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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    as a side note I also highly recommend the - Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable - much more reliable and also much more durable than the garbage you get from Apple - - they bill it as the "Worlds most durable cable" I also like that they come in colors, I got a red one to go in my red slingshot and a black one to use with my powerbank - we have a bunch of apple people in the family and by having red and black it keeps others from grabbing the my cables and walking off with them :)

    I have found the usb port in the glove box to be very unreliable. when trying to charge my phone it randomly disconnects, and when trying to play music of a thumb drive it too will just randomly disconnect. it seems like any movement of the plug from hitting a bump or opening and closing the glove box is all it takes and it stops working until I unplug whatever I am using and re plug it back in. I Have actually gotten to the point where I have given up on the built in USB port. I now run and charge my phone off an Anker powerbank and play the music through bluetooth

    using this - Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank - I can run my phone and my Gopro all day and all night and both will stay fully charged and I never have to worry that I will find out it disconnected and stopped charging

    might have to try this when the weather cools down. right now we have a "bug guy" but not really happy and not sure we get our moneys worth. Was thinking about just spraying myself, but a bug bomb might be interesting - what kind do you use? - and how long are you out of the house?

    speaking of Mule's in 2012 a beautiful sample of a mule moved in the yard behind me - it is a Toyota Land Cruiser truck - pretty much just like the one below - same color, but very faded and I suspect original, and everything else looks to be original - its on blocks but Just to keep the weight off the tires I am told, Apparently it belonged to my neighbors father and he only keeps it for sentimental reasons had to actually buy it back from some uncle. A few year back I asked if it ran and he said that it did when he parked it. I offered to take it off his hands, but he wasnt interested


    Also around the corner sitting in a driveway is a beautiful fully restored Willies truck - looks exactly like this one - - I have never seen it moved either


    I would love to get my hands on either one of these

    frankly I like my little 1/2 helmet. protects my head from the pounding sun and potential skin cancer and it will actually stay on in 50 - 60 mph cross wind gusts and on the highway 90 mph - I have tried hats and they just dont stay on

    in addition it provides protection against any bugs or debris that might smack me in the head

    I dont know if I would ever had bought the helmet if it were not legally required - probably not, but now that I have both the 1/2 and a full helmet I can guarantee I would keep using both if they ended the helmet law tomorrow

    We at my work have been facing a very similar issue. I am in the retirement plan business we setup and administer the accounting and valuations for retirement plans like 401(k) plans and others. over the years a huge number of our clients have been doctors. Well ever since Obama care the hospitals have been buying out the small doctors. What happens is that the Doctor becomes an employee of the hospital. to his patients everything looks the same, they go to the same office, see the same front office people and the same doctor, but when the insurance gets billed everything is billed as if it had been done in a hospital which allows the Dr to bill substantially more. For whatever reason insurance companies will pay more for the same procedure if it is done in a hospital and since the Drs office is now owned by the hospital everything they do is technically done in a hospital.

    This all works great for the doctor because all of the normal issues of running an office and paying a staff are now handled by the hospital, but it sucks for us because the doctor can no longer have his own plan because he no longer has his own business to fund that plan - The doctor is now an employee of the hospital and will be covered under their plan

    most of the time this means the Dr's plan gets terminated and the money is rolled to the hospitals plan and we loose a client

    since Obama care put the squeeze on Doctors becoming hospital EE's has been good for them and really bad for us

    in the last 8 or so years we have lost about 50% of our Dr clients because of this

    Im just glad I am at retirement age and mentally ready to be that old guy you see watering the plants in the garden area of Home Depot

    Maine signef into law that you do not have to have a motorcycle license to drive a slingshot. Just another example to illustrate this is not a motorcycle.

    not sure thats a good example - California has never required a license for any three wheel motorcycle - Californias motorcycle licenses, the M1 & M2 have always been specifically for 2 wheel motorcycles

    using you logic this would mean that a Harley trike isnt a motorcycle because you dont need a motorcycle license in California

    My one wish before Trump leaves office is that he will use his executive powers to create term limits on all those in DC. Nobody from either party likes him so it would serve them right and that is the only thing he could do to make America great again. But will he have the balls to do it...???

    I suspect presidential powers do not extend this far - and if they did they would have been used by Obama back with the Republicans held both houses

    No No that's not the way to look at it! You can put the sling on the lift and the new car you buy her can fit UNDER the lift for MORE parking space. See See ya gotta go innovative! And if you put a wall around it it will look like a "tiny house" and everyone will think you are more environmental! Win Win!

    More parking space is not something we need. We park her car and the sling in the garage and some years back we doubled the width of our drive way and you could easily park an additional 8 cars in it. - as to the "tiny house" - - nah if I were going to go that direction it would be a "big workshop"

    unfortunately that isnt likely either

    Hummmm on second thought at about two grand for one and the slingshot is about 1750 pounds that's about 1.14 a pound. You can't get a good steak or chicken at that price ... maybe this IS doable.... ( just goes to show ya anything can be rationalized ) Still not going downstairs ....

    I might be able to talk the wife into something like this, but the only suitable place I have where it could be installed would be in the front of the house where our driveway extends to the property line for extra parking.

    For some reason I suspect my neighbors might not want to look at a lift all of the time, just a tad to industrial for most I suspect :/

    I have other vehicles as well.... F150, Chrysler Pacifica.... Figured it had to be scalable!

    I figured as much, my neighbor used to have one of those worked great lifting my F150, unfortunately I no longer have the truck and the neighbor moved and took the lift with him


    That video with them blowing up gives me a new respect for tires.....during inflation...pretty scary ...

    Also notice on the airplane wheels/tires....the grooves are just straight to remove water. Not fancy like on cars....makes me wonder if those curved grooves is just a sales gimmick....

    airplane tires never have to corner at speed - totally different demands than on a car tire