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    Thanks for the feedback. The racoon I hit bent the wing all the way back to the tire and ground off the tip of the wing before I could pull over to check it out. The animal the other day might not have been as big as the racoon, but still bent the wing back to the tire since the support tube was already compromised from the original damage. Thanks also to mytoy for your input. The voodoo design is pretty stout and I'm sure it would take a pretty good impact to damage it.

    I can assure from experience that armadillos are NOT soft and hitting one is like hitting a rock! I originally switched to the rear deck wing after getting tired of bending the lower front wing multiple times. The 2 hits I've experienced from animals have been easily adjusted.

    I have the MadStad Ultimate Bumper and have been quite happy with it. The lights are surprisingly bright, but I rarely use them since they are so bright and keep them on a separate circuit as a backup light source. I also keep them aimed down to minimize glare for oncoming drivers. The lights also provide a very good spread of light towards the sides of the road and help me identify deer alongside the road. I have also had a couple encounters during night rides with large possums that I couldn't avoid. One caused the bumper to move a little in its mounts, but the other I haven't even noticed any displacement at all. I had replaced the lower front wing with a wing normally designed to go on a car's rear deck, but replaced the wing with the MadSatd bumper when I caight it on sale for around $100 savings on the bumper, so I recommend waiting for a holiday sale, if you can find one.

    I like the different grates and fill panel colors available with the MadStad unit and think it looks a little more refined than the VooDoo bumper. Of course, other folks may have different opinions.

    I attached a copy of the MadStad assembly instructions and a pic of my 2015 Slingshot with the MadStad bumper.

    Here's a pic showing the changes in my Slingshot's appearance over the years.

    General tip when selecting an audio installation shop for the Slingshot - The Slingshot's open cockpit certainly has some different acoustics compared to a normal car and audio shops that specialize in ATVs or Jeeps will typically have more experience with vehicles with less than ideal acoustics and vehicles that have audio components exposed to the environment.

    Given the HP claims Vanderhall makes for their current gas-powered vehicles, I'd question their power claims. I love how their write-up uses present t4nse as if that vehicle already exists and isn't some idea in someone's head.

    I actually saw a Vanderhall 3-wheeler for the first time on the road just the other day. The guy driving it looked cramped and had his right shoulder looking like it was overflowing into the passenger area.

    I feel any 3-wheel performance-oriented vehicle, open-air or not, can only help popularize 3-wheel vehicles and help overcome prejudices against 3-wheel vehicles are and the belief they lack handling and are "dangerous."

    I remember camping at Virginia Beach before entering my pre-teen years and nobody gave any thought to the pickup truck that came thru every evening spraying to control the mosquitos. I'd imagine it was probably DDT.

    I can't see mine most of the time because of the Sun. I have my cell phone mounted on the dash with a speedometer app running. Big 2" numbers I cam see.

    I have 2 old cell phones that are no longer registered on any network that I've been keeping around to use to take pics & movies and I want to test them to see if they can run apps such as speedo or time to speed acceleration or GPS w/o being on any network. It's my understanding that some apps use signals from ground-based cell towers to make them more accurate, so there may be a chance that those apps will not reliably work if not connected to a network

    Hey bro, I was serious about where to attach those clamps you mentioned. I was hoping you could tell me what they look like or a part number and do they replace something there or attach in addition to what is there? Thanks

    They are clamps that go on the sway bar just outside the sway bar mounts and keep the sway bar from shifting back and forth. See Post # 8 in this thread - DDM sway bar install Quick Question for pics. Just measure your sway bar diameter to know what size to get.

    Well it looks like I am going to have to make a trip to the dealer seams the the center cover on the driver side of the rear wheel is missing. If it was the same as the front ones it has the Polaris symbol no it. Do these things fall off or did someone take a liking to it and popped it off? I don't even recall there being one back there.

    Based on this site -…0a/wheel-rear-all-options, Polaris uses the same wheel cap on all Slingshot wheels. Just remember to check as many sites as possible to ensure you get the best price/shipping combo. The first 2 sites I checked both wanted $13.99 per cap.

    With that being said, using the newer 2020 angle drive should be a plus. Having more webbing should increase the strength of the case, and the higher ratio gearing (lower numerically) should help cut down on tire spin. It would be neat to see a side by side testing of 2 2015 ish models with the same mods (turbo or s/c) and only difference being the angle drives. it could be enough to justify swapping them out while the original ones still work so you have a spare. Just wonder if the gear noise is reduced in the new design

    The main drawback to using the 2nd gen Angle Drive in the 1st gen Slingshots would be the speedometer/odometer inaccuracy. It would have been nice if the stronger 2nd gen casing could accept the 1st gen gears so we could enjoy the benefits of the stronger casting w/o screwing up our speedo/odo readings. Unfortunately, the part counts for the 2 different designs are not the same, so transplanting the necessary parts would be difficult if not impossible. Certainly beyond my meager mechanical skills.:(

    Funny thing is back in the 60s there was a street a halk a block from our house and they used to spray used oil on it a couple times a year to keep the dust down. A big tank truck full of used oil. We poured ours along the fence line to keep weeds from growing.

    Unfortunately, that oil was all too often contaminated with PCBs or other toxic chemicals.

    The phones made for the old Ma Bell nationwide system were typically made to last just about forever, unlike the cheap crap introduced after the Bell system breakup. Modern cell phones are mainly limited with how many times the battery can be recharged before servicing replacement is needed or the OS becomes too old to handle newer apps and the only option is usually buying a new phone with a current OS.

    I've found some of the Slingshot aftermarket vendors offer free shipping on their EBay sales. There have been several times I canceled an order for small things like a Slingshot key-chain when I discovered shipping would cost almost as much or more than the item!