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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thank you - :thumbsup:

    Today, I converted from standard air to Nitrogen in my tires. I know there are those who say this is bull, but I did it, and time will tell how well it works for me. I do have a boat trailer that is 3 years old and the pressure is right on where normally we lose pressure every year due to the seasonal temperature changes that we see in the Midwest.

    I have thought about this, there is a local place that does all their tires with nitrogen and my brother in law takes their vehicles there for tires and gets them topped off there whenever they get low. I havent bothered since I have a compressor sitting right in my garage next to our vehicles and it is just easier to do it at home.

    one thing I have wondered is if the air that is in the tire before you pump the Nitrogen dilutes the Nitrogen or reduces the benefits - - I dont think there is any way to get 100% of the air out is there?

    also its a Canadian company so you might want to allow a bit more time for shipping

    Seems odd I know, but for some reason people who want to kill people dont seem to be worried about getting in trouble for breaking a gun law

    As Vizzini would have said “Inconceivable!"

    As messed up as California's gun laws are at least they are solid evidence that gun laws and assault bans dont work

    if Assault bans worked the punk that shot up Gilroy should have been stopped by the ban - - he wasn't

    I've got an on going project for a T-top. I ordered it on June 2nd 2019 I waited a month for delivery and when I asked when it would be shipped the answer was always next week. I canceled the order and like a fool I re-ordered the top 3 weeks ago. Guess what. The order will ship next week. I don't know if I should wait or cancel the order again. This deal has made me very angry and frustrated. I just had to tell someone because I could not keep my frustration bottled up inside me. Please forgive me for venting on the forum but I just had to let it out.

    I dont know what exactly you ordered, but if I am not mistaken many if not most of these tops are made to order, especially if you are ordering colors to match or coordinate with your slingshot or any other of the options that might be offered. It takes time to build some of these things and this can be exasperated if the item has to be sent out to a third party for things such as powder coating

    Remember most of these companies that we are dealing with are small mom & pop operations that cant afford to be maintaining large inventories of unsold products.

    We have a political system that does everything in its power to divide people and then when this division pushes some mentally unstable person to commit a senseless act like shooting up a festival instead of addressing the division that they have been sowing or that lack of care for the mentally challenged that they created by saying we cant hold these people what do they do

    they go after guns

    the only thing that needs to be banned to fix this crap is self serving politicians - get rid of them and that will get rid of the problem


    As the recent shooting at the garlic festival in Gilroy California proves gun bans do nothing. The deranged young man that did the shooting bought the weapon legally in Nevada and then broke the law by bringing it into California

    Californias laws banning it did nothing because the criminal didn't care if he broke the gun law - - seriously if you think it is okay to shoot people does anyone really think you care about other laws????

    Actually unless they added them with the most recent changes rimfire rifles have been exempt from the assault weapon ban and the large capacity magazine ban

    Everyone remember it only takes like 3 seconds to change a mag, whether it is 3 rounds or 50 rounds. That is why I have at least 4 mags for ever gun that I have. I remember I had to call the manufacturer because I could not find the mags for one of my rifles, the girl on the phone says why it is only 4 round mag, I told her that the powers to be still do not realize that it only takes 3 seconds to change a mag, she replied that she had not thought about that.

    this is why states like California are now banning anything they consider an assault weapon that has a removable magazine - if you have a gun that has any of the "features" that they have decided are evil and it has a removable magazine in the state of California it is now a banned assault weapon and you have three options. 1 - make it so that the magazine can not be removed. 2 - make it "featureless" by removing any of the so called evil features, or 3 register it as an assault weapon with the State - in California the deadline for doing these with a gun you already owned have passed and guns that have these features and removable magazines are no longer sold unless they are made "California Compliant" before they are brought into the State

    I am afraid that this is where the Democrats will be trying to move us on a federal level so I suggest if there is a gun you want with a removable mag and any of the so called bad features you get it now before its too late

    that and vote for Trump

    I think with 3 of these lunatics in a months time I’m afraid they will try and outlaw what they want to classify as an “assault” rifle. I never felt I needed one but I sure hate to see em take everybody else’s right to have one. Just wonder if they do - and it doesn’t work - what their next move will be.

    the problem is that they have no clue what an "assault" weapon is. if something looks the least bit like a military weapon they want to ban it they dont care how much firepower it has or does not have

    I have a 9mm carbine that holds 10 rounds - no military person or police officer would ever want it as their assault weapon, but because it has scary features like a pistol grip California says it is an "assault" weapon

    Also the second amendment is there so that the people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government and considering this fact then there is every reason to assume it is intended to let the people have the same weapons as the government would have - if not then whats the point?

    Are they going to beta test? I would drive it for free if they picked me as a beta driver. I like the idea of an automatic, opens sale up to those that never learned to drive a manual. Would also stop the worry of wearing out the clutch down shifting.:evil:


    In opening sales to people who cant be bothered to learn to drive a manual they may be risking putting Slingshots in the hands of more inexperienced drivers who will then have more accidents and drive up insurance costs for others. more may be better for their sales, but it may not be better for you and me

    just a thought