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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thanks man it's outta their.

    was there a wire on the back of the radio with a blue cap looking thing? If so how did you remove that and do you know what it's for?

    Since I only needed to install a switch and a charger socket I left the radio in and worked around it. BUT I didn't remove the radio because I was not sure how to remove that blue plug.


    All of us Slingshot owners know that we can't live without the mods and goodies you guys sell. We also know that the prices we pay for these goodies are high. Supply and demand, and competition rule the market place as well as a price gouging manufacturer have us at a disadvantage. We can't just go to Auto Zone and get this stuff. Amazon has a very limited selection also. We all know it, it's just the world we live in.

    $149.95 for a fire extinguisher with a mounting bracket, you guys have some cojones.

    We bought A Kiddie brand fire extinguisher for autos from Home Depot yesterday for $12.88. It doesn't come with the mounting bracket that bolts up to the seat. that is some kind of bracket to cost $137.07.

    Good luck guys, I hope you sell a shit-load of them. It's a great day for capitalism. :thumbsup:


    I can't stand it, so I will add my two cents worth. You should consider a 3/4 ton for the weight but a 1/2 would do it. Their is one thing more, the brakes are larger and will handle the trailer weight better with a 3/4 ton.

    New or used, its up to you. Make is your choice but I do have a few comments about that. I have owned 7 Ford diesels both 3/4 and 1 ton, all crew cabs. I pull 98% of the time a 16 ft cargo. My current F350 single rear wheel drive Crew cab 1 ton gets 17 MPG not pulling and 11.7 with my loaded trailer. Having said that my next truck (this year) will be a GMC diesel 3/4 ton. It is cheaper than a ford and I want more creature comforts since my wife and I are also pulling our slings now. I have NEVER owned a 4 wheel drive and never will. Fuel mileage, tire ware. noise, and cost, about 4K are greater. I am not a contractor, farmer, don't have a boat, drive in snow or go mudding. I have never found a pot hole on I 35 that I needed a 4 wheel drive to get out of. I would recommend a diesel over gas if you are going to be pulling most of the time it will cost about the same as gas when you run the numbers but the pulling torque is so much better. One final thing, get the best deal you can, lots of luck.


    Be patient! I ordered a T-Top on June 2nd 2019 and as far as I know it has not Shipped yet. I hope to get it before Thanksgiving.

    FYI: When I ordered the SS, I ordered about $9K worth of TD Accessories with it. The Gull Wing Top (had the frame powdercoated white) and all the engine stuff took about 3-4 weeks to get. I'm still waiting on all the suspension stuff (sway bar, shocks, wheels) and it's been about 6 weeks now. I did order some stuff not called out in their catalog.

    I did hear a rumor that we have another 'TWO' Slingshot family....

    Yes Ej we do have another sling. That's why I am trying to order stuff for Colorado Springs pick up. We will get the pics up later.

    For 3 days we have been trying to contact Joe, or Scott or anyone, (left Voicemail) to PLACE an ORDER to pick up and have installed in Colorado Springs. We have bought a lot of stuff in the past so we have a track record with you guys.

    I need a Gull Wing top, Daytona Yellow

    One 11 piece gen 2 floor mat set black with yellow striping

    One T e-brake cover, Yellow

    One plastic sun shade for the radio

    Some of this is special order so we know their are lead times.

    Would someone please contact us and let us know what is going on.


    Being new to SOG I would like to throw this out for discussion.

    Two years ago we went to Daytona Bike Week and had a blast. We saw only about 20 or so Slings there but still met some great people. Polaris had their ride set up at the speedway and the local dealer was showing off the slings also. We were treated well by the bikers with no problems, most of the questions came from "older" bikers who wanted to keep the wind in their face.

    Are their any SOG members who would like to go to this event so we could plan dates, times, meet ups and rides. I know this is early but lets talk about it. Might even get Polaris and the Slingshot Club involved.

    Your comments please.


    Will someone please tell me who makes the body kits for slingshots. I have seen pics of the mods and am interested in getting a Vett looking front end.

    Also any info about the quality, etc. of these I would appreciate.

    Thanks, Jamesgn

    We are looking at a slingshot run from Austin west out 1431to Marble Falls then on to Fredricksburg. Just planning now but 1431 is a great drive and Fredricksburg is good German food and shopping.

    Let me know your thoughts .


    I bought mine (2019) and my dealer said one year also. He was trying to sell me the extended warranty/service agreement. Really couldn’t pin down which it was but they said it would add three years to the factory warranty. Contract language seemed to imply only one year.

    Anyway, the owners manual clearly states that the factory warranty for 2019 is 2 years.

    That is exactly what I thought and it sounded like. The problem is the head guy said this with the extra warrenty push just like you said. I didn't expect this from Mancuso.


    I am looking at a 2019 ,SLR Icon and Mancuso says the warranty now 12 months. Our 2017 was 24 months. Will someone please tell me what's up.


    I hate to say this but you are right. This their first Bike night of 2019. They had not even thought about slingshots being there. After our meeting they are all in for it including inviting every owner on their data base. This is a first for them and kinda shows how much we have been neglected in the past, But no more we really need to make this happen. They also want to do Slingshot specific meet ups .



    After trying for a year to get a Slingshot dealership to sponsor a slingshot club we now have one!

    A special shout-out to Lauren Kirkbride the marketing manager at RIDENOW Powersports in Austin. We finally have a dealership willing to support two of our local clubs, VOS, (Veteran Owned Slingshots) of the Killeen, Fort Hood, Temple area, and the new Heart of Texas Slingshot club for all of us in Central TX.

    She stated they would be willing to host meet ups, ride ins, show and shines and are open to other Slingshot events. Starting off with a bike night with a special invite to slingers this Thursday the 23rd at their dealership, starting at 6pm. Located at 11405 N. Interstate 35 Austin This is at Breaker and I35 on the N. bound side.

    This is great news, no other dealership has stepped up around here. They view it as a win win for them and our clubs. We agree it's a start.

    Please all local slingers from Killeen, Fort Hood, Belton, Temple, Georgetown, Austin and in between this is our chance to show off, meet up and support a local dealership that is willing to support us. Again the bike night starts at 6pm at the dealership, they will have food, drinks, and live music. This should be a blast.

    So slingers get off your ass, quit complaining there is nothing to do. Show up, Show off Sign up with our local clubs to be notified about our activities.

    As I said it's a start, finally.


    Calling all Slingers in central TX.

    Ridenow powersports, formally Woods in Austin is having a bike night at 6pm next Thursday the 23rd. Slingshots are invited and encouraged to attend. Their will be food, drinks and fun.

    Ridenow is willing to sponsor our VOS and Heart of Texas clubs in central Tx. They are the only ones to do so. They have expressed interest in meet-ups, rides and other Slingshot club events.

    This is what we have been working for over a year. Now we a local dealer supporting us.

    We need to show up mat this event to show our support for our clubs and for ridenow. This our first chance to get something going locally.

    If you can make please show up and show off.