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    Actually, Cam Am has its own competitor for the Spyder and it's the Ryker. It starts at just over half the cost of a Base Spyder and the larger-engined Ryker is probably the most cost-effective performance 3-wheeler available, but the Ryker line initially only seated one. Glad to see they now offer passenger seats, too.

    I'm surprised jacking up the hood bumpers in an attempt to eliminate flapping doesn't increase the likelihood of hood latching problems.

    When ever I'm on a multilane highway, I always try to place at least one lane between me and any tractor trailers just to minimize the flapping. Meeting large trucks going the opposite direction on two lane country roads can be exciting!

    Bremerhaven, Germany was my favorite stop in 1970

    In 1976, my Wife and I took the US Army Duty train from Berlin to Bremerhaven where we took delivery of our brand new 1976 Pontiac Trans AM (White, but I stupidly didn't order the Firebird decal for the hood) and then drove it back thru East Germany to West Berlin, having to stop at the Russian checkpoints as we entered East Germany and just before we got to Berlin. SOP is to stop at the checkpoint, give the Russian officer your Travel Orders, get them back and proceed without talking to anyone there. As we pulled up to the parking area, I could see the Russian soldier standing outside the shack really wanted to look at the Trans Am, but he stayed at Attention. The Russian Officer inside the shack broke protocol by opening the window, pointing at our car and yelled out, "Trans Am!" He clearly knew what it was. As we pulled away, I dropped a couple cigars out my window and as the gate was raised for us to proceed, I saw the Russian soldier quickly step over and retrieve the cigars!

    Unfortunately, we were timed during our travel thru East Germany and would be given a ticket by the US authorities if we took too long or too short a time for the trip, so we had to proceed casually at the prescribed speed limit. I have fond memories of the Russian officer shouting out , "Trans Am!" Certainly not what any of us ever expected.

    How's the Slingshot handle on wet cobblestones? :D

    The Wife and took a Rhine/Danube cruise a few years ago and I remember seeing lots of motorcycles in Nuremberg. Looked like a decent place to live. Not too big, but not too small. We also finally got back to Berlin a couple years ago for the first time in 40 years for a Baltic cruise out of Warnemuende. Some of the smaller side streets looked like they might be a pain due to the Slingshot's wide front end. My Wife always liked German food (Schnitzel and spaetzle) while I've always preferred currywurst & broetchen. I ate some a couple times per day during our stay in Berlin.

    Interesting peek at the next Slingshot. Same basic styling. New headlights.* Auto trans. I hope they still offer the manual trans, as well.

    * Even with the Canadian headlights on my US model, I still wish I had a lot more light for night rides.

    Or make an animated GIF using a site like this - the only drawback is the length of an animated GIF is a function of frame rate, video size and compression. Longer videos require much lower frame rates and resolution to fit within the 10 MB limit.

    I tried to find an animated GIF I'd made, but couldn't find one quickly enough and I have some chores I need to take care of.

    I had a Victory.....Didn't happen with that Polaris .....Don't think it will happen with this Polaris...

    True, but the Victory was a conventional motorcycle while the Slingshot is a niche vehicle with a narrower target pool of potential buyers. I prefer to think positive, but only time will tell if anything ever comes to pass.

    IF a Federal Autocycle Law were to be enacted AND IF the Slingshot were to be included under it's classification, I'd guess Polaris would most likely drop production due to the impacts of compliance on production costs and reduced sellabilty due to loss of a lot of the factors that make the Slingshot so much fun to drive. This might also increase the value of existing Slingshots!

    Looking at getting new wheels for the quad and wanted to check with everyone first...I know the offset for the front is +42 and the rear is +45. The Wheels I have now are +42 all the way around. I found another set I really like... but they are +32 for the offset. I believe this means that they will stick out a little more? Or does this mean it's going to tuck under the fender further? And will +32 clear the brakes?

    The +42 I have are good. I just want a different look. The ones I really like are +32.

    Using www.willthey, I ran two calculations.

    The first assumed the same stock Base model wheels and tires with the only difference being 32 mm offset on the new tires. This showed the 32 mm offset wheel/tire to sit 10 mm farther away from the suspension, so there'd be no interference as long as the internal diameter of the wheel is large enough to clear whatever brake rotors you have. I mention this because I initially tried an older look 5 spoke black mag wheel, but the inner portion of the rim was stepped so that it had a smaller central diameter than the outer area near the rim and I only had about 1/16" clearance between the rotor/caliper and the wheel, so I switched to the AM wheel I referenced above.

    The second set of calculations assumed the same 32 mm offset on the new wheel, but also assumed a 2" wider rim. This placed the inside of the wheel just under 16 mm closer to the suspension and the extra wheel width meant the outside of the wheel was now just over 35 mm farther out. In this case, a spacer would provide more clearance between the inside of the wheel and the suspension, but would also move the wheel even farther to the outside. The wider track from the spacer would also complicate trailer towing clearance issues.

    Keep in mind that a spacer will increase the effective offset if the wheel's offset is smaller than the stock offset, but will decrease effective offset for wheels with larger offsets than the stock offset, as long as the spacer is thinner than the difference in offset. If the spacer is larger than the difference, then it will effectively increase the offset even more.

    This site offers a variety of tire size calculators, including offset changes or the impact of different tire sizes on effective gearing - (scroll down the page for additional calculators).

    Just thought I'd provide a list of parts in case anyone wants to try using a silicone Cobra head elbow on their Hahn turbo setup. The Cobra Head elbow will also work on a DIY CAI, but will need some different aluminum tubing. See this TDS link about the DIY CAI -….5989/page-69#post-189205, Post # 819 or this TDS thread which provides several different approaches -…-intake.5326/#post-114668.

    Tips and parts list for the Turbo application -

    The throttle body has a 70 mm opening (2.75"), so if you use the ATP Cobra Head elbow, be sure to also order the 2.75" adapter designed for the 3" Cobra Head elbow -…IL-251&Category_Code=RUBB.

    I also used a 3" diameter x 4" long aluminum tube -…tubing-3-od-x-4-long.html, and a 22 degree, 3" diameter silicone elbow -…bow-3-id-x-22-degree.html.

    I also ordered a 4-pack of T-Bolt clamps (83-92 mm according to the listing, but actually marked 83-91 mm) from Amazon -

    A tip for fitting the Cobra Head elbow to the TB - You may want to trim about 1/4" off the bottom of the elbow where it connects to the TB, if you have clearance issues with the hood rubbing against the top of the Cobra Head elbow. I haven't done this yet and I have some rubbing, so it looks like I'll either need to remove some materiel from the hood ribs, shorten the CH elbow where it attaches to the TB or both. See pic -

    I've had a rear wheel/tire combo for 11000 miles with a Nitto 555 G2 315/35ZR17 on an American Muscle 10th Anniversary Cobra Style 17x10.5" wheel with 28 mm offset and according to the tire should be sitting just about even with the OEM wheel position on the inside of the wheel and just under 30 mm farther out on the outside of the wheel, which results in the wheel centering about 1" or so to the left of center. I've also run a Circuit Performance CP32 18x10.5 wheel (35 mm offset) that shows to place the inside edge of the wheel just under 3 mm closer to the suspension components with the outside of the wheel just over 3/4" farther out than OEM. Using a 45 mm offset 10.5" wide wheel would center the wheel the same as OEM, but will also place the inside of the wheel 1/2" closer to the suspension components, risking interference depending on your vehicle/setup.

    Using a smaller wheel offset will generally cause the wheel to sit farther out from the original position and decrease the chances of suspension problems, but will also mean the wheel places a little more stress on the suspension components compared to the stock offset. does a good job of providing a visualization of different wheel/tire configurations including offset, but the speedo calculation is not as accurate as Discount Tire's Tire Size Calculator -

    Afterthought comment - I've now ridden around 14,500 miles on the two referenced wheels with smaller offsets and have not experienced any handling problems.

    Deja Vu...............Post #4..........

    :/:SI knew I'd seen it somewhere. Guess I'm getting addled with age. Still, I'm embarrassed! We obviously need a face-palm emoji. (I actually checked and we do NOT have one available!)

    To help make up for it, I'll post a story my Wife showed me from Facebook.

    An elderly lady was out walking her dog when a young punk ran up to her, jerked her purse out of her hand and ran off with it. A couple across the street quickly came over to check on her and tell her they'd already called the police. The woman thanked them for their concern and told them it was an old purse and the only thing she used it for was to carry her dog's poo after she picked it up off the ground.

    I read a story about a guy going to a bank in NYC and asking for a $5000 loan for an upcoming cruise, offering his brand new Ferrarri as collateral. He took the money and went of the cruise. When he got back he paid off the loan including around $30 interest. People thought he was not smart using such an expensive vehicle as collateral, but he told them he couldn't find cheaper more secure parking for less than the $30 he paid in interest!