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    @BillMartin, I pretty much agree with your comments addressed to WOLF .

    I also admit that I have based my opinion on the evidence I have heard and you are correct in that Trump, like anyone accused of a crime, deserves the right to call witnesses in his defense. I also believe in the powers of the Executive Branch to withhold at least parts of "internal operations/Executive Privilege," yet I also believe that if someone has nothing to hide, they will cooperate and not attempt to block all cooperation with investigators. Trump has basically refused to allow any of his aides to testify, even when such testimony could have a significant impact on how the investigation is viewed by each party and the public.

    The President of Ukraine is in a difficult position in that he needs the very aid it looks like Trump was withholding and may very well have felt compelled to say what he probably believed Trump wanted him to say, especially when pressed to make a statement while sitting directly across from Trump. Several of the witnesses who have testified have confirmed their belief that a quid pro quo situation had taken place.

    As far as the current state of impeachment, I believe the Democrats had some evidence on which to base the impeachment charges, but I also believe the impeachment vote should not have been held until the courts determined how much power Trump should have to keep his current and/or former aides from testifying. I firmly believe additional testimony would have provided a clearer basis on how to proceed or drop the impeachment process.

    I agree that if either side feels they can impeach at the drop of a hat, that does not bode well for our Nation. Reestablishing bipartisan governance is desperately needed, but that will be difficult. Mitch McConnell's unprecedented treatment of the Merrick Garland nomination and his subsequent changing of how the "rules" he made up about leaving any Supreme Court nomination in the last year of a presidency to the administration winning the next election certainly haven't promoted a sense of bipartisanship. I also believe that there has been a wing of the Republican party who have never accepted any legitimacy to either Clinton or Obama's elections (evidenced by Clinton's impeachment and Republican determination to thwart just about all Obama initiatives and limit him to one term) and that many Democrats also feel the same way about G. W. Bush's election in 2000 following the intervention of the US Supreme Court in how Florida conducted its recount, a process normally controlled by the States.

    All of these things show some problems in our system and how it is currently working or not for all of us. In order to address these problems, we are going to need a return to bipartisan governance where each side wins some, but not all of their “wants.” Democrats, having regained control of the House, have used their position to oppose the many policies they have disagreements with the current administration although I do not believe they have resisted all administration actions to the same degree the Republicans reacted to Obama. We certainly can’t continue having subsequent administrations doing everything in their power to eliminate everything accomplished by the previous administration. Such a situation can only result in continuous turmoil and disruption to our society

    The people, hopefully through the election process, will let the Democrats know if they have overstepped in impeaching Trump. Time will tell.

    FWIW, I was first eligible to vote in 1972 and I voted for Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush. I never cared for Ronald Reagan nor George W. Bush. I typically have voted split tickets, picking the candidates I preferred, not just a political party. If I were still a Republican, I would have been a Never Trumper. I grew up with a Republican Party that pretty much wanted little government with minimal interference in your wallet and in your bedroom. I strongly believe the Democrats should have realized how strongly Republicans dislike anything associated with the Clintons and that the easiest way for Trump to win again is for the Democrats to nominate someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, either of which would serve as the perfect foil to motivate the Republican base. Trump did an excellent job of working the Electoral College system to win in 2016, although I get tired of him falsely proclaiming he won the majority of the votes.

    I also try to avoid these types of discussions since they are all too often emotionally loaded, regardless of which side one may fall.

    Yep. Generally, on a vehicle, the wing will be upside down to generate down force, but may also increase drag while generating that down force, whereas a spoiler will be used to disrupt airflow and hopefully reduce drag. It can also be said that Wings will typically be in the airflow above or below the vehicle while a spoiler will closer to the vehicle body to reduce unwanted drag.

    Here's another link I found that includes a video on using string attached to the body to measure air flow over different body panels, although it can be a complex and sometimes difficult to measure process - Check out their Blog for info on some other interesting articles such as improving engine cooling, etc.

    The article also suggested to me that hoop-mounted wings may have less impact on exhaust fumes coming up over the back of the Slingshot and then being drawn into the cockpit than the products from UAS or Metricks (see here for samples -…shot-wings-spoilers)since the latter products are at the rear edge of the Slingshot and therefore more likely to affect the air flow at the rear of the Slingshot compared to hoop-mounted wings that would be in what should already be a smoother airflow area. This assumes I correctly understood the article and properly applied what the article addressed to the Slingshot.

    I think the most important question of all is being missed in this impeachment. IF it were a Democrat President that had done the EXACT same thing Trump did do you believe the Republicans would sink this low?? It is my belief that many Republicans found Obama just as distasteful as Democrats do Trump - conservatives are just not cry babies!!

    Yes, I do. I find it ironic that Ken Starr was a prime mover in pushing for as many salacious details as possible to be included in Clinton's Impeachment report, yet now frowns upon that practice.

    I felt Clinton acted every bit the sleazy lawyer when he answered that He had not had sex with that woman. His answer was truthful in his mind to the specific question asked, but that didn't make it right.

    Recent political party behavior proves George Washington's fears abut political parties acting in the party's interests and NOT in the interests of the country.

    Even if the quid pro quo in Ukraine is overlooked, Trump clearly broke the law in withholding funds specifically allocated by Congress for use in supporting Ukraine. Even the GAO recently reported its conclusions on this. Trump made absolutely no attempt to include any other investigative demands that might have justified his actions and shown that he wasn't simply acting in his own interests, but he did not demand any other investigations beyond the actions that he wanted for his own purposes. It would have been a relatively trivial action that wouldn't have required much effort by White House personnel and would have covered his very generous butt and we wouldn't be in this situation, but he didn't.

    George Conway seems to be one of the few Republicans who remembers that the Senate Oath of Office pledges our loyalty to the Constitution and our Laws and not to any political party's figurehead. George Washington feared the corrupting influence of political parties and this situation may prove his worries true.

    The change in steering ratio from around 3.5 to 2.5 turns lock-to-lock is reported to make a significant difference in steering. Collectively, all of the changes seem to be considered a big improvement, but I've pretty much got my 2015 Base Slingshot to where I want it and I can't afford to start over again, especially at the cost of the Slingshot R!

    When checking out the different model options, the SL and R are the only 2020 models, the S and Grand Touring are listed as 2019s and, like you already surmised, probably just getting rid of stock on hand.

    In the beginning there where only two SlingShot models offered, one was the SL in Red Pearl, Coincidence?


    I hope that Polaris will switch the Base model to the new engine/transmission and not abandon the affordable entry point of the Base model Slingshot.

    I t does seem strange that Polaris would continue to sell the Base S model as the lowest cost model since that means they're selling the automatic models with a relatively untested engine at a higher price than the known GM motor. I can understand continuing to sell GM-powered Slingshots to get rid of existing engine inventory or meet contractual requirements, but it makes no sense to sell the GM-powered model as the lowest-cost Slingshot, especially since the Ecotec motor offers a significantly better HP/Torque combination (IMO) compared to the new Polaris engine in either tune configuration.

    the problem is they are so eager to attract a new crowd of consumers with their automatic they thought placing it as the only option in their SL model was the best way to go. You can tell Polaris is focused only on sales here and nothing else. However, at that starting price range only offering an auto and not both transmissions they going to have a hard time selling units still. It should of been more like a 23k starting price for manual and 25k for auto. Again Polaris how hard can this really be? All you had to do was listen.

    I agree. If Polaris thinks they will sell just as many units by eliminating the Base model, I believe they're making a serious mistake. Unfortunately, this pricing reflects the Survey I completed back in late 2015/early 2016. The questions about pricing of an automatic transmission model assumed there would be an additional cost on top of the SL model, which, at the time was the most expensive Slingshot model. Personally, I think they Polaris should continue offering the Base 'S' model and even offer an automatic version of the 'S' priced in between the "S" and the SL models.

    That same survey also asked if I was willing to pay a $1000 premium for a quieter angle drive. Interestingly enough, that survey also asked about a cost of approximately $1600 over the SL model for an automatic transmission, which is pretty close to the $1700 premium Polaris wants for the auto version of the Slingshot R over the manual version of the Slingshot R.

    Agreed that front wheel drive would be a game changer. It might even help make it road worthy in the rain. That alone (being able to ride SAFELY in the rain) is one reason why I won't be taking too many long multiple day trips riding the slingshot. There's nothing worse than planning a 3 day trip and having to stay in a hotel room for two days waiting for the rains to stop. I can't see how some of the members here have been able to ride hundreds of miles in the rain and keep it on the road and not have their shorts tucked up their butts when the ass end kicks around doing 60 mph. I must be getting too old or too cautious to press my luck too many more times

    While not a big fan of riding the Slingshot or two-wheelers in the rain, I almost always felt safer riding two-wheels in the rain compared to the Slingshot. I rode two-wheels through some heavy rains that definitely would have had the Slingshot spinning like a top! I always rode slower in the rain, but knew that on two-wheels I might slide-out (never did, fortunately), but have had several rides on the Slingshot where I got caught in some rain and experienced incidents where the Slingshot started to spin-out before I was able to regain control. I even had an incident on dry road where the rear-end briefly kicked out. I thought I had hit something on the road and turned around and went back to check, but never found anything, not even an oily spot.

    Based on Polaris' engineering decision on such things as the original headlight circuit design, Polaris is sure to go with whatever the bean-counters determine to be the cheapest cost.

    I us to be up on everything Corvette for years options and pretty much everything, but I do not believe that was a GM product or made by GM. The only out the door by GM was the concept Nomad Style station wagon for the auto shows (Early 50's). If I remember correctly there were 2 made, one was destroyed and other is still around somewhere. Also, back with the 1968 model I think it was there was also a station wagon top model that was being made by a custom shop. At one time I had all kinds of Corvette books but I gave them all away to a collector over 30 years ago.

    I think I remember seeing pics of a Corvette 'wagon a long time ago. Late 1960s seems about right. I Googled "Corvette Station Wagon" and this is one of the inks I found -