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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    We moved to Spring, TX from Springfield, VA after we both retired. Our Son still lives in Northern Virginia and we track temps in both places. Seems like their high temps are typically our low temps.

    The Aisin transmission has an internal oil pump driven by the flywheel-side input to lubricate the upper shaft bearings... If you roll the rear wheel *without* removing the drive belt, it will ruin the bearings in the upper shaft.

    Like I posted earlier, I was mistaken in my reading of the original post int he Goblin Forums. I almost deleted the entire thread once I realized my error. Thanks for the clarifying info about the transmission.

    I had originally thought about mounting attachment points to the front-end of the Slingshot for an A-frame towbar and then disconnecting the belt, but decided it was too much trouble. When I initially read the post on the Goblin forum, I missed that he was talking about an automatic transmission, so I now realize it probably wouldn't apply. My initial enthusiasm got the best of me.

    I have the following apps on my Android phone -

    Speedometer 1.7 (Free. I use this app more than the others.)

    GPS Acceleration (Free. User specifiable start and target speeds)

    Car Performance(Free and Paid versions.Acceleration, Deceleration, Elapsed Time, Top Speeds and more in paid version. Free version supportsTimed Runs and Speedometer I haven't used this app much.)

    Track Addict (supports some tracks as well as drag strips. I haven't used this app.)

    I have a speedo app and there are also some elapsed timer apps that automatically start when you start moving and then report various times such as 1/8, 1/4 mile, or 0-40, 0-60 mph, etc.

    It just occurred to me that simply turning my phone so the bottom of the screen was next to the windshield may have made the HUD usable. I can't remember now exactly why I didn't like the unit.

    This weekend I installed a new steering wheel and a GPS HUD. I needed the HUD because it’s hard for me to read the speedometer ant night. This thing helps a lot.

    That looks like you have a dedicated speedo display. I previously tried a HUD for my phone, but my phone wouldn't flip the image so that the HUD was properly oriented. Would appreciate it if you could provide some links on what you used.

    If I didn't already have my Hahn Stage 2 Turbo Kit, I'd be abusing my credit card for this! Doesn't matter what I'm waiting for a price drop to buy, as soon as I identify a it'll never get cheaper than this and jump on a purchase, the price inevitably goes down some more! I just need to content myself that I bought it at the best price I could find.

    I received my NASCAR Tallboy +2 windshield a few weeks ago, but have my Slingshot up on blocks and haven't got it installed. Want to change the trans and angle-drive lube and make a new dash panel for a new radio. Been distracted trying to get my files ready for end-of year bills ans general holiday stuff, but hope to get back on everything soon.

    We use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) from for our home phone. I also have that number routed thru NoMoRobo to automatically reject most robocalls. We typically don't answer it unless we hear it is someone we actually want to talk to. Our message specifically says we won't answer if we don't recognize the number or Caller ID and they should leave a message and we will call them back, MAYBE. We actually check the messages on the answering machine/wireless phone every 2-4 weeks, if we remember to do so. Our home phone number and our cells numbers are on the National Do Not Call Registry

    On my old cellphone, I assigned a specific ringtone to each Contact (person or business) number I knew I would want to talk to. I would have preferred to have just created a Group and assigned the ringtone to that Group, but my phone didn't support that capability. If I got a call that didn't have the correct ringtone, I just ignored it and would later check to see if there was a pertinent voicemail. If they leave me a silly message like offering to reduce the payments on the student loans I never had, I then block the number. I hope there's not a limit on how many numbers I can block!

    I still need to figure out if I can assign a specific ringtone to a Group on my new cellphone.

    Unfortunately, there is now a technology that allows voicemails to be planted on my cell w/o my phone ever ringing. Those perps get blocked, too!

    They keep making phones bigger. I always put my phone in my back pocket. I've been buying Wrangler jeans my whole life. Just bought a new pair of jeans and the phone sticks out the pocket at least 2 in. it was fine in my old pair? Great set-up for a pick-pocket. So phones get bigger & pockets get smaller.

    Does anyone know what that mysterious pocket in the front is for? The little pocket no one uses that they could have eliminated to cut cost instead of reducing back pocket material.

    Where else are we supposed to place our pocket watches? I used to always carry my cellphone in my shirt pocket, but as phones have gotten bigger, I now use a case that includes a belt clip to (hopefully) securely hold my phone.

    I just experienced having the ESP and ABS warning indicators come on. Drove home about a week ago after latest recall, about 35 miles and parked it in the garage. Mounted the stock wheels with my all season tires Monday night for a planned ride yesterday. Got 1/2 mile from home and noticed the lights on the dash so went home and parked it. Disconnected the ground for about an hour but no change. It is a 2015 base with maybe a mod or two that celebrates its five year anniversary with me next week. Any ideas?

    My service manager at Village Motorsports told me to come by any time and he would plug it in for diagnosis while I wait. Good guy. Any issue doing this with Bobs' tune for DDM SC?

    Shouldn't be, but make sure to tell the tech that you have a modified ECU and to NOT do anything that would reprogram the ECU. Reading the ECU is safe, just don't allow them to program anything.

    The first couple times I swapped steering wheels, everything went fine, but I eventually ended up damaging the clock-spring. Make sure your clock-spring is free to rotate before closing everything up. In my case, I removed my clock-spring and added a new switch in the steering column cover between the steering wheel and the ignition switch. I may also run wires over to the dash switch-panel and add a second horn switch there.