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    I had the camera recall done back in early June. Reception is a little better, but not much.

    was paying more attention on my drive home yesterday and back to work this morning and I must say the radio reception was great no fading and crackling in places where it always did before - only thing that has changed is that the camera is unplugged - I know that there is what looks like a ballast or coil in line with the camera between the plug and camera itself, I believe this is the voltage regulator that is the focus of the recall and I wonder if it is this regulator that causes the interference - - - - If/when I finally do get the recall done I guess I will see if the interference comes back

    As many of you might know the radio reception in the 2015 / 2016 slingshots leaves allot to be desired. I never really worried much about it because I could always stream Pandora through Bluetooth or stick a thumb drive in the usb port and play music off of that. Anyway about a month or 2 back my pandora didnt connect and with my phone being in my pocket I just pressed the button to switch it to the USB, but instead I switched it to the radio. It was on a song I like so I didnt think much of it and it has been on the radio ever since

    Well today I was reading a facebook post where someone was asking what they could do about the bad reception on their 2016 SL radio and several posts down someone suggested that much of the problems are caused by the back up camera - - when I read this a light went on in this old brain of mine and I remembered that several months ago I disconnected my back up camera - didnt want to take it in just for the recall and figured it would be safer to unplug it

    anyway since I have been using the radio I havent really noticed any reception problems - at least not enough for me to even take notice so

    is there a connection? am I now getting better reception because I disconnected the camera?

    oh and if I am will getting the new camera on the recall bring the reception problems back?

    Then change them out in the fall when it starts getting cool out?

    I have not made that decision yet. I have my stock SL blade windshield sitting on a shelf and I will decide this winter - Here in the desert even in our coldest months the average high is in the 70's so I may decide just to keep the double bubbles year round - it will probably depend more on how wet I get in the rain - the blade was pretty good at directing the rain up over me when moving not sure if the bubbles will be as good or if not will it be enough of a difference to warrant the change

    Read your install and review. Bought the parts, just don’t have the courage to cut the hole. 😟

    I am in the same boat as you - I am not willing to cut holes, or perhaps I just dont have the guts to cut holes. I would rather put up with the heat than to risk F ing up my slingshot - anything like this will only happen if Its being done at an event by someone who has done it a bunch of times before where I can see the end result first on some other sling.

    As a side note at this point I am not sure I even need vents in the foot area - ever since I installed my OEM Polaris double bubble windshields I can feel the wind swirling around my feet and ankles when I am driving I really think that for dealing with our very hot summer weather the double bubbles might have been some of the best money I have spent on mods - and at $65 its one of the least expensive mods as well - - - and no cutting :thumbsup:

    If you look at the going prices for just FJs then factor in the truck part the $2000 would be a joke if he knows what he has. These things are getting insane money when restored and even when not. If it's all original then that is a very nice find. California rig? Assume no rust.

    I dont know if its a California or not. only thing I know about its history is that it was his fathers and that he bought it back from an uncle - I assume his father passed away and for some reason the uncle ended up with the truck

    According to Summer Breeze who has had it installed all summer it works. I have a feeling it will work even better without the stock splash guard installed. For those that may not know I have the StickerDick fenders which were like the second ones that were installed, the full fender not the bobbers.

    I have been told that not that much air gets through the holes in the stock splash guards, but I would think these vent would work great on a setup where the they have been removed like yours

    please keep us updated - might just push me over the edge to remove the splash guards - cant afford the sticker dick fenders and have been afraid that in the rain it would suck without the splash guards, but if these vents really work for you then I might be willing to trade getting slashed the few times it rains for being cooler in our 4 months of 100 plus heat

    I think all of this is in Mark R. Levin's new book Unfreedom of the Press. He quoted a lot of it on his show this past week. What you are showing is just the tip of the iceburg. I have got to buy the book on my next trip to Walmart

    Snopes which is leans heavily to the left tries to to say it is not really true because some of the people named are no longer married and then they go on to basically say that even if its true it doesnt prove a liberal bias in the media

    I like to fact check things before I re post them - and for non political things or things that are just wrong snopes but the way they examine this shows they lean left IMO

    your temps sound great to me, but that humidity would kill me - - normal humidity around here is 10 - 15% and people freak out and complain when we hit 30%

    my all my alpine amps are there and have survived several rainstorms and all my washes, they are not waterproof, heck they are not even water resistant.....

    Same for my Sony head unit.

    I am really glad that it has worked out for you and others here, but I still would want waterproof equipment in that location, even if other equipment might work perfectly as yours has it would still have me freaking out every time I got caught in the rain and with my slingshot being my daily driver it just wouldnt be fun riding in the rain if I was thinking about the equipment under the seat all the time

    These things work very well. Won’t have to do it again for about a year. I also have a fogger that I use outside for mosquitos. For outside I use TelStar Pro. It is great on ‘skeeters, fleas, ticks and roaches. Also wipes out the stinkbug population.

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    fleas and ticks here are not a real problem, I guess they dont do well in the heat. never put any flea repellent or collar on any of the dogs or cats we have had over the year and none of them ever had a single flea or tick - skeeters are also not problem - at most might get bit once a year if that. What I would like is something for flies - something that actually works without smelling like shit

    I use RaidMax No Mess Dry Fogger or Black Flag Fumigator.

    There are 3 bombs in the package, enough to cover about 2600 sq ft. I’ve been using either this, or the Black Flag Fumigator, for the past 30 years. It does a great job of wiping out the bug population.

    we have always just used sprays or had the bug dude who sprays. I think a fogger like this would be more thorough, but for sure would have to move our parrot and the dog outside for the day so it will have to wait until cooler weather