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    There are roads around here where it looks like the engineers tossed spaghetti on a piece of paper and said yeah that looks good pave that!

    the only downside I have found to many of the great twisty roads here in California is that many of them seem to have mountain on one side and cliff to fall off on the other and as such there really isnt much room for error

    actually the House never impeached Nixon

    And technically tha house has not impeached Trump - to finalize what they voted for and make it legal it needs to be sent to the Senate - until that happens it is not done

    The Democrats are trying to lower the standard for impeachment from "high crimes or misdemeanors" to "we don't like what you did"

    Just like Wolf the democrats didnt like Trump before he was elected, and just like Wolf that is all they need to justify wanting him out of office

    As a side note did you all notice the protestors outside the congress the day they voted to impeach? A bunch of of them were actually holding signs that read "Impeach Trump and Pence"

    These morons are so stupid they don't even realize that Pence hasn't even been mentioned in the impeachment and if by some miracle Trump were actually removed from office Pence would becomes President - like they say "you can't fix stupid"

    I ran my very first motorcycle (Honda CB-360T) out of gas. It started sputtering, so I went to flip i to reserve like I always did, and it was already on reserve....

    had the exact same thing happen to me in my 1964 Porsche 356C - - much like a motorcycle it had a "reserve" lever to flip. unfortunately it was located up under the dash on the firewall and my friend had accidentally hit it with his foot without my knowledge - - - =O

    As a side note I suspect the reason why my wife worries less about getting low on gas is because she knows it will not be her that ends up walking to the closest gas station - =O

    The minority was told they couldn't have a hearing day to call their witnesses as allowed by the rules. The reason given was that there was no time as the matter was so urgent. Now the majority is holding off sending it to the house. If it's so urgent why delay the process?

    It's all BS and in the end Pelosi has no choice, if she does not follow through and send the articles to the Senate along with managers, then Trump can legitimately say he has not been impeached.

    Pelosi has no leverage at all in this case and the longer she waits the more of a laughingstock the Democrats in the House become

    Link - Trump not impeached until articles are sent to the Senate

    Where to go Ed! The only difference between your gas gauge my gas gauge is when mine starts blinking it resonates scorn from the passenger seat 😜

    I have never actually seen mine blink or had the low fuel light come on - on my drive home tonight it dropped to two bars and the range says 100 miles. My ride to work is 15.5 miles each way and I will either gas going in of not then coming home - - I dont even like it when its just one bar let alone no bars and blinking lights =O

    just for fun I was just looking at my owners manual to see what it says about the fuel gauge and the low fuel light and this is what I found:

    Fuel Gauge Display - The segments of the fuel gauge show the level of fuel in the fuel tank. When the last segment clears, a low fuel warning is activated. All segments including the fuel icon will flash. Refuel immediately.

    Low Fuel - This lamp illuminates when approximately one gallon (3.8 liters) of fuel remains in the fuel tank.

    Capacities: Fuel 9.8 gallons (37.1 l) Fuel Remaining at “Empty” on Gauge Approximately 1.0 gallon (3.8 l)

    So my gauge has 8 bars and when they are done I should have 1 gallon left - with a 9.8 gallon tank that would imply that each bar is roughly equal to 1.1 gallons

    A little bit of political gamesmanship on Pelosi's part.

    McConnell has stated he won't bring USMCA to a vote until impeachment is done.

    Pelosi holds impeachment back and gets USMCA passed then sends it first.

    If McConnell takes up USMCA first he's a liar. If he holds it during impeachment he's delaying USMCA from being law.

    from what I read the USMCA is expected to get through the House today and then be sent to the Senate

    as such it would seem that McConnell is waiting on Nancy for it as well as the impeachment

    Edit: wouldnt you know - just 20 minutes after I posted this breaking news - The House passes USMAC

    I guess now we will see what happens in the Senate

    I'm back with another update =O

    Been running with it set at sport and was getting very comfortable with it, but the last few mornings when it has been colder (38 to 44) and it seemed to be bit touchy - - - not sure if the cold is causing the car to be more sensitive or if the cold is making me more jumpy, but either way I dialed it back to sport -1 and that seems to get it back to a better place

    is there any reason why cold would impact throttle response? colder denser air perhaps?

    Right now if there were a place where one could legally place wagers on such things I would bet my money that after hearing some opening statements in the Senate the side will ask that the case be dismissed and that request will be granted.

    No matter how much Mr. Trump might like the chance to call his witnesses I suspect his attorneys will see no need to let it go to trial and take any chances that some unknown information could screw everything up and I suspect the Republican leadership in the Senate will fell the same way


    Couple of years ago while filling up one of the guys (not me) filled the Slingshot with diesel....caught it before he started the Slingshot --- we spent some time sucking it all out and added a little 'sea foam' and filled with 93 and went down the road. Got lucky. We were in Maggie Valley.

    here in California the normal gas nozzles have a bulky shroud to recover the fumes around most of the end of the nozzle for smog control - - this shroud is not used on the nozzles that pump diesel - - - as such I think it would be very difficult to make the mistake of pumping diesel

    gas_nozzle.jpg vs 4FY19_AS01?$mdmain$

    I knew a guy that did not have any until he hit 62 years old with all his life in the outdoors. That means nothing. I have been outside most of my life without sunscreen also on bikes since 1964. My hands are now white with scar tissue. I have been burnt, cut, froze and electrocuted (Burnt and scraped) with two face lifts as I call it in the process. The first skin cancer surgery was in 1982. If you manage to go thru life as you say, you will be VERY lucky not to have some skin cancer.

    well, I'm of northern European decent with a fairly light complexion, 65 going on 66, and so far so good, :thumbsup:

    Hell - my dad used to lay in the sun with baby oil on and he made it to 82 without any skin problems - - perhaps its a genetic thing

    Enough trips to the skin doctor you just might change your mind. I have done that (Doctor Visits) since 1982.

    with the helmet that California requires I get less sun in the Slingshot without a top than I do just taking care of my yard and walking down town. Never intentionally tanned, but I also have never used sun screen - - Went to a skin Dr just for a check a couple of years back he checked every place I couldn't see and everything was good - - considering our desert sun I guess I am just lucky

    My wife feels the same way , she wanted a top for the slingshot, so I had 2 seasons without one but next season I will have one on just for her as it's on its way as I type.......

    That's the beauty of the MeanSling - it spends most of the time hanging in my garage, but when Sara is ready to ride I can have it installed in under 10 minutes and then after we get home I can have it back off just as easily - - I love the openness way too much to ever have any top that didnt come off this easy or left some frame behind to block my view

    this is how I love my top - - right where it belongs :)


    My wife hates my Harley ( Doesn't like the ride ) she loved my 05 Goldwing and when I sold it 7 years later she wanted me to replace it with another Goldwing but I didn't due to us not traveling much because of work and my 3 sons, so I replaced it with a Suzuki M109 instead lol , the owner of my 05 Goldwing still brings it to me to service it & when it's here my wife looks at me with that face that says " I want a Goldwing " but she's slowly loving the slingshot , which she has no choice. I doubt I'll ever buy another 2 wheel bike again !

    I had stopped riding on two wheels quite a few years before my wife and I got together. When I started talking about wanting to get another bike my wife was all for it - EXCEPT - she made it very clear she was never going to ride on it - no way, no how. Then one day I spotted a Slingshot and just loved it so I asked my Sara "would you ride in that with me?" and she said yes

    That was it - a few months later we were off to the dealer to bring home a shiny new red SL

    As a side note she still won't ride in the Slingshot in the sun (she hates the sun) but thats okay she loves to run around town in the evening which is good enough for me. Also I can talk her into going on longer trips from time to time but for those I am required to throw on the MeanSling Sport top - - - Thats why I bought it 8o

    sounds good until you pump in 9 gallons of bad gas....if you’re on a trip far away from are you going to get rid of 9 gallons of bad gas? Your trip will be over ending with a tow truck and a long stay in a garage. Costing hundreds of dollars. Been there and done that. I’m speaking from experience not hypothetical. Only my experience was with 30 gallons of bad gas. Which is all the more reason to always buy from national chain gas stations. Not the cheapest place in town. And high octane.

    In over 50 years of fueling cars, trucks and motorcycles I have never had one that stopped running because of "bad gas". I did have a 1971 Z28 Camaro that did run crappy one time when I got a bad tank, but that was the only time I ever even noticed any difference in any of the gas I have pumped into vehicles I have driven