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    I may do that once I'm out of work. I will probably see exactly what you're talking about. I won't however cherry pick my findings to confirm a narrative.

    but this is exactly what you always seem to do - you dismiss anything you think supports Trump as BS especially if it comes from Fox and you latch on to anything that is against Trump

    Your posts here consistently show you "cherry picking" anything and everything you can find to support your admitted disdain for Trump

    If only Trump would swear under oath and defend himself in person. Then we could impeach him for a good reason, lying. Then you guys would all be on board, right?:D

    so - you already have decided he would be lying - - - - - I guess you prefer guilty until proven innocent

    Personally I think the fact that the law professors cant even agree if Trump committed an impeachable offence is pretty much proof that there should be reasonable doubt

    seriously how can you not have reasonable doubt when they cant even agree?

    Except of course for Wolf who has never had any doubt 8o

    Yeah, way back when, I used to drive from Rancho Cordova (Sacramento, CA) to Riverside CA. 472 miles 1 way. My record was 4hrs 30mins flat. (=105mph avg). I can't imagine doing that for 24+ hrs.

    Just so happened that was the weekend before Christmas heading down the I-5 in California. For those that know the area, it's flat and straight and if you're doing anything under 80, you're getting rolled over by semi's. Anyways, got into a line of about a dozen cars and we just rolled like a train almost bumper to bumper. 1st guy would lead for about 10 miles then peal off and fall in the back, then 2nd guy would lead and do the same. Did that for well over 100 miles (at pushing 110-120mph). I decided if a cop were going to try to pull us over, I would be the 2nd-to-last guy to pull over. That was fun. Dangerous. Stupid. And Fun.

    Oh, and same route, different trip, got a speeding ticket for coming down the Grapevine at 85mph. Didn't have the heart (guts?) to tell the cop I was in neutral!

    Back in the 70's my father and I always had a CB radio in the car and on long open drives on the highway we would talk with the truckers who would drive in a formation like you are talking about. They would love it when some guy in a car took the lead going really fast and they would all speed up and fall in behind that person - - the term they used on the CB when referring to that lead car was the Human Sacrifice - - - - - - - - - - "We got us a human sacrifice"

    Unlike many that defend their side regardless of numerous indictments and prison sentences. I welcome all justice. If there were people breaking the law while performing an investigation, lock them up. Anything that taints results isn't good for America, period, regardless who did it.

    I agree, anybody found guilty should be done - locked up or removed from office

    BUT - we also cant forget one of the biggest things that makes the U.S. justice system the best in the world is the concept that EVERYONE is innocent until PROVEN guilty

    Unfortunately many people like you decided that Trump was guilty before he was even elected and have wanted him out of office without even waiting for the proof that our system requires

    Whats really frightening is that future presidents will without a doubt be subject to the same standards that you and many others think are enough to remove Trump - and if that happens there is a very good chance that impeachment will become standard operating procedure for which ever party loses an election

    "F- the election results"

    So, which do you think has caused more harm to Biden's election chances - Trump asking that a corrupt oil company be investigated, or Schiff making it the central issue of his call for impeachment?

    Frankly if Schiff hadn't made it this huge thing I would have never even known about the Biden's connections to this oil company or for that matter his China connections - - - would you?

    I have an app called Gauges that includes an Altimeter, Speedometer, Barometer, Accelerometer, Sound Level, Location & Luminance - you can choose which of these have turned on or off and you can select any one to be open as full screen when you want to use it - I have tried other speedometer apps and this seems to be just as accurate as the others, I also find it handy to only have one app do all of these measurements


    in addition to this I have the SpeedBox Performance Tracking app, and the Rever GPS motorcycle app and of course the apple maps app that comes standard on the phone - all of these also show speed in addition to there other functions

    The 'app' I use when driving the Slingshot --- Paper map the route before I leave home. May have a GPS in the Slingshot but NEVER set it to take me someplace.

    I like that GPS in the phone is constantly updated for traffic conditions

    When I was younger I used the Thomas Guide maps for everything and I still like to look things up before I leave home, but once on the road the GPS and the way it is continuously updated for the actual road conditions will often get me around crap that I could have been stuck in for a long time had I just followed the route I looked up before leaving home