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    Are the buttons at the bottom of the ride command screen supposed to be illuminated. I was out the other night and noticed they were not lit up. Is this normal or do I have a problem ? This was in my 2020 but I don't see a difference with the older units. Please let me know how yours works. Thanks


    I am not talking about the flip switches, they are lit up. It is the push buttons at the base of the ride command that are part of the ride command screen. You need to be careful with your flip switches in your house, they might be prone to break also.


    Had my 2020R out last night and really paid attention to the cab lighting. Noticed that the buttons at the bottom of the ride command do not light up so you can't see them to change anything. Is this the way it is or do I have a problem ? O yes I have the manual so no bitching there.


    Teresa and I are booked at the Comfort Inn Tuesday through Sat. Really looking forward to the rides and meeting new slingers and seeing a few old farts like EJ and Boomer again.


    This is NOT the week for SSITS....which will be in Aug. This is just a 'call' for those who want to ride to come out and join FunCycle for a ride in the Smokes'

    Thanks EJ I didn't look at the dates just the destination. We are good


    Does that mean to just pull the Ride Command one has to take apart the whole dash?? Just Curious.. I may get the Polaris 9.5 windshield... Can't imagine it is much more difficult than the 7.5 that cam with the Sling.

    YES, on the 2020 if you want to pull the ride command unit out or need to install a center brace for any windshields that requires one and needs a plate on the underside of the dash YOU WILL HAVE TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE TOP OF THE DASH INCLUDING THE MIRRORS.

    UPDATE-- Madstad doesn't have a 2020 yet to even look at. So we will both have to wait to get one installed.

    I have a new F4+5 that I am going to put on until then.

    The entire top dash does have to be removed to install the center brace with a bottom plate. I will start on that today and take pictures as I get it done. I will post it in the DIY section later.


    If you figure it out... please let us know.. I would like to install my Madstad, but they told me it would need new mounting hardware... So I am waiting to take it apart.

    Bad news for both of us. The mounting bubbles on the Madstad have two mounting bolts near the center of the dash that mount to the dash. That will require a new method of attaching it to the dash on a 2020. I am looking for my instructions on our Madstad but when I went and looked at the windshield on our 17 SS it is not going to mount on the 2020 with the same method. So we will have to wait for the new and improved mounting for the 2020.

    The other problem is you will have to remove the entire top dash to mount the center brace. That means everything from mirror to mirror.

    I will keep you posted


    I am in the process of installing my F4+5 on my 2020R and need to install the center brace. On the earlier models you could just pull the radio and get to it.

    So my question is how do you pull the ride command out? As it is now it looks like you have to pull the top of the entire dash out to get behind the head unit. That doesn't sound right even considering we are dealing with Polaris. Thanks


    We have both. And have driven in Vegas also. The Madstad does flex on the edges but not where you look through it. It is no problem at all. It definitely lets the wind through. The F4+5 we have is great but no wind and where you are it would be a negative. However I have seen the F4's with about 1 inch holes drilled in the bottom of them and the people liked them.


    I am assuming you got the kit for the FZ-1. Did you watch the install video for it on their site?

    1. you will need extra fuses depending on how many circuits you set up. Will the halos be separately switched from the underbodies? The max will be 30 amps because of the 30 amp inline fuse in the red power wire. You should use a 10 amp for both or a 10 amp on each one, the 10 amp for both might be too small if so go to a 15 amp. A rule of thumb is the smaller the better but enough to handle the circuit.

    I used double sided tape for both my installs with on problems.

    Good question about the inner or outer rail, I had that one myself. They have a video about the frame rail install also but it wasn't completely clear on the subject. Here is what I found out. If you use the outer rail it will be seen better than with the inner rail. One thing, consider the lift points up front you will want to have the strips on the side pointing out. If six was on the bottem use 7 to mount them. Where the rails come together in the front is tricky, remember those lift points. There will be some close points with body panels as you move to the rear.

    It is going to be a bitch if you don't have a lift to work with. If you can get under it and with your face more than 6 inches away from the rails it is easier to lay out how you want it to look. you can also use wire ties to hold the strips in place while you figure it out.

    It's a lot of crap but it's worth it.


    With Polaris raising the slingshot retail prices all the time I think their pricing themselves out of their own market. When its time for me to get a new sling I'm going to buy a new sling to me meaning a used one. I don't think I'll ever buy a new one again.

    Good, that leaves more for me.


    welcome to the group. Here is the local Slingshot club on facebook: Slingshots of Las Vegas group. These people are great. Talk with Ron or Leveal they can hook you up and by seeing all the different mods you can see first hand what you like. These guys are always on some ride, you are in the perfect place from Oatman to the strip. I wonder how the strip looks now? Have fun.