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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Yeah, Oct 26th, I'll remind you when it gets closer.

    SA it is, as long as Joey is ok with us raiding him :)

    Wokka, the 27 for us is open and we could make the 26th work also. No pool except for the plastic 6 ft round one the dog plays in.

    The easiest thing to do is buy a new one from Polaris if you mare just changing the filter element. The problem with K&N is the input size and other aftermarket filters (which are great) is on the SS the pipe is about 2 3/4 inches in dia.

    If you use a 3 inch you will have to build up the pipe or really tighten down the filter.

    I didn't like the shop vac looking filter and ended up replacing the whole dam thing. Good luck.


    Does anyone know where the rides are going?


    Chris, Did I miss something? I am usually the one who wants to go slower and see the country side and everything you said is true. When you booked it on the way back I was having to do 85 or better to keep up so I slowed down and got in the right lane, we were doing 70 then. I had no problem with that, you told me you were going to book it. At that point we had 5 behind us and with texting let them know we were going to go slower and they could pass us if they wanted. No one did, we led the way back and we had a good ride taking the scenic route . It was ok.

    One thing I did learn from this trip is you can't make everyone happy with one run. It is either too fast or too slow. The only way to solve that is to have an aggressive run and a cruse. The other thing I learned was most people, ( the ones we talked to) wanted to go slow and see the country up there like we did. They didn't know the roads and/or were not experienced enough at high speed driving on curvy roads or like me didn't want to drive white knuckle.

    My only comment about this is: When you lead a ride you lead everyone from start to finish.



    Random thoughts. While it would be nice to attend the "meet and greet" at 6 Pm I don't see how we can make it and It's no big deal for us. As you know we are going to have to stop for food someplace unless it's at Buc-ee's with our fuel/potty stop. Babes would be great but it will make us even later arriving. I am not sure I can last for 2 and a half hours or 3 with a potty break. We are willing to try it though.

    The closes Babes is in Richardson 5 miles east of exit 24 on 75.

    We are trying to contact more people and find out who is going.


    Thanks man it's outta their.

    was there a wire on the back of the radio with a blue cap looking thing? If so how did you remove that and do you know what it's for?

    Since I only needed to install a switch and a charger socket I left the radio in and worked around it. BUT I didn't remove the radio because I was not sure how to remove that blue plug.


    All of us Slingshot owners know that we can't live without the mods and goodies you guys sell. We also know that the prices we pay for these goodies are high. Supply and demand, and competition rule the market place as well as a price gouging manufacturer have us at a disadvantage. We can't just go to Auto Zone and get this stuff. Amazon has a very limited selection also. We all know it, it's just the world we live in.

    $149.95 for a fire extinguisher with a mounting bracket, you guys have some cojones.

    We bought A Kiddie brand fire extinguisher for autos from Home Depot yesterday for $12.88. It doesn't come with the mounting bracket that bolts up to the seat. that is some kind of bracket to cost $137.07.

    Good luck guys, I hope you sell a shit-load of them. It's a great day for capitalism. :thumbsup:


    I can't stand it, so I will add my two cents worth. You should consider a 3/4 ton for the weight but a 1/2 would do it. Their is one thing more, the brakes are larger and will handle the trailer weight better with a 3/4 ton.

    New or used, its up to you. Make is your choice but I do have a few comments about that. I have owned 7 Ford diesels both 3/4 and 1 ton, all crew cabs. I pull 98% of the time a 16 ft cargo. My current F350 single rear wheel drive Crew cab 1 ton gets 17 MPG not pulling and 11.7 with my loaded trailer. Having said that my next truck (this year) will be a GMC diesel 3/4 ton. It is cheaper than a ford and I want more creature comforts since my wife and I are also pulling our slings now. I have NEVER owned a 4 wheel drive and never will. Fuel mileage, tire ware. noise, and cost, about 4K are greater. I am not a contractor, farmer, don't have a boat, drive in snow or go mudding. I have never found a pot hole on I 35 that I needed a 4 wheel drive to get out of. I would recommend a diesel over gas if you are going to be pulling most of the time it will cost about the same as gas when you run the numbers but the pulling torque is so much better. One final thing, get the best deal you can, lots of luck.


    Be patient! I ordered a T-Top on June 2nd 2019 and as far as I know it has not Shipped yet. I hope to get it before Thanksgiving.

    FYI: When I ordered the SS, I ordered about $9K worth of TD Accessories with it. The Gull Wing Top (had the frame powdercoated white) and all the engine stuff took about 3-4 weeks to get. I'm still waiting on all the suspension stuff (sway bar, shocks, wheels) and it's been about 6 weeks now. I did order some stuff not called out in their catalog.

    I did hear a rumor that we have another 'TWO' Slingshot family....

    Yes Ej we do have another sling. That's why I am trying to order stuff for Colorado Springs pick up. We will get the pics up later.

    For 3 days we have been trying to contact Joe, or Scott or anyone, (left Voicemail) to PLACE an ORDER to pick up and have installed in Colorado Springs. We have bought a lot of stuff in the past so we have a track record with you guys.

    I need a Gull Wing top, Daytona Yellow

    One 11 piece gen 2 floor mat set black with yellow striping

    One T e-brake cover, Yellow

    One plastic sun shade for the radio

    Some of this is special order so we know their are lead times.

    Would someone please contact us and let us know what is going on.