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    One thing I would like to throw in here - I have found that for GPS directions when driving the Apple Watch is a great addition if you are an iPhone user. Using the watch you can free up the phone for other things it saves the battery in the phone and you can glance at the watch anytime you want to see the next turn. and if you are not looking or to busy talking, before each turn it gives you a "tap" on the wrist to remind you when its time time to turn

    I have been loving this for some time now with my old series 1 apple watch which uses the phones GPS, but yesterday I ordered a gift for myself of a new series 3 watch which has its own GPS built in and does not even need the phone for driving directions - this will completely free up my iPhone for other things when driving - like my other driving apps that I use in the slingshot.

    Sometimes it's fun to have a vanity plate.... Sling 1 Indiana I have the first Slingshot registered in the State of Indiana. (that's a little lie-----I did have the first, but now I'm in my second Slingshot but still carry the Sling 1 plate.) And yes it costs me about $50.00 a year …..

    Yea - I did think about it - "RED SL" is even available, but I just cant bring myself to sign up for the never ending payments just to have something that the people behind me might read - - if its that important I can just get a license plate frame that says the same thing

    So, If the U.S. officially declares the Mexican drug cartels to be terrorist organizations does that mean the U.S. will start flying drones over Mexico looking to take out the leaders of the cartels?

    I am very much agains these cartels, but I am not sure officially declaring war on people with so much access to our borders is a good idea - - could really open up a can of worms turning their focus against us instead of each other


    The rubber gasket in my cap fell apart over a year ago - it has worked just fine without it.

    With my California slingshot having a vent system on the gas tank with a carbon filter canister I am probably breaking some law by not having the tank sealed, but WTF

    Maybe something changed with the lower shock mounts in 2019. Of course SoCal had to use washers, too. Not sure what year his is. The top mounts fit perfectly, no spacers needed. At any rate, I made 6 spacers and got the shocks installed. Set them at the stock ride height and adjusted the comp and rebound for softer "around town" ride. WAY better than the stock shocks. Heck, most of the rattles and clunks I used to hear when I went over bumps have even stopped!

    If you want to get rid of more of the rattles and clunks I highly recommend that you replace the stock sway bar mounts with the DDM sway bar mounts - the stock ones are hard plastic and they transmit every little noise right to the frame. The DDM urethane mounts are much better - - - oh and if you do this might as well change the sway bar to a DDM as well and finish off the suspension mods properly


    I remember implementing a new payroll reporting process for a network installation company I worked for back in my corporate controller days. Instead of just reporting total hours for the day, I required each field tech to break their entire day down into 15 minute increments and report as office/warehouse time, travel time, and the exact amount of time on each job so I could accurately job cost. When one of the techs completed his for the first day he handed it to me and said he was done. When I told him this would be ongoing he looked at me and asked, 'you want us to do this EVERY day?' I said, absolutely not. Just the days you want to be paid for. I got 100% compliance.

    My wife's employer is one of our local indian tribes, she is table games dealer, as such when she is at work she is technically working for an employer in a different nation and the rules are what the Indians choose them to be - as such there really isnt any point in complaining - if the Indians want to require all employees to use a smart phone that will run the app then thats what you must do if you wish to work there - - dont get me wrong, the Indians she works for are a fantastic and fair employer, its just that their rules are not subject to being overruled lawyers - you cant take them to court if you don't like something or for much of anything else - - - if you have a problem at work the only place you can go to ask for help would be the Tribal Counsel

    My wife’s work just switched to a new payroll company and they are requiring all employees to use a phone app to verify the hours worked each pay period on the app before the pay will be given. You don’t get paid until you have done this. No exceptions, you must use the app.

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    Whenever a business or doctor or whatever wants my phone number I always give our landline number. My cell is for family and friends. If someone I don’t know calls my cell I know it’s a sales call or some other bs and ignore it

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    so it’s a secret unofficial recall only if you have a problem....WTF...

    does that mean the brake lights don’t work?

    I was trying to do a brake light mod over a year ago and in the process I burnt out my brake light switch....the dealer replaced now with adding these resisters maybe somehow I burnt it out again.....

    If this is the case then I am even happier that I haven't added any lights to my Slingshot - - judging from your blinker problems and now this it sure seems like its a pain in the behind and with the recall it seems clear the system just isnt setup to be able to deal with the additional draw

    Not that I will be getting one, but when would 2020 models normally be expected to be released? - - - I haven't followed past years so I don't know when Polaris normally comes out with the new year models.