quick release moves the wheel closer to you, and with my height and long arms, I decided against it.

    I didn't make this up only laughed at Jay Leno when doing a review of the trex. He said something to the effect of I like the quick release so when my wife says you should have went this way you can take the wheel off and hand it to her and say here you drive.