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    I'm still livin' the life here in Q-Tip land. Mien frau is in from Deutchland and my step daughter was here as well for a couple of weeks. There is something about all the slingshot owners that make me miss and come back to visit. I do sometimes wonder if anyone has beaten my hydroplaning record, coming off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lots of good time and memories (and friends).

    Cape Sling, What part of SW Florida are you in. I'm from Sumter County originally was born in Bushnell and raised in Lake Panasoffkee.

    I'm in Cape Coral, not far from Wingshots's new house. I have a trach and the SS was just too hot for me here in Florida. I'm back on two wheels now. Flybuddy is local here too. I was in Germany for around 24 years and was OEM'd in New Hampshire.

    NH just passed the constitutional carry, no concealed carry permit anymore.

    I grew up in NH (Lee), when I was just an ankle biter. I'd hunt and eat with a 22 that was as long as I was tall. I'm a strong supporter of the NRA and of the Granite State.

    Of course you are member canegrinder ! They even let me join, being a plank holder did not hurt, LOL Other than being military this group is the tightest! I do not even own a SS anymore, I visit my friends.

    I really wanted my dog to ride with me. Unfortunately, my spirited riding did not agree with his constitution. He would crawl over look at me with loving and trusting eyes and PUKE IN MY LAP!

    Been a while and I miss my Slingshot friends. I'm still on two wheels and upgraded to the latest Ultra. I can see the the forum is still going strong and many of my old friends are still very active. I saw a SS painted up in Bengels colors today and it brought back lots of great memories. Hope all is well with my brother and sisters!

    I did not hear about Bills leg. I'm not sure he would like it public posted. I pray he is doing fine. Very happy Crystal is doing well. Last I heard the map I sent was still up and tracking where everyone at the clinic was from.

    We're just as friendly and hospitable as ever so don't hesitate to come on back and join the party anytime.

    We plan to be in Ocala in October doing the 1/2 mile challenge with the SS's. That would be a great time for you to come hang out and check out all the HP these things are putting to the ground.

    You can be so mean sometimes brother. I'll try to get there!

    @Cape Sling We will probably be coming to Florida again this Jan/Feb for a couple of weeks. I will give you a call....

    EJ, looking forward to your visit. I'm feeling like an underachiever, all you folks are doing great things. I did not know that Greg was building a turbo V8 SS. I'm just driving my MX-5. There is a great following for class racing here. Take care of those kids! I did manage to go and visit St Judes.

    I gave up my SS due to the problems with my trach and the heat in Florida. But I never gave up my friends. Much of the common interest is gone but not the enthusiasm. The wind blows up my nose and I can smell again
    Some of you guys have done amazing things with the SS and I miss mixing it up. Miss you guys and ride safe.

    Soon ok! No power and only real damage is to the pool cage. The dock is still underwater but no problem. My generator is being run enough to keep the fridges cold! Cape Sling out!

    Also had the Honda V-65 when it first came out, wish I still had it. Factory Hot Rod, fastest thing on two wheels when it came out.

    I LOVED my Saber! Fast as hell but would not corner. On the way home from the dealer I hit the throttle and spun out in the middle of a 4 way stop light. That thing was way underrated on power. Dangerous fun. It was stolen while in storage and I was deployed. || Moving company delivered a Honda 750 Hondamatic - anyone seen one of those - ever?
    Honda CB750 - Wikipedia

    Great minds think alike, in his mind he is very tall "around 5,7 - 5,8 reality" but he will visit the dealer which is also very closed to work and test it.I had also a few Yamaha's and I had very little problems with them. The one I liked most was my V-Max "beefed up to 180 Hp to the road" Muscle bike aka (gorilla bike)

    You guys/ladies are bring up memories of all my older bike (don't share with the Wifie) but I still want to own a VMax!