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    I agree, edwardaneal, this appears to be a case of it is legal until you get stopped! :)

    In the end all one would be out of is a lil time and money, right?

    Back in my 2 wheel days I had friend who got so many tickets for loud exhaust on his bike it seemed like it was once a month. Every dang time he would put the stock pipe back on then go find a sheriff or CHP to sign off that he had fixed it and then he would go home and put the straight pipe back on - I don't know if it has changed, but back then there was no fine involved - just prove you corrected it and then start over

    even if it were the demo it should have been sold to you as new.

    when I bought mine it was their demo. had 1400 miles on it. They offered me a deal that I liked so I took it and it was sold as new with the warranty starting date as my purchase date. and my purchase data as the date first sold on the registration

    If yours was simply the demo there is no reason it should have been sold as used unless your State has different laws - only should have been sold as used if it had been previously titled and registered

    OK, I got some further clarification where I contacted DMV myself and the response that I got is that when the SlingShot was manufactured it met regulation as a motorcycle/autocycle. If this mod is added, if you are stopped by law enforcement, just because the SlingShot was (legally) classified as a motorcycle when it was manufactured, with adding the fourth wheel you are now operating an illegal vehicle that no longer meets current regulation and thus would be at the mercy of law enforcement and/or the court(s). The result most possibly being prohibited from operating the vehicle until it has been returned to it's original,"legal" condition.


    sounds pretty much like any illegal equipment violation - either fix it, or stop driving it. Here in California simply changing my exhaust system could have the same results were I to be cited for it.

    I guess the question one should ask themselves before making potentially illegal mods is how likely are you to be cited?

    If I change my exhaust system so long as I dont make it too loud I would say the odds of getting a ticket were close to non existent. we have no inspections and so no one would even know it wasnt stock. Adding a quad conversion is very different - its right out there for the world to see and if it is illegal I would think the police would be very likely to pull you over and write you up.

    I would say before making any mod do your research - find out if it is or is not legal where you live, and if its not legal then ask yourself if you want to take the chance - putting a stock exhaust back on to un do the mod and get the fix it ticket signed off on as having been fixed would be a pain, but its doable - - - removing a quad conversion and going back to three might not be so easy

    one thing for sure - if you change any equipment and replace it with something that might get you an equipment ticket I would recommend strongly that you keep all the things you removed just in case you have to put them all back

    Thanks for the reminder Reaper - its easy to forget that this thing we love is motorcycle and that we are very exposed and easily injured if anything goes wrong.

    It was a huge reminder to me when I was slammed with phone calls from people who read about this and instantly worried about the only person they know that drives a slingshot and lives in Palm Springs.

    The information is slowly dripping in. Apparently the victim is a Mr. Richard Lowry from Sebastopol, CA which is about 55 miles north of San Francisco. He was 77 years old.

    my condolences to Mr. Lowry and his family

    Here in California my Slingshot is classified as a motorcycle - there is no Autocycle option here.

    When I bought it it was registered as a motorcycle and motorcycle plates were issued - every piece of paperwork I have on it says it is a motorcycle including the motorcycle insurance I am required to carry.

    I can mod this thing until I turn blue and and each year when the registration comes due I will get a renewal notice in the mail to register my "motorcycle". I will never need to take it any place for any kind of inspection, not even for smog.

    if a law were passed that said quad conversions on motorcycles were not legal and I went ahead and did one it would be an equipment violation if I were to get pulled over for it. I would be given a ticket and I would have to correct the equipment violation and go get a sheriff or CHP to sign off saying that I had in fact corrected the violation and I might have to pay a fine

    even with this violation my slingshot would still legally be a motorcycle and I would never be required to go re register it as a kit car or anything else - Once it is a motorcycle it is a motorcycle forever and equipment violations do not change what it it - they are simply fix it violations that must be made right

    So I would like ask those in states where the law says a motorcycle by definition must have 2 or 3 wheels - - would a quad kit actually change the classification of the vehicle and require it to be inspected and re registered or would it simply be an equipment violation that had to be fixed if and when a citation were issued?

    I agree. I like that it is classified as a motorcycle in California, I also like that there does not seem to be any effort in the state to create an autocycle classification. I also feel fairly comfortable that no matter what they do to future slingshots or other reverse trikes that it is highly unlikely that they would retroactively change the classification of my slingshot or suddenly require safety equipment that was not required when I bought it

    Oh, that is so funny asking me about putting a roof on a motorcycle................... :S
    On that note, A friend and I happened to trade vehicles yesterday with me taking his two wheeler and he our SlingShot. To ride the two wheeler I was all decked out in proper PPE, it was in the mid-nineties OAT, and I really was a roasting while he was a complementing how much more comfortable the SlingShot was in such weather, even without a roof! :D


    I have to agree - here in the desert it gets very hot and no I do not have a roof, but at least I can ride in shorts & a T-shirt and a very small 1/2 helmet. On 2 wheels I would never do that

    Just incase it makes the news and any of you hear it, it wasn't me Motorcyclist in Slingshot killed in Palm Springs

    Have talked to the other Slingshot owner here in the valley that I know and he is also okay - - There are 2 or 3 others here in the valley, but at this time I suspect it was someone from out of town or someone who rented one.

    I hope and pray that it wasn't any of our forum friends

    I have to wonder what the cop will see from his perspective. If you’re flying down the road obviously speeding and his gun tells him error or whatever won’t he know you’re blasting some kind of jammer signal?

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    from what I have read it is very obvious that it is being jammed - and here in California you will get pulled over for it